How to Remove Breast Hair Permanently?


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    Experiencing few strands of hair on your breast? Feeling too embarrassed with someone to talk about it? But you’re not alone! There are many women who are facing breast hair growth issues, but they don’t know how to address this situation. Are you the one among them? No worries! We are here to help you by providing natural & safe tips to remove breast hair permanently at no cost. Let us dive into the topic now!

    What Causes Unwanted Hair on Breast?

    If you are having one or two hair on your hair, then it’s normal. But in case, if you have more breast hair, then you need to get a health check-up with your skin doctor or dermatologists. There are several factors that can cause unwanted hair growth on the breast and some of them are as follows:-

    Hormonal Changes or Genetic Disorders – If your body experiences a sudden production of male hormone – androgen or testosterone, then you can find enormous hair growth on the chest and around the nipples.

    PCOS – If you are the victim of PCOD syndrome due to an imbalance in the reproductive hormone, then you may experience side effects such as hair around the breasts, infertility, irregular periods, and ovarian cyst.

    Medications – If you are under certain medications or drug that includes immunosuppressants, glucocorticosteroids, and testosterone as ingredients, then it can cause unwanted hair growth on breasts, nipples, face, etc.

    How to Remove Body Hair for Women?

    How to Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair on Breast?

    In today’s market, there are different solutions available to remove breast hairs and some of them are – plucking, waxing, shaving, or the use of other hair removal creams. However, all these hair removal options will not provide permanent results. Here comes the permanent, pain-free, and non-invasive Laser Hair Removal Treatment. This hair removal treatment can drastically reduce hair growth and can provide long-term results. Because of this, dermatologists suggest Laser Hair Removal treatment for those who are looking to remove unwanted hair from breasts.

    Laser Body Hair Removal

    To remove the unwanted hair from breasts using Laser Treatment, your dermatologists will use laser rays on the pigment cells that focus on the hair follicles and which helps to destroy the hair cuticles from the root, thus stopping it from further growth. By undergoing the treatment for few sessions, you can experience a dramatic difference in hair growth.

    Compared to all other hair removal treatment options available, Laser hair removal treatment is considered to be a safe procedure. In case, if you experience any discomfort, you can apply ice cubes to soothe the pain. Since the skin clinic uses advanced USFDA Approved laser technology to stop hair growth, so it’s known for its safety and efficacy.

    When it comes to the budget, the cost of breast hair removal sessions would be around Rs. 6000 to Rs. 10000 per session. Since the hair on the breast is very fine and be in light skin color, it will require a max of 6-8 sessions.  And also, the cost of breast hair removal will vary based on the skin color and the density of breast hair you want to remove. It will also depend on the type of laser rays used and the number of treatment sessions required to remove breast hair follicles.

    Temporary Methods to Remove Breast Hair

    As discussed before, Laser is not the only treatment available to remove breast hair. Even though other treatment methods will not provide long-lasting results, you can consider other methods as a handy option. Let us have look at some other options you can choose from to remove the breast hair naturally:-

    Waxing – If you regularly do waxing to remove unwanted hairs from your hand, leg, and bikini line, then you can include your breast also in that list. Waxing may help to remove the hair from its roots, but it should be considered that it can damage your breasts and nipples, as the skin on the breast area is soft and sensitive.

    Shaving – This is the quick and short-term solution to remove those unwanted prickly breast hair.  Please be careful with this method, as it can cut your sensitive skin with razors.

    Plucking – You can use tweeze to remove that hair from your breast. This procedure can be very painful and it can lead to reddishness in your skin area and also can cause irritation and skin allergy, if not done properly.

    Hair Removal Cream – These creams might have a weird smell, but they are very effective in removing breast hair. On the other hand, these creams can also darken your skin and can create irritation and skin allergies.

    Which Is The Best Way to Remove Breast Hair?

    We have discussed all the available options to remove breast hair. Among all other treatment options, Laser Hair Removal is the safe and secure way to stop and control the growth of breast hair without causing any side effects. As this laser will not hurt or damage your skin, skin doctors and dermatologists are recommending this Laser hair removal treatment to remove all the hair in a natural and painless way.


    Don’t feel bad to discuss your breast hair removal requirement with your dermatologists, as it’s a common problem for many women! Discuss with our experienced skin doctors at ChooseClinic and have a smooth & soft texture!

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