How to Remove Butt Hair Permanently?

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    Just like hairs on any other body part, having hair on the butt, it’s normal. And just because the Instagram influencers are not talking about the normalcy of butt hair does not mean you have to feel bad about it.

    Alongside your butt, the presence of hair deep in the valley of your backwoods is normal. But again, the question is, does it serve a purpose?

    Possibly when people were not very mindful about removing body hair, butt hair served a purpose. And that was probably millions of years ago before we decided to evolve into a less hairy creature.

    In other animals, body hair is vital in maintaining optimal body temperature to help them survive in different climates and attract their mate.

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    Fortunately, humans do not require that much hair for survival, and therefore removing butt hair can be a choice since it is unlikely to lead humankind to the verge of extinction or stop humans from attracting their mates. Thus if you want to get rid of butt hair, no questions asked and no judgments passed.

    But before we talk about how to remove butt hair, if you wonder why they’re there, let’s talk about that.

    how to remove butt hair

    5 Reasons Why You Have Butt Hair

    The occurrence of body hair is normal, right? And if you are a woman thinking that you are the only one experiencing such hair growth, that’s not true. It’s just that no one talks about it in the open because talking about butt hair is quite a taboo that might lead to shame and embarrassment.

    There is also no reason to freak out about having butt hair because many people have them. Though sometimes it is an unusual growth of hair to some extent, the butt is not the only place where people experience phenomenal growth. Chin and nipple are some regions that might experience hair growth too. But none of the above-mentioned body parts, including the butt, should cause concern.

    However, no matter how normal butt hair is, sometimes it may be an indication of:

    Hormonal Fluctuations

    If you notice the hair around your buttocks is growing dark and lengthy, it can be due to hormonal changes inside your body. Hormonal changes are not identifiable superficially, and there is no specific reason why they happen. 

    Various reasons range from puberty and menstruation to menopause and pregnancy behind butt hair growth. And alongside the buttocks, those conditions may trigger hair growth in other body parts.


    Certain things happen in our life for which we can blindly blame our ancestors, especially our parents. Though our parents don’t have any hand behind butt hair growth, they are the source from where it all started. Some women have extra hair on their bodies, whereas others have less body hair, and both happen due to genetics. It is pretty awkward to ask your parents, but if you have excessive hair growth in your butt region, your parents are most likely to have that rate which they passed on to you.

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    Cushing’s Syndrome: 

    Adrenal diseases can be another reason behind butt hair growth. The adrenal glands in our body produce androgens, the hormones that trigger the growth of body hair in males and females. If a woman is suffering from adrenal diseases with butt hair growth, they are likely to be suffering from Cushing’s syndrome and hyperplasia.


    Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS plays an essential role in butt hair growth. Our ovaries play an important role in balancing the levels of hormones in our bodies. And when some conditions affect the ovaries, such as hyperthecosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, it can lead to excessive hair growth in the butt area.

    Some Medications: 

    When we take certain medications to deal with other diseases or problems in our bodies, we sometimes forget that every medicine has specific side effects, and the severity of those side effects is different in different bodies. Taking certain kinds of medication such as testosterone, phenytoin, danazol, and anabolic steroids might trigger unusual hair growth in the butt region.

    What Are The Temporary Butt Hair Removal Options?

    If you are just done with your butt hair and want to remove them temporarily, there are many methods you can usually go for. The best part of the butt hair is that it doesn’t grow very fast, and therefore, it requires less maintenance than hairs on other parts like our face, hands or legs.

    However, since we cannot see our butt, it can be pretty challenging for anyone to maintain the right angle and do it all alone. However, a wall mirror or a mirror placed at the right height could help.


    Shaving is the easiest option and probably the most sought-after hair removal method one will choose. Whether you want to use a blade or a razor, anything is perfect for shaving your butt hair. But the only thing about shaving is that you must be cautious about cuts and irritation.

    how to remove butt hair

    However, to minimise the irritation, you must:

    • Wash the area before shaving using mild soap and water
    • Use a natural shaving cream or gel, preferably coconut water or aloe Vera gel
    • Maintain the correct angle by lifting one leg and placing it on the side of your bathtub or a chair after making sure that the floor you are standing on is completely dry
    • Use one of your hands to pull your cheeks apart and hold the skin while shaving.
    • Save the area gently and carefully using small strokes
    • Prince the area with water and then moisturise it

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    If you want to uproot butt hair entirely and allow your skin to remain hairless for a longer time, at least for up to 4 weeks, waxing can be an excellent solution. However, waxing your butt area at home all by yourself can be a tricky affair. And if you are a newbie to waxing, you must not do that.

    Hiring professional salon services is always recommended if you are comfortable going naked in front of the salon service provider. However, if you are determined that you want to do it yourself, there are market-grade waxing kits available, and we will tell you how to do waxing at home.

    • Before starting waxing, take a shower in warm water or place a warm damp cloth on the butt area for 5 minutes.
    • To make sure that your waxing works well, you need to maintain a certain hair length which has to be 1/4th inch. If the hair is longer, you need to trim that using sharp scissors or a bikini trimmer.
    • Now apply a natural wax over the area and gently place the wax strip over the wax.
    • Now leave it for a few seconds and rub your hand gently on the strip to let the wax harden.
    • Hold your skin tight, and then swiftly pull out the wax strip and remove the hair with another hand.

    Permanent Solution For Removing Butt Hair

    If recurring butt hair removal seems like a huge task and if having a furry butt is not your thing, it is fine to think something permanent about removing those hairs. As with hair removal, there is no one size fits all method laser is the most effective one that almost everyone loves for not causing any issues.

    We want to give you as much information as possible regarding laser hair removal.

    What Is Laser Butt Hair Removal?

    Laser hair removal is the method of removing undesirable body hair using exposure to laser light pulses that destroy the hair follicle. Though laser hair removal was first performed more than a few decades ago, it has come a long way to being one of the favourite hair removal methods for different body parts.

    In laser hair removal, a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration is combined to obtain an optimal result on the targeted area with minimal effect on the surrounding tissues.

    The laser causes damage to melanin which is responsible for the colour of our hair. The heat that is coming out from the laser device damages the hair follicles so that they cannot grow back. Melanin is the primary chromophore for laser hair removal, regardless of the area.

    Laser hair removal became famous for its efficacy and speed; however, effectiveness depends upon the skill and expertise of the laser operator and the availability and use of different laser technologies for butt hair removal.

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    Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Butt Hair Removal?

    Indeed everyone can go for butt hair removal if they have hair between their cheeks and want to get rid of them. However, like any other treatment, butt hair removal is associated with the term “an ideal candidate”. And we will now tell you who are ideal for laser butt hair removal.

    The ideal type of hair for laser hair removal is dark and coarse. It might sound weird, but it is true. However, with the advancement in laser technology, laser hair removal works wonders on some types of lighter hairs as well. However, candidates with dark hair and pale skin are still the favourite ones for dermatologists. The contrast between dark hair and light skin allows the laser to target the melanin easily. 

    However, people with blonde and fine hair may not be ideal for laser hair removal. Moreover, people with darker skin tones who get tanned easily might have difficulty getting results from laser hair removal. But as we mentioned earlier, nowadays, people can get their butt hair removed with a laser due to different laser technology.

    Who Are Not Ideal For Laser Butt Hair Removal?

    Since we discussed the ideal type of hair and skin for laser hair removal, this leaves us with a question about who is not suitable for laser butt hair removal. We already mentioned that delicate and light hair does not respond well to laser beams.

    Lastly, just as a precaution, pregnant or nursing women should avoid undergoing laser hair removal not to cause any harm to their child. Though there is not enough evidence to substantiate any damage that would happen, it is better to avoid it until delivery.

    What Happens During Laser Butt Hair Removal?

    The First Step: Preparation

    Finding a board-certified dermatologist or aesthetician to perform laser hair removal in your butt is essential. Before the treatment, your doctor will review all your medical history and discuss the risks and benefits of the treatment. They will also tell you what to expect and whether or not you are an ideal candidate for laser butt hair removal.

    To prepare for laser hair removal on your butt region, it is essential to avoid waxing or plucking your hair for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Since waxing and plucking temporarily remove all the hair follicles and roots, it becomes hard for the laser light to target them. Shaving is somehow acceptable since it leaves the hair follicles intact.

    If you have long butt hairs, your dermatologist may also suggest you shave your butt 24 hours before the treatment since the laser can quickly locate the follicles and the hair stubble is not burned during the process.

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    The Second Step: Procedure

    Before starting the procedure, your dermatologist might offer you an option to receive a topical anaesthetic to reduce any discomfort during the treatment. If you go with anaesthesia, the numbing solution will be applied 20 to 30 minutes before the laser procedure. For such a sensitive area like the butt going with anaesthesia is quite recommended.

    The dermatologist will adjust the intensity of the laser according to your skin type. Before starting the process, a cold gel may be applied, or a particular cooling device might be used to protect the outer skin and minimise the possible side effects of laser hair removal.

    With the help of a handheld device, the dermatologist will emit pulses of light on the treatment area that might cause slight discomfort. The experience is often described as a pinprick or rubber band snapping against the skin.

    The first session of laser butt hair removal might cause a little sensation compared to the subsequent treatments, and the time it takes to complete an entire laser hair removal session on the butt area depends upon the patient’s unique case. Generally, the procedure takes up to one hour to complete.

    After the procedure, your dermatologist will apply some anti-inflammatory cream or ice pack to ease the discomfort.

    The 3rd Step: Recovery

    It is common to experience some level of redness and warmth on the skin after a few hours of the treatment. Most candidates describe their feeling after a laser procedure as a mild sunburn which can be relieved with cold compresses and moisturisers.

    Moisturising the area after the procedure is mandatory to keep your skin in good condition.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Laser Butt Hair Removal

    Is It Normal To Have Butt Hair?

    Butt hair is prevalent, and most humans grow hair in that region. After puberty, men and women develop hair growth in the butt area. But, the amount of hair growth varies from person to person, and certain factors must be considered behind hair growth. Some people might have just a tiny section of growth, while others may have full coverage over the entire butt area. However, laser hair removal is a common and popular treatment method to eliminate butt hair. You know there is no need to be embarrassed asking about butt hair removal to a dermatologist or aesthetician. A dedicated laser hair removal expert offers butt hair removal; therefore, you don’t have to worry about it.

    Does Every Woman Have Hair On Their Butt?

    All women develop hair growth in their butt area. Generally, women grow hair in the perianal area and a little on the inner buttocks. However, some women may experience expressive growth in this area with underlying hormone conditions like PCOS. Hair may sometimes extend onto the butt area or up to the lower back. This is a prevalent condition that can be addressed with laser hair removal.

    What Is The Best Treatment To Get Rid Of Hair On The Butt?

    Undoubtedly laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of butt hair. After a few laser hair removal sessions, their hair growth becomes more refined and lighter. Waxing, shaving and plucking are other temporary and short-term solutions to get rid of buttocks hair. However, after waxing or shaving the buttocks area, the hair growth feels quite irritating. But after a few laser sessions, the growth in the butt hair becomes more delicate and lighter, so it does not irritate the skin similarly. Shaving and waxing can cause ingrown hairs over time, and sometimes, many people also report developing a rash after shaving or waxing. Laser hair removal removes hair for a long time, and after 7 to 14 days of a laser session, the hair falls out on its own. Result from the laser, but hair removal is noticeable even after the first session.

    Is It Safe To Remove Butt Hair With Laser?

    Yes, it is entirely safe to have laser treatment on the bum area. Before starting the treatment, the dermatologist is more likely to take the patient through a patch test on the particular area. It is typical for the perianal area to be a little darker in colour compared to the general skin tone, and the settings of the laser device are adjusted differently for this particular area. The patch test is mandatory to know whether or not your skin is responding well to the treatment, which allows the dermatologist to establish a safe and effective setting for you.

    How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Are Needed For The Butt Area?

    In general, 6 to 10 hair removal sessions are suggested by dermatologists for the bum area. The hairs on the butt area tend to be a mix of different colours and densities. And the hairs that are dark in colour and coarse in texture respond more quickly to the laser treatment than light and delicate hairs. The reason is that thicker hairs can absorb more laser energy and respond better to the treatment. Thin strands absorb less heat; therefore, it takes time for those hairs to get removed.

    Does Laser Remove Butt Hair Permanently?

    It takes several months for the entire laser to work for you. However, no treatment can bring permanent hair removal solutions. Laser is considered permanent because, after a few sessions of laser hair removal, the hair growth of the butt area becomes lighter and more delicate, making the region look as good as hair-free. After 6 sessions, if your butt area is entirely hair free, you can retain the results with a few maintenance sessions yearly.

    Why Is My Hair Growing Back After Laser Hair Removal?

    In laser treatment, the hair follicles are damaged, so they cannot proliferate. However, after the laser session, the hair growth becomes more delicate and lighter; it takes time and several laser sessions to eradicate them. Over time the treated follicles might recover and grow hair again. And to eliminate every hair follicle, your dermatologist suggests you go for several sessions at different growth stages of the hair.

    Is Hair Removal On The Butt Area Painful?

    Our butt region is more sensitive than other body parts. However, the laser is an FDA-approved and safe procedure that does not cause an individual any pain. But in some cases, the laser hair removal process might be a little uncomfortable for the candidate, which is quite normal. For a couple of days after the laser treatment, the targeted skin might look a little red and tender, and during the process, the patients might sense something similar to sunburn or a rubber band snapping against the skin. The process itself, however, is not at all painful.


    Although no one can notice our butt hair, sometimes we become more conscious of their existence. And that is when we decide to remove them altogether. Laser hair removal is an entirely safe and effective procedure one can go for to get rid of recurring hair growth in the butt region. I hope this article helped you know many things about laser hair removal in the butt area. You must book your first laser hair removal session if you feel comfortable.

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