How Much Does Full-Body Laser Hair Removal Cost?

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    If you ask the question, “who wants hair-free skin forever?” I can bet a huge population will raise its hands. And surprisingly, it will include both males and females since hair removal is not “just a girl thing” anymore. Even males like having hair-free chests and legs.

    According to Statista, the value of the global hair removal device market was 1.02 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, which is estimated to surge to 1.89 billion U.S. dollars by 2031. and these numbers are evidence that the urge to have hair-free skin is causing a rise in the adoption of different hair removal treatments in the world population.

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    This factor is also fueling the growth of the laser hair removal market. And in the last few decades, laser hair removal has become one of the go-through hair removal methods for people of different regions, age groups, and gender.

    But in many cases, when there is a mention of laser hair removal, many people still shrink their eyebrows and feel unsure about trying it. That is simply because of a lack of knowledge about the safety of laser hair removal and the misconception that laser hair removal is a rip-off. And we used the term “misconception” because none of the above claims is true.

    Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

    Then what is the truth of laser hair removal? Well, this article intends to convey adequate information about laser hair removal, including what it is, how it is done, the result it brings, and how much it costs.

    Read this article till the end carefully to get all the critical information that might help you make up your mind and grow your affinity towards laser hair removal and benefit you in the long run.

    What Is Laser Hair Removal?

    We are simply skipping the reason why people opt for hair removal. Because in some cases, people do it for aesthetic purposes; for others, it is mandatory due to comfort concerns. Yes, many people want to keep sweaty underarms away, so they choose to get rid of their armpit hair alongside unwanted hair from other body parts.

    Like any other hair removal methods, including waxing, plucking, tweezing, and shaving, laser hair removal also intends to uproot unwanted body hair from different body parts, including the pubic area. But the difference between laser hair removal and any other hair removal method is vast, not limited to the type of device used, but also the quality of result both bring.

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    Compared to other hair removal methods, the result of laser hair removal is more long-lasting, and laser hair removal is utterly painless as opposed to any hair removal method you can compare it with.

    In laser hair, a concentrated beam of light removes unwanted body hair. The light is emitted from our specialized laser device, and a certified technician or licensed dermatologist performs the procedure, making it a medical procedure that requires FDA approval.

    Fortunately, the FDA approved laser hair removal, which is considered safe. The working mechanism of laser hair removal is based on converting light energy into heat to damage the tube-shaped sacs beneath the skin that produce hairs. And because of that damage, future hair growth is inhibited or delayed.

    Though, in many cases, people claim laser hair removal to be a permanent solution for unwanted body hair, it is usually incorrect. Although laser hair removal effectively delays hair growth for an extended period, multiple laser hair removal treatments and follow-up sessions are required to achieve and maintain the desired result.

    During laser hair removal, the hair’s pigment absorbs the light and gets damaged. The laser light generally targets the hair follicle’s color and not the skin’s pigment; therefore, the laser does not cause any damage to the skin but only to the hair follicle.

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    Where Is Laser Hair Removal Done?

    Laser hair removal can be done on any body part you desire, only if it has hair. The most common body parts treated by dermatologists with laser include:

    • Hands
    • Legs
    • Chest
    • Underarms
    • Chin
    • Upper Lip
    • Bikini Line

    Though it is possible to treat unwanted hair in nearly any area, the eyelid or surrounding area is not treated.

    The History Of Laser Hair Removal

    It can be slightly mysterious if we start talking about the history of human hairlessness. Researchers have different theories about why humans are the only primates with hair-free skin, but our baldness does not just stop at biology. In western culture, voluntary hair removal has existed for decades, and American women spend between $10,000 to $12,000 on removing unwanted body hair in their lifetime.

    It is said that nearly about two whole months of a woman’s life is spent on the act of hair removal. However, women are not alone in this either. Almost 60% of men worldwide regularly groom or remove the hair below their neck, which is counted as their contribution to the hair removal industry for making it incredibly profitable.

    If we look at laser hair removal and its history, it was first and accidentally discovered in 1963. However, it came into being in the early 1980s. Laser hair removal is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis developed by Anderson and Parrish. However, neither of them developed any idea of providing permanent hair removal.

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    In 1998 Dierickx and associates finally found a long-term solution for unwanted hair. Gradually laser hair removal came a long way and gained immense popularity. In 2014, one million procedures were performed in the US. By then, multiple methods were developed, including the pulsed light, the Nd: Yag laser, the alexandrite laser, the diode laser, and the Ruby laser.

    Few Statistics Centering On Laser Hair Removal

    According to the International Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2020, 1,837,052 hair removal procedures were performed worldwide, among which 1,538,982 procedures were performed on the female population.

    The laser hair removal market is also segmented into type, gender, age range, and end user.

    • The market is segmented by type: diode laser hair removal, alexandrite laser hair removal, and others. And among others, Ruby laser hair removal and Nd: Yag system are the most popular.
    • By age range, the market is divided into 13 to 29, 30 to 54, and 55 to 69.
    • By gender, the market is bifurcated into male and female segments.
    • Based on service providers, the market is segmented into clinics, hospitals, and others.

    How Is Laser Hair Removal Done?

    With all the numbers, it is pretty evident that numerous people are just used to laser hair removal procedures. However, that does not necessarily mean you have to blindly follow any of them without knowing everything about laser hair removal.

    Here we are taking you through the procedure of laser hair removal.

    Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure performed in a dermatologist’s clinic. Though nowadays, home laser hair removal is a fad among Instagram influencers, there is not enough evidence to be safe. Even the FDA does not approve in-home laser hair removal.

    In the in-clinic procedure, laser hair removal is done in a few steps though it simply intends to target specific hair and eliminate it.

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    The First Step

    The first step of laser hair removal is mostly about preparing your mind to go for the procedure and also choosing a doctor who is board certified and specialized in plastic surgery. Since laser hair removal is a medical procedure, your doctor will likely review your medical history and discuss all the risks and benefits alongside the expectations to determine if laser hair removal is an appropriate treatment option for you.

    Though laser hair removal is completely safe, only some individuals are perfect candidates for laser. And through the assessment of your medical history, your doctor will be the sole decider whether or not you should opt for laser hair removal.

    Once everything looks good, and you are preparing for your first laser hair removal session, avoiding other hair removal methods at least four to six months before the treatment is essential. All the hair removal methods mentioned earlier target temporarily removing hair follicles and roots that are the targets during laser treatment.

    However, shaving is still acceptable as it cuts the hair while leaving the follicles intact. And that is why doctors recommend shaving the area to locate the follicles quickly in cases where the hair growth is too much. Another reason for shaving before laser hair removal is that there is always a chance of hair stubble being burned during the laser process causing increased discomfort to the candidate.

    Laser Hair Removal Procedure

    laser hair removal procedure

    Before laser hair removal, the dermatologist might give you the option to receive local anesthesia to reduce discomfort during the treatment. The anesthesia is applied 20 to 30 minutes before the procedure and is recommended for sensitive areas such as the bikini line and underarm. However, for more extensive areas, anesthesia is not necessary.

    You will also be given eye protection during the procedure, and the doctor will adjust the equipment setting of the laser device according to the location of the treatment, the thickness of your hair, and its color. Lastly, a cold gel pad will be applied, or a unique cooling device will be used to protect your skin and minimize the discomfort caused by the device.

    During laser hair removal, the dermatologist or the aesthetician will emit light pulses with the handheld laser device. The treatment area might experience slight discomfort, described as a warm pinprick or a rubber band snapping against the skin.

    People habituated to laser hair removal claim that the most sensation is caused during the first session compared to subsequent treatments. However, the experience of laser hair removal can be different from one person to another, so is the time it takes for the entire procedure to be completed. In some cases, laser hair removal might take just a few minutes, whereas, for others, it can last for up to an hour, depending upon the treatment area, the type of hair, and the patient’s skin type.

    After completion of the treatment, the dermatologist applies a lotion, an anti-inflammatory cream, or ice packs to ease the discomfort.

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    The Aftermath

    It is not uncommon to notice some redness on the skin soon after the procedure that lasts up to a few hours. Visually the skin might look like a mild sunburn that can be relieved with moisturizers and cold compresses.

    After laser hair removal, sun protection is mandatory, and most dermatologists provide a sun protection routine to their candidates. You can wear makeup the next day if your face is treated, and over the next month, sunscreen is recommended, and sunlight should be avoided as much as possible.

    What Are The Side Effects And Risks Of Laser Hair Removal

    Though severe side effects and risks are very rare after laser hair removal, some side effects have been noticed in people after the treatment. However, it is mandatory to note that the risk of any side effect post-laser treatment varies from one person to another. The most common side effects of laser hair removal include the following:

    • Redness: As mentioned earlier, some level of redness on the skin is quite common in every individual after going through laser skin removal treatment. The heat on the skin temporarily makes it red for a while. The problem, however, subsides within a few hours or, at maximum, a few days.
    • Skin Irritation: Temporary discomfort, swelling, etc., are possible after laser hair removal. Those symptoms typically disappear within several hours.
    • Pigment Changes: In some cases, laser hair removal treatment might darken or lighten the affected skin. Those changes might be temporary or permanent. Skin lightening primarily causes those who don’t avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment and those who have darker skin.

    Rarely laser skin hair removal treatment causes blistering, scarring, crusting, and other changes in skin texture. Some rare side effects also include discoloration of treated hair or excessive hair growth around the treated area. We are mentioning it all over again; laser hair removal is not recommended for eyebrows, eyelids, and surrounding areas due to possible severe eye injury.

    How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

    If you want to try laser hair removal, choose a doctor Who is board certified and specializes in cosmetic surgery with years of experience in laser hair removal of your skin type. If a nurse or aesthetician is performing the procedure, ensure they’re licensed, and a doctor must supervise while being available on-site during the treatment. Be cautious about salons, spas, and other facilities that provide laser hair removal two non-medical personnel.

    Before laser hair removal, you must go for one-to-one communication with your dermatologist to determine if this is the appropriate treatment for you. Alongside assessing your medical history and discussing the risks and benefits of the procedure, your doctor might take photos to use four before and after assessments and reviews.

    Your doctor might give you specific instructions to prepare for laser hair removal, including:

    • Staying out of the sun-It is mandatory to abide by your doctor’s instructions about sun exposure before and after the treatment. If possible, you must avoid excessive sun exposure. And whenever you go out, you must apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30.
    • Skin lightening-You need to avoid any sunless skin cream that can blacken your skin before the treatment. Your doctor might ask you to bleach your skin if you have recently tanned.
    • Eluding other hair removal methods-Waxing, plucking etc. are strictly avoided before laser hair removal since those procedures can disturb your hair follicles. Your doctor will suggest you avoid those procedures at least four weeks before the treatment.
    • Avoid certain medications: Blood thinning medications such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs are strictly prohibited before the procedure.
    • Shaving the treatment area-Trimming or shaving the desired area is suggested before the laser treatment. You must do it 24 hours before the process to avoid skin damage from burnt hairs.

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    How Much Does Full-Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

    There is no one-size-fits-all laser hair removal package in India. Different clinics in different cities and parts of India may charge differently for laser hair removal for the same treatment area. The cost of laser hair removal varies depending upon multiple factors such as the city you are in, the location of the clinic, the experience of the dermatologist or aesthetician, the device used, your skin and hair type, and of course, the number of sessions you require to get the desired result.

    However, the below table will help you know the cost of full-body laser hair removal in different cities in India.

    Laser Hair Removal SiteCost In DelhiCost In MumbaiCost In BengaluruCost In HyderabadCost In Kolkata
    Bikini Line35004500450027003000
    Upper Lip12001500150010001000
    Full Body43,00047,00045,00030,00035,000

    Discussing The Factors That Impact Full-Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

    Your City: Compared to the cost of complete body laser hair removal in a Tier 2 city, the same will be higher when done in a metro city. Because of high demand, the cost of full-body laser hair removal in metro cities is increased.

    Location: Location plays a pivotal role in deciding the total cost of full-body laser hair removal you need to pay. If you are going for a commercial site in your city, the cost of full-body laser hair removal will be more than a clinic located in a residential area.

    Experience Of The Dermatologist: The experience of the dermatologist matters in deciding the overall cost of full-body laser hair removal. Suppose you’re going for a veteran dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get complete body laser hair removal. In that case, the overall cost might be a little higher than getting the treatment done by a newbie. However, at any cost, it is always suggested to go for an experienced plastic surgeon to avoid severe repercussions.

    The device: There are different types of laser devices available in India. The cost may vary according to the laser device chosen for your treatment. Clinics that use updated and trending laser devices will cost you extra for apparent reasons.

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    Your hair and skin type- If you have coarse hair in the treatment area, the overall cost of full-body laser hair removal might be slightly higher. Finer hair, on the other hand, is easy to remove; thus, full-body laser hair removal costs for finer hairs might be a bit less.

    The number of sessions– As mentioned earlier, it takes several sessions of laser hair removal to get desired results. Generally, doctors suggest somewhere between 6 to 8 sessions and 1 to 2 maintenance sessions yearly to maintain hair-free skin all year long. However, in some cases, the number of sessions might be more, so the cost of full-body laser hair removal is slightly higher.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions About Full-Body Laser Hair Removal

    Is full-body laser hair removal expensive?

    Laser hair removal might seem a little expensive compared to other hair removal methods, such as waxing, shaving, plucking, and electrolysis. But in the long run, laser hair removal is the most cost-effective option that also gets long-lasting and close to permanent hair removal. Furthermore, laser hair removal is an FDA-approved cosmetic procedure, and therefore it is safe for most people without the risk of any severe side effects.

    Where to get full-body laser hair removal done?

    There are many clinics in different parts of India that offer full-body laser hair removal done by experienced and licensed dermatologists or aestheticians. Before settling for any dermatologist, check their experience, and read customer reviews to make an informed decision about the right clinic for yourself. It would be best to choose a nearby clinic to avoid direct skin exposure soon after the treatment.

    How is full-body laser hair removal done?

    Laser hair removal is done using a handheld laser device that emits a concentrated beam of light on the targeted area and damages the hair follicles to inhibit or delay hair growth. The same technique is followed to remove hair from any body part. However, in some cases of hair removal from sensitive areas like the bikini line, the dermatologist might suggest applying local anesthesia before starting the procedure. Apart from using anesthesia, the rest of the procedure is identical for the entire body.

    Is getting full-body laser hair removal worth it?

    Undoubtedly it is. Suppose you always want hair-free skin without worrying about recurring hair removal sessions generally done in the case of waxing or shaving. In that case, full-body laser hair removal is the best treatment option available. Full-body laser hair removal is also cost-effective in the long run since the results derived from the treatment are long-lasting. You can eliminate your investment in buying waxing and shaving supplies for the rest of your life.

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    What happens when you don’t shape before full-body laser hair removal?

    Generally, doctors suggest shaving before full-body laser hair removal to avoid hair stubble getting burned by the heat and causing damage to the skin surface. However, in some cases where the patients forget to shave before full-body laser hair removal, the assistants do it in the clinic all by themselves. However, shaving your hair at least 24 hours before laser hair removal is better.


    Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular daily, and if you haven’t given it a try until now, this is the best time to go for it. I hope this article helped you know about full-body laser hair removal and could answer all your questions regarding the procedure. If you have further questions, let us know in the comments below. Also, share your first-time full-body laser hair removal experience with us to motivate others to make a decision.

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