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    When it comes to pubic hair, humans are an anomaly among mammals. That does not necessarily mean that pubic hair has no purpose at all. Alongside reducing friction during sex and preventing bacteria and pathogens from transmitting to sexual organs, pubic hair signals reproductive ability. But regardless of those benefits of pubic hair, everyone has the freedom to make different decisions as to what to do with it. While some people don’t pay heed to the growth of their pubic hair, others want to get rid of it by trimming, shaving or waxing. But people who trim, shave, or wax their pubic hair never get a flawless appearance of the area for longer and sometimes suffer ingrown hairs, razor burn and stubbles growing back, causing inconvenience. But when pubic hair removal is unescapable and saving, waxing and trimming don’t seem to be the sustainable solution, the ultimate big question is what is the way out?

    If you want to reduce the amount of ingrown pubic hairs and get rid of razor burns, bikini laser hair removal treatment might be the best option. If you want a solution that does not require worrying about shaving again and saving much money in a year or permanently eliminating pubic hair to have flawless skin- bikini laser hair removal deserves a try.

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    What Is Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

    We know you also accept that the pubic hair region or the bikini line is a tricky area to groom. But laser hair removal has made the process way too easy as professionals do it following precautionary measures. In bikini laser hair removal, the hair follicles are heated up, which stops new hair from growing. The treatment is permanent, and when the hairs grow back, the growth is comparatively low, and the texture of the hair is more delicate.

    But before you proceed to bikini laser hair removal, here are a few things you must know. If you have already started googling and thought of going for a bikini laser hair removal before, it is essential to know about every detail off begin laser hair removal treatments so that you don’t mess things up.

    How Does Bikini Laser Removal Work?

    Even before knowing how the procedure is done or how much it costs, the one thing that you need to emphasise is how bikini laser hair removal works. Though it is one of the most common cosmetic procedures to remove unwanted hair from the bikini line or the pubic area, there are still many misconceptions about bikini laser hair removal, like it is unsafe or leads to other health complications.

    According to dermatologists and aestheticians, laser hair removal is completely safe and in this procedure, a beam of light known as a laser is used.  The light gets attracted to the pigment of the hair known as melanin and gets converted to heat. The heat energy affects the hair follicle and prevents its growth. The light beam destroys the hair follicle bulb, where the blood supplies oxygen for the hair to grow. Alongside, the stem cells that promote hair regeneration are also killed. The temperature used in bikini laser hair removal is about 70 degrees. And the thicker and darker the hair, the more light it will absorb as there will be more pigment it will be holding.

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    That is why it is important to avoid waxing or to pluck the hair before the treatment. If there is a lack of hair, the laser light will fail to focus on the hair follicles. When the laser device emits the light, the hair’s pigment absorbs the light and allows the light to travel through the hair and destroy the root. Once the hair is destroyed, it does not grow back.

    What Are The Benefits Of Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser hair removal is done almost in any part of the body containing unwanted hair. And many women prefer laser hair removal, especially for their bikini areas, to stop the hair from growing back. It is because pubic hair is a particular problem for many women as pubic hair is thick and bristly and causes skin irritation.

    Laser Hair Removal Is The Best Method For Permanent Removal Of Pubic Hair Because:

    The Procedure Is Quick:

    Suppose you have a vacation plan or are just going for your usual monthly bikini hair removal. In that case, bikini laser hair removal is a quick solution when you want to get rid of unwanted hair the fastest way possible. Though it takes multiple bikini laser hair removal sessions to get a permanent solution to unwanted pubic hair, every session takes just a few minutes. The pubic region is a small treatment area; therefore, you spend significantly less time under the laser.

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    It’s Less Painful Than Other Hair Removal Methods:

    Shaving, epilators, waxing and plucking are other standard techniques for removing unwanted hair from the pubic area. But laser hair removal is way less painful than those hair removal methods. Nonetheless, many people compare the feeling of laser hair removal with snapping a rubber band against the skin. The feeling is different in different individuals. Though it is pretty normal to feel slightly uncomfortable during a bikini laser hair removal procedure, the session is so fast that it is straightforward to endure for most people.

    It’s Precise:

    Laser technology is built on the idea of incredible precision. Therefore, bikini laser hair removal is ideal for targeting and removing specific hairs from your pubic area. Precision is the only reason laser hair removal is ideal for other small areas, including eyebrows, news, upper lip, etc.

    No More Ingrown Hair:

    While other hair removal methods lead to ingrown hairs, bikini laser hair removal defends you from that problem. Laser hair removal can bring you a long-lasting solution if you are prone to ingrown hairs. In laser hair removal, the laser used destroys the hair from its root; therefore, there is no chance of those pesky hairs growing back in or becoming ingrown.

    It’s A Long-Term Solution:

    Most people reported that they got a permanent solution for the growth of their pubic hair by opting for bikini laser hair removal. In some cases, the clients needed touch-ups a few months or years later, but bikini laser hair removal remained one of the best long-term solutions available for pubic hair. Alongside being a long-term solution for pubic hair, bikini laser hair removal is also cost-effective as you can save much money by eliminating the need for monthly razor refills and waxes.

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    What Are The Side Effects Of Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser and radio frequency technologies stimulate collagen production and blood flow as they induce heat in the deeper tissues. Therefore if bikini laser hair removal treatment is not done carefully, there can be an increased risk of burns and scarred tissues. There are many reasons why this treatment can be a little risky and unsafe.

    The good side of bikini laser hair removal is that the treatment relieves problems associated with menopause, such as pain, dryness and sexual dysfunction. But different body reacts differently to bikini laser hair removal. Therefore where some people report positive impacts of bikini laser hair removal, others reported minor side effects such as swelling skin in the first few hours after the session. The most common risks involved with laser hair removal in the bikini region are:

    ·      Temporary irritation, slight blistering and crashing of skin

    ·      Redness

    ·      Pigment change in dark-skinned people

    ·      Mild swelling in the area

    ·      The sensation of a rubber band snapping against the skin

    ·      Skin discoloration

    However, the side effects of bikini laser hair removal are very mild and can subside within a few hours or days after the treatment.

    Who Are Good Candidates For Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

    Numerous factors decide whether or not someone is a good candidate for bikini laser hair removal. And have to know whether or not you are a good candidate for bikini laser hair removal; you must know how specific hair and skin types make all the difference in the effectiveness of bikini laser hair removal.

    Dark and coarse hair is the ideal hair type for bikini laser hair removal. Therefore pubic hair region is a perfect place to perform laser hair removal. However, people with dark hair and pale skin are the best treatment candidate. The contrast between dark hair and lighter skin allows the light beam to target the melanin easily. People with fine hair and lighter skin tone are not ideal for bikini laser hair removal because the lasers cannot target the hair follicles accurately. Therefore the result expected centring hair removal could not be achieved.

    On the other hand, people who are very tan prone can have a hard time getting results from bikini laser hair removal too. But that does not mean that laser technology is not an option for them. That is why a one-to-one conversation with the dermatologist or aesthetician is necessary to determine whether you are ideal for the treatment.

    How To Prepare For Bikini Laser Hair Removal If You Are An Ideal Candidate?

    If your dermatologist has confirmed that you are ideal for bikini laser hair removal for a first-timer, it’s normal to have questions regarding the preparation before the treatment. Furthermore, the right tips to prepare for bikini laser hair removal must be followed to make the procedure easy, fast and fruitful.

    The first step in preparing for bikini laser hair removal is a consultation with your dermatologist. The consultation will help you know whether or not you are suitable for the procedure, and the dermatologist will also answer all the questions you have in mind after examining your health and medical history. They will also give you all the details about the procedure and the price estimate for bikini laser hair removal.

    During your first consultation, you will find the frequency and the total number of sessions required for the expected result. However, it is necessary to know that people with grey or white hair and pregnant women are not ideal for bikini laser hair removal.

    How To Start Preparing For The First Bikini Laser Hair Removal Session Weeks Ago?

    After you are ok with going for your first bikini laser hair removal session, here are a few things or preparation methods you need to keep in mind.

    ·      Don’t take caffeine before the procedure, as caffeine can make you uncomfortable during the appointment.

    ·      Avoid waxing the pubic hair at least two weeks before the procedure.

    How To Come Prepared For A Bikini Laser Hair Removal Session?

    Take a shower before the procedure: It is important to shower thoroughly on the morning of your laser hair removal session. We all know our pubic region emits an unpleasant smell if we don’t bathe. Hence keeping the area clean is better to make it more accessible for the medical aesthetician. Furthermore, bathing opens up the area’s skin pores, increasing the laser devices’ efficiency. The aestheticians use wet wipes to wipe down the area before the procedure. However, bathing is necessary before coming for the session.

    Dress comfortably: One must come in comfortable dressing to a bikini laser hair removal session. Whether you prefer wearing loose pants or a skirt, ensure that your dress does not irritate the treatment area after the procedure. Tight-fitting dresses can cause inflammation in the treatment area.

    Avoid tanning before the procedure: Sunbathing or tanning is a complete no-no before coming for the procedure. If your treatment area is exposed to the sun before the procedure, you might need to reschedule the session. However, since you are getting a bikini laser hair removal, the chances of tanning or sunbathing are less. However, if you go to the beach before the procedure, don’t wear swimsuits that expose the treatment area. You can wear shorts or take protective measures to protect the area against the UV rays.

    Exfoliate the treatment area: Exfoliation before the procedure is necessary, but you must remember that you have to be very gentle while exfoliating your skin. Harsh exfoliation can cause cuts. Exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells in the treatment area and makes it easier for the laser to remove the hairs.

    How Much Does Bikini Laser Hair Removal Cost In Hyderabad?

    Laser hair removal for the bikini area in Hyderabad can cost anywhere between ₹2000 to ₹15,000 per session. Several factors impact the cost, such as the skin colour of the client, the type of hair and the type of laser chosen. It generally takes up to 6 sessions to see a visible difference as only 60% of the hair in the growth stage can be targeted during its session.

    The Factors Determining The Cost Of Bikini Laser Hair Removal In Hyderabad

    The number of sessions: The number of sessions advised differs from one person to another based on the skin colour, skin condition, and hair texture. Understandably, the more sessions required, the more will be the cost.

    The density of the hair: People with dense hair growth require more sessions. The testosterone level mainly influences the hair density in the body.

    Hair texture: The cost of bikini laser hair removal also varies depending upon the texture of the hair. If it is coarse, it will require multiple sessions as it can be challenging to remove in one session.

    Skin condition: Clients prone to allergies or sensitive skin require special care and expertise in the treatment. Therefore, their bikini laser hair removal cost may go a little higher.

    The clinic’s location: The location also matters in deciding on bikini laser hair removal costs in Hyderabad. Going for a clinic in a posh commercial location may cost you more in each session compared to clinics in semi-commercial or residential locations.


    When going for bikini laser hair removal, you need to go to a clinic that offers high-end services and is equipped with the latest technology. The equipment used in bikini laser hair removal must be FDA approved. The dermatologist performing the treatment must have years of experience to offer effective results with minimal side effects. If you are trying to get an appointment with an expert dermatologist for bikini laser hair removal in Hyderabad, visit choose. clinic and start your search. We have a list of highly skilled and training dermatologists to provide painless bikini hair removal solutions for your skin conditions and hair type. Please book an appointment today and achieve your dream of having silky smooth skin down there, bidding unwanted her goodbye for good.

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