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    Though beauty never depends upon unwanted hairs, silky smooth skin can boost confidence. People try waxing and shaving to have a hair-free body, but these can not give desired results and long-lasting effects. While others try some home remedies to get rid of hair, these can not provide prolonged results. People with light and dark skin colours suffer from this problem and even wish to have something to get rid of this tedious task every month or week. Luckily, our upgraded technology has brought laser treatment into the application to make the patients get the best hair removal results. Laser has proved to be a convenient option to remove hairs from specific body areas safely.

    Let’s get some ideas about Laser.

    Laser is the abbreviation of “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” As the name denotes, the laser is a medical device that imparts light using a technique of optical amplification that relies on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. Laser has shown very effective results in cosmetic treatments, including hair removal. The laser is an ancient process as it had been practiced experimentally for almost twenty years before commercialization in 1995 and 1996. One of the initially published articles stating laser hair removal was authored in 1998 at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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         It is now globally accepted in clinics and homes utilizing designed tools for different users. Even one can get several reviews regarding the procedures, types, safety measures, and efficacy of laser hair removal in the dermatology literature. It is very effective in hair removal as it can selectively target a particular chromophore to partially destroy basal stem cells in the follicles destroy basal stem cells in the strands.

    Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    • Hair removal can take much time and cause frustration with shaving, waxing, and tweezing, giving quick results. Compared with other commercial treatments, the laser can reduce the growth of new hairs from 50% to 95% and make the new hairs easier, more pleasing, and more acceptable to maintain. The benefits of laser hair removal are discussed below:
    • It is much quicker than one’s expectation. It may consume only 20 minutes to remove the hairs from the underarms or the bikini zone and around one hour to remove the hair coats of arms and legs.
    • To remove unwanted hairs, we have to spend endless amounts on shaving creams, waxing, and razors. Laser hair removal can eliminate the cost of such regular things. Nowadays, it has become cheaper than the cost of waxing in parlors with extended-lasting benefits.
    • The laser hair removal treatment can resist and reduce ingrown hairs. A person not suffering from pesky ingrown hair can easily choose a laser. Laser is also ideal for people with sensitive skin who generally suffer from irritation after waxing or shaving.
    • Lasers can precisely trigger the desired area without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.

    Let’s collect some knowledge regarding the laser hair removal procedure.

    The chief principle of laser is based on Selective Photothermolysis (SPTL), which concentrates on matching a particular wavelength of light and pulse duration to provide a more significant effect on the desired tissue with less impact on surrounding ones. The laser treatments mainly selectively cause damage to the dark matter, and melanin causes local damage by heating the stem cells inside the hair follicles responsible for hair growth without heating the entire skin. While the dark objects consume the light, the light objects and water reflect the light to help the dark material in the hair or skin to absorb the laser energy with elevated speed and intensity. The experts use a hand-held laser device on the skin during the procedure. Depending upon the laser, the doctors apply a cooling tool on the tip portion of the device or a cool gel to protect the skin and avoid the side effects as much as possible.

    After activating the laser, the light beams pass through the skin to the follicles of hairs. The heat intensely coming out from the laser beams cause damage to the follicles, which prevents hair growth. The patients may feel a bit of sensation and discomfort during the session. The laser is the best choice as it can remove the current hairs one has and even delay or inhibit the growth of the future hairs of any body parts. One can be very sure that laser hair removal treatment cannot prevent hair growth permanently; it only slows down the growth process.

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    The body parts laser hair removal treatment can deal with

    People around us suffer from hair growth problems in different body parts. It is a common question whether the laser is effective in any part of the body or not. Fortunately, the answer is yes. Laser is widely accepted to remove hair from almost any aspect of our body except the eyelids and the surrounding areas of the eyes. The effectiveness and application depend entirely on skin color and the treatment area. The areas laser can treat are-

    • Hairs on arms And armpits
    • Entire legs
    • Upper and lower lips
    • Chest and back
    • Shoulders and neck area
    • Bikini line
    • Chin portion

    The patients treated in the parts mentioned above do not see any hair growth for a few months or even years. People with even very high hair growth problems experience significantly less hair regrowth. Unbelievably, the treated body parts show hair growth of about half an inch every month after laser treatment.

    How many kinds of lasers are there to remove hair?

    Nowadays, laser hair removal techniques have become very popular in removing hair in the long run. As technology advances, this procedure has become more budget-friendly for the average citizen. There are many types of hair removal machines. The five most popular hair removal laser machines include Ruby, Alexandrite, Diode, IPL (Intense Pulse Light), and     Nd: Yag laser hair removal machines. Each hair removal technique is different, and the type of hair removal laser treatment suitable for you depends on your skin tone and what your hair is like.

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    Below are five different kinds of laser hair removal treatments and their brief description.

    Ruby Hair Removal:

    Ruby’s hair removal is one of the earliest laser techniques developed to remove hair for a longer time. This method uses a shorter wavelength of 694 nm, which makes Ruby laser better for more delicate hair and light skin tone. Nowadays, with the improvement of technologies, this method has become obsolete because it tends to be much slower than other advanced methods. Though the treatment is less painful, its slower repetition takes longer than other hair removal treatments and is thus ideal for treating smaller target areas.

    Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal:

    The alexandrite method is one of the popular types of laser hair removal. This technique is ideal for people with light to olive skin tones and is slightly less painful than other types of lasers. Since this laser method operates at a shorter wavelength of 755 nm, it doesn’t penetrate deeply, so it causes less pain than others. It is also the fastest laser hair removal system; for example, it can cover a large treatment area, such as the back, within 30 minutes.

     Because of the shorter wavelength, the treatment may require more sessions to achieve the desired result, but it is much longer lasting than any other hair removal methods like shaving or waxing.

    Diode Hair Removal Laser Treatment:

    This method is comparatively new to the laser hair removal market and uses a longer wavelength laser beam of 800-810 nm for better penetration deep into the hair follicle. This laser energy source comprises semiconductors, called diodes, grouped to create the laser beam. This laser system is highly effective for darker skin tones and ideal for removing coarse or thick hair. Diode laser hair removal is popular among men seeking treatment to remove chest or back hair. With technological advancements, this procedure can become an almost painless laser hair removal method, requiring fewer sessions than the other types of laser hair removal techniques.

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    IPL Hair Removal:

    Although it is considered a laser hair removal treatment, IPL is not an actual laser but an equivalent of it. In a true sense, it is just an intense pulse light mainly used to damage the hair follicles like other laser treatments. In this method, the intensity and wavelength level of light is customizable to the individual based on their hair type and skin tone. The number of sessions required varies from person to person, depending on their skin tone and hair thickness.

    Nd: Yag Hair Removal:

    This laser treatment works best on coarser hair and darker skin tone. It is less effective for persons with more delicate hair and lighter skin tone. This method uses the most extended wavelength laser beam of 1064 nm, which means they penetrate the deepest and tend to reach the absolute bottom of the hair roots to kill them permanently. Thus, it causes a bit more discomfort than other types. Another advantage of using this treatment is that it can even treat minor areas where it is challenging to maneuver using its tip.

    Before care of laser hair removal treatment

    Any treatment needs preparation before getting done. Without other treatments, laser hair removal also needs some things before being done on the patients.

    Let’s discuss the facts:

    • The patients must avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks before getting laser hair removal treatment. Sun exposure may result in sunburn and blister, and the patients may not be suitable for such problems and have to postpone their schedule.
    • The laser hair removal treatment mainly targets hair roots. So, one must not go for plucking or waxing the desired area to be treated at least two or four weeks before the session.
    • The patients must avoid bleaching as it can alter the melanin and make the overall treatment ineffective.
    • The most important is to discuss the medications one regularly takes to avoid any side effects.

    Aftercare of laser hair removal treatment

    To make the treatment more effective, one must take care after the treatment. The care must include the following:

    • One must not take hot showers after the medicine as it can irritate.
    • The patients must avoid raising the temperature of the body. So, strenuous exercises are not recommended after the laser hair removal treatment.
    • The skin, after the treatment, becomes so vulnerable. So, it is better to avoid putting chemicals on the skin, including makeup products, for at least a day.
    • The patients must avoid sun exposure for one week after each session, as UVA and UVB may irritate them. If one goes out, get covered with clothes and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an optimal SPF of 30.
    • Scratching, waxing, shaving, or threading is not recommended post-care, like before hair removal.

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    Is laser hair removal painful?

    Laser hair removal hurts or not depends on many factors like what power of laser energy is given to the skin, the treatment area, the texture of the hair, the skin tone of the patient, and how skillful your expert is. Generally, if you are in a hand of a highly trained dermatologist, they provide painless hair removal treatments using the most advanced laser on the market.

    Nowadays, with the advancement of technologies, most lasers have excellent tips and vacuum-assisted high-speed lasers that do not cause any pain; only the patient can feel discomfort during the treatment. If the patient skin is sensitive, topical anesthesia can be applied to them the target area.

    In most cases, laser hair removal helps to remove unwanted hair without causing any pain and hassle that comes with other hair removal treatments like waxing and epilating.

    Are you worried about whether you are an ideal candidate for laser hair removal or not?

    Let’s analyze-

    • Laser hair removal works very well on light skin people with dark hairs as the laser beams trigger the melanin in the skin. But, no need to worry as our growing technology has made laser easy to get done on dark skin people.
    • People having grey, blonde, red or white colored hairs are not generally seem to be ideal for laser hair removal as they lack the melanin to be targeted.
    • Patients suffering from tan issues, skin rashes, open cuts, hives, cold sores, Vitiligo problems, or infections are not suitable for getting the laser to remove hairs.
    • If one is a candidate suffering from excessive hair growth on the eyelids, areas between the eyebrows, or surrounding zones are not ideal for having a laser to remove hairs.
    • Laser has not been proven to be harmful to the pregnant woman or the baby, but it is better to avoid laser hair removal during pregnancy and not to take any risk with the child. Even one planning to get pregnant is not advised to have laser hair removal treatment.

    Are you in search of the best clinic?

    Don’t worry, let’s know how to choose-

    Most women dream of not facing the hassle of shaving, plucking, or waxing unwanted hairs hair before wearing a skirt, short dress, or pants. The laser hair removal treatment is just perfect. But when we are choosing the clinic for laser hair removal, we must choose wisely, like:

    • Though laser hair removal is done in clinics, it is still a medical technique, and a licensed professional must perform it. Before getting into the treatment, ensure you get the treatment from expert professionals.
    • Nowadays, a wide variety of lasers are available for the different needs of patients. One must ask about the devices to be used in their treating areas.
    • While choosing the clinic must know whether they are using a wide array of advanced well-maintained laser devices or adaptors. Please do not go for the clinic offering treatment with outdated machines, as they cannot bring desired and effective results.
    • The cost of the treatment is the same as some general methods they are using. But one must not make themselves fooled by the clinics offering low prices. So, before getting into the treatment, be sure whether they compromise with the quality to provide low cost.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

    Does your skin tone matter?

    This is entirely a myth that laser removal does not work for those with darker complexions. Instead, laser hair removal methods are available in the market for all skin types and are completely safe. Diode and NDYAG use long wavelength light beams and work best for dark skin and hair. So, you have nothing to worry about; after the dermal check, up your dermatologist will recommend the best technique that will work best for you considering your hair color and complexion. You must choose an experienced dermatologist who will guide you in the best to get your desired results.

    How long does the treatment last?

    Laser hair removal treatment is not permanent but more long-lasting than any other treatment. The amount of time it takes for the hair to grow back varies from person to person, depending on their unique hair growth cycle.  Some people have hair that grows faster than others. Most people expect some hairs to grow back within a few months or others within a year. It has been found that hair regrowth becomes less noticeable and lighter after the treatment than it was before because laser damages the hair follicles. Over time it is possible to treat the area again to slow down the number of inches that regrow.

    Does laser hair treatment cause skin discoloration or skin burn?

    Laser hair removal technologies use light heat that damages or destroys your hair follicles. But it does not cause any skin burn or skin discoloration. It only works on your hair, not on your skin. Thus, there is no chance of skin pigmentation. Instead, it is safer than waxing, where there are higher chances of skin burn due to hot wax. If you are tired of waxing, it is time to give this treatment a shot, and you will not regret it.

    Does laser radiation cause any harm?

    The laser energy used in laser hair removal causes your skin to expose to a minimal amount of radiation that is not harmful to your skin. No evidence has been found regarding laser hair removal causing skin cancer. The experts at the clinics use controlled light beams to treat the hair follicles to avoid long-term side effects. The laser is always a safer option as a cosmetic therapy. One must not confuse laser light with radio waves or radiation with radioactive substances. The experts in the clinics use goggles to avoid any eye damage.

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    How many sessions may one need for laser hair removal treatment?

    Everyone has different body types, and several biological factors may be responsible for affecting the number of sessions required by one to get rid of unwanted hairs from the whole body or desired parts. Generally, the patients require almost two to six sessions of laser treatment to have selected results. After the first session, one can expect about 10% to 25% slow down. The sessions may vary from person to person due to skin tone, the color of the hair to be treated, the person performing the treatment, and the type of laser machine being used.


    Nothing is permanent in our world. Even we cannot expect the results of any treatment to stay forever. Laser hair removal treatment is also not an exception. One must be mentally prepared that the results will not show permanent results but will reduce the growth of the hair to a greater extent. Another option is Electrolysis, which utilizes a super-fine needle to destroy the hair follicles but is very painful and time-consuming. Though it can provide comparatively better results than laser, it is a way safer option. So, we can name laser as a semi-permanent treatment to remove unwanted body hairs. Even nowadays, the IPL device is also commercially available to experiment with home laser hair removal. However, the laser has been proven to be almost budget friendly for total body hair removal or specialized parts. So, laser hair removal is a wise option for any skin tone or type.

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