How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip And Chin Hair Permanently?

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                Facial hair is commonly seen in both men and women. Growth of unwanted hair on different areas can be seen once we entered in to puberty. Particular areas like chin and upper lip on your face have excessive hair growth in some cases. There are many reasons for the increase in hair growth on the upper lip and chin area like hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hirsutism, Cushing’s syndrome and many more.

                There are many options for the removal of unwanted hair on upper lip and chin region. However, a dermatologist will be able to suggest a best method for the removal of unwanted hair.

    How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip And Chin Hair Permanently

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    How To Remove Unwanted Hair From Upper Lip And Chin?

                   When you google for how to remove upper lip and chin hair, you will come up with any options. But every option may not be suitable for all skin types. Here are some effective ways to remove your facial hair.

    1. Laser Treatments
    2. Hair Removal Waxing
    3. Electrolysis
    4. IPL
    5. Hair Removal Creams
    6. Threading
    7. Epilating
    8. Shaving
    9. Tweezers
    10. Home Remedies

    Following are the methods involves for the treatment with benefits and drawbacks for the above options. Here you can see in detail.

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    Laser Treatment For Upper Lip And Chin Hair

          Laser treatment for upper lip and chin hair is an ideal one. This treatment is usually performed by a dermatologist in a clinic, with the use of a laser device which targets the areas of the unwanted hair. The laser beams which were send to the inner layer of your skin will destroy the hair follicles. Eventually after destroying the follicle the growth of the hair gets reduce.


         It is a quick, simple and painless procedure. In this the results are long-lasting. It is the permanent solution for reduction of the hair.


          However, it is having long-lasting results, you may have to undergo number of sessions to get desired results. This treatment is more effective for reducing the hair growth on the darker hair. It is an expensive treatment but in long run, it is the cost-effective option. The procedure may take half an hour, after the procedure there might be chance of getting redness on the treated area.


           The cost of the laser hair removal varies between RS.2000 to RS. 2500 per session.

    Waxing For Upper Lip And Chin For Hair Removal

          Waxing removes the hair very effectively from the upper lip and chin areas. Usually they apply hot/cold layer of wax on the unwanted hair and removes it by using wax strips. Waxing removes the hair from the roots.


         It is a simple method for removing unwanted hair, it can be done at home and saloon. It is a useful method as many of us opt this method. As the results lost up to 2-3 weeks.


           Waxing may have side effects like burning, painful, redness, rashes, even some times skin peeling etc. It can causses major problem of ingrowth hair. The waxing can get done only when your hair length is at least ¼ of the total growth.


           The average cost of waxing for the upper lip and chin is RS. 100. When you go for peel of wax it may slightly high than the normal wax.

    Electrolysis For Upper Lip And Chin Hair Removal

            Electrolysis is another method of removing facial hair like upper lip, chin, side locks etc. It is a clinical method in which a device is used for targeting each and every hair follicle individually and destroys it. Elastolysis is useful method in which the results are permanent. It is an old technology.


          Electrolysis is a procedure it suits for all skin types and all hair colours. It can eliminate the ingrowth of hair.


           It is very painful procedure. It is very expensive option for the removal of unwanted hair on the upper lip and chin area. Side effects of this procedure are redness, swelling, pain etc.


          The average cost per session is RS. 2000.

    IPL For Hair Removal Of Upper Lip And Chin

          IPL means Intense Pulsed Light Treatment, it is a type of light therapy which damages the hair follicles.  This procedure can be done at clinic, can use home IPL machines


         It is an easy and quick process with less time. This does not damage the skin and directly targets the root. It is a less painful option when compare with other hair removal options.


         IPL is not an effective option like laser. It is temporary option again hair grows with certain intervals. It may cause redness and swelling in rare cases. It does not suit darker skin and lighter hair.


           The average cost per each session is RS. 1,600. If you go for the IPL machine it cost very high.

    Hair Removal Cream For Upper Lip And Chin

          Hair removal methods include hair removal creams which contain different chemicals that are effective in removing unwanted facial hair.


        It is a painless method of removing unwanted hair without any help of an expert. The risk of getting in growth hair when you opt for this method.


         Hair removal creams contains chemicals due to this there is a strong odour these are harmful to skin which can cause allergic reaction, they may turn skin to dark colour and sometimes when you’re using it can cause burning. This method can remove hair from the surface of the skin. Results last up to 2-3 weeks.


         These hair removal creams start from RS. 100. Based on the company it may vary.

    Treading For Upper Lip And Chin Hair

          Treading for upper lip and chin hair is the common practice usually done in saloon by the professionals. It is done by twist and roll with a cotton thread to pluck the unwanted hair.


        It is very common methods for removing unwanted facial hair. It is simple, quick, and effective process, can be done at home or saloon.


        Treading is a painful option. Only temporary results can be seen up to 2-3 weeks. It is an expensive method in the long run. It cannot be done independently.


         The average cost for threading upper lip and chip hair is RS.100.

    Epilating Of Upper Lip And Chin Hair:

       Epilator is a hand-held device, which removes the unwanted hair by plucking and trimming unwanted hair.


        Epilating method of hair removal does not cause any damage like cuts and razor burns. It is a less pain free method. Results are long lasting than treading and shaving.


          In this method the hair removal may cause red bumps and skin redness and irritation. It is a pain full and time taking procedure. In grown hair may seen.


          The average cost of an epilator is RS. 1500. Based on the company.

    Shaving Chin and Upper Lip Hair

            Shaving chin and upper lip hair is a pain free method of removing hair. A razor is used to shave the hair with the help of cream or soap.


       It is a simple, painless and quick procedure. Suitable for all skin types and hair types. It can be used independently, cost of this option is cheaper when compare to all the methods.


        Razors may cause cuts, burns, irritation of the skin when hair is growing back the poky hair causes itching. You need to change the blades regularly.


           The average cost of shaving kit is RS.400.

    Tweezers For Upper Lip And Chin Hair.

           Tweezers are used to pluck the unwanted hair individually from your upper lip and chin area.


          It is an effective method of hair removal of upper lip and chin area. It can be used independently.


         This method of removing hair is painful. It is very slow procedure while you have pull out hair individually. Chance of getting in growth hair.


          The price of a good quality tweezer is RS. 100.

    Home Remedies For Upper Lip And Chin Hair Removal

           Home remedies are different ingredients are use for removal of unwanted hair on upper lip and chin area. Home ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, some powders of pulses are used.


           Home remedies may be effectively helps in reducing unwanted hair by gradual use.


             Home remedies may reduce hair growth gradually. There is no sufficient medical research for the efficiency of the results. It does not suit all skin types. Very less results are seen.


          The average cost of any home remedy will be RS.150 to RS. 300.

    However sometimes these home remedies may end up worsening your skin instead of making it better. Basic knowledge is required for this kind of home remedies, it is not advisable.

    If you are looking for long-lasting hair removal treatments in which the results are permanent. At the end more effective in the cost. If you are looking for laser hair removal options, consult here for the most experienced dermatologist today.

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