Is Laser Hair Removal Painful Treatment; Does The Treatment Worth The Level Of Pain?


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    It is true that when we talk about hair removal from the body parts, you get multiple options for that. Some people prefer to go for depilatory creams or waxing, where others have already made shaving, to be their staple. But whatever it may, everyone has a common thought; the less painful is the process, the better it is. I mean, who would like to go through unbearable pain every time they go for hair removal? 

    The depilatory creams can dissolve the hair in minutes, waxing snatches the hair from the root and shaving can cut down the grown hair, while leaving the root at its place. But did you find anything which sounded like a permanent solution to you? 

    I think the answer is no. As in any of the treatment mentioned above, the user needs to go for a monthly or a frequent cycle, to keep the hair growth at bay. 

    Then what is the utmost and the permanent solution? 

    Well, did you hear about laser hair removal in Hyderabad? Of course, you did. Laser hair removal for different body parts has become the talk of the town long before. In the process, the hair growth is decreased by destroying the follicles. As the patients need to go for a routine visit, laser hair removal treatment can also be called as a semi-permanent hair removal option. 

    But after a few visits, the patients can achieve long-lasting results from laser treatments in Hyderabad, India. 

    I know what the next question coming to your mind is. And that is, is laser hair removal painful? 

    Let’s know about the pros of laser hair treatment.


    • Through laser hair treatment in Hyderabad, the growth of the hair can be decreased drastically though the patients cannot expect a permanent solution. But after a few visits, the patients get expected results which are also long-lasting.
    • The laser hair removal treatment can be done at any part of the body. Taken from the smaller area to the largest, the machine can cover all the places. 
    • When it comes about the pain, the level of the pain stands somewhere between shaving (painless) and waxing (very painful). The laser treatment uses ice to numb the area. At many cases, the professional use numbing solution during the procedure. After a couple of treatments, when the hair gets more delicate, the level of the pain is also decreased. Read more about full body laser hair removal


    The result of the laser hair removal in Hyderabad lasts for several weeks. The patients need to undergo multiple sessions to achieve the expected result at any part of the body as we discussed earlier that the level of pain of laser hair removal treatment lies between shaving and waxing that is true. Laser hair treatment is not an altogether comfortable procedure.

    The patients can feel some level of discomfort during the process. As laser treatment in Hyderabad is done through the concentrated beam of light, the discomfort may cause due to the heat used during the procedure. The pain or trouble may vary based on the area where the treatment is being performed. Let us discuss the level of anxiety based on the body part where the laser treatment is being done. 

    • Laser treatment on Legs: The pain of laser treatment is moderate on the legs as compared to any other body part. The pain is generally less where the skin is thicker than the other. Though the surface of the legs is competitively thick, some portions of the legs can be more painful than other portions. The inner thigs can be more painful than the shins. 
    • Laser Treatment on underarms and arms: If we talk about the skin of the underarms, then that is one of the most sensitive and soft areas of the body. Thus, usually, that area pains a bit more than the others during the laser treatment. The skin of the underarms is also fragile, and therefore the pain can be felt more on that part. But that is not the same with your hands. The pain in the hands is milder than the underarm.
    • Laser Treatment on face: Here, we are talking about facial hair and upper lips. The pain depends upon the area of the face where the treatment is being done. The skin around the upper lips can be more painful during the hair removal treatment. The pain is comparatively milder in the areas like forehead and cheeks.
    • Laser treatment on the bikini area: That is probably the most sensitive part of the body for the laser hair removal. It is said that ten pain feels as same as the axing by the people who have undergone laser hair removal treatment for their private parts. But the pan starts become milder along with the increasing number of sessions. And the discomfort worth the long-term result.
    • Laser treatment on stomach and Back: The skin of your abdomen is thick like the skin of the legs and arms; the pain is very less and ignorable. That is not the same with your back, though. There is a sheer amount of hair in your back. Thus, it can be painful like bikini hair removal. 


    The hairs inside your nose and ears must not be removed with the help of the laser treatment. Also, the hair close to the genital area must not be removed with the laser treatment. The side effects that you may face after going through the procedure is very mild, and they may include redness, swelling, irritation like sunburn etc. 

    The ice cubes and the anaesthesia creams can decrease the pain, and the areas get entirely numbed. Still, the patients can feel the discomfort after the treatment is over. The FDA has approved the use of the numbing cream only as required. Thus, you can talk about the benefits and the side effects of the numbing cream with the professional before starting the treatment. 

    There are many types of laser treatment for hair removal in Hyderabad, India, based on the machine being used for the process. You can also consult the clinic and go for the one which suits you perfectly. 

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