How to Remove Butt Hair?


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    Let’s get straight to the point – It doesn’t matter whether you have excess hair on your face, legs, arms, or butt, having unwanted hair is always an embarrassing thing! Are you searching for the best ways to remove butt hair? Since the skin around the pubic parts is very sensitive, you need to choose the right skincare treatment which gives better results with minimum side effects. Continue reading this article to know the options available for How to Remove Butt Hair Permanently.

    What Causes Pubic Hair?

    Usually, hair growth in the pubic part is the natural growth process of the body. When puberty sets in, your body will experience a sudden increase in sex hormones – mainly androgen and estrogen. And this results in excessive hair growth in pubic parts, legs, cheeks, upper chin, etc.

    Laser Hair Removal Cost in Hyderabad – Painless and Permanent

    Is It Necessary To Remove Pubic Hair?

    Having excessive hair growth in the pubic parts is not the main concern. Whether to have it removed or not is always your personal preference. But usually, women and men prefer to keep the private parts hair-free and smooth for aesthetic reasons and also for hygienic purposes.

    If you are looking for the best methods to remove pubic hair, there are many methods for you that can help with either permanent or temporary solutions. Continue reading to know the best methods to remove pubic hairs.

    Methods to Remove Pubic Hair Temporarily

    Below are some of the methods that you can use to get rid of pubic hairs. These treatments are painful, time-consuming and also, they will not provide permanent results.  But these can be used as a quick-fix solution.


    This can be done by applying hot or cold wax on the unwanted hair & leave it for few minutes. And then you can pull away from the wax and this will help to remove the unwanted hair & gives you hair-free skin for 2 to 3 weeks. Hot wax may cause burns and also the risk of infection is higher, so be cautious while performing this treatment.

     Hair Removal Creams:

    In the market, you can find more hair removal creams that are formulated with chemicals that can help to weaken the hair strands and its root. Since more chemicals are used in these creams, there is a high chance of getting allergic reactions & burns due to the chemicals added.


    This is one of the easiest and cost-effective hair removal methods which you can use to remove unwanted hair from all parts of your body. Even though it’s a quick and pain-free procedure, you can enjoy hair-free skin for just 3 days.

    Trimming, Plucking & Tweezing:

    Instead of removing the unwanted hair completely, you can use scissors, clippers, or electric trimmers to shorten the length of the hair. Doing this procedure will not give you smooth skin; rather it gives a coarse feeling.

    How to Remove Pubic Hair Permanently?

    If you are looking for a permanent solution to remove the butt hair, there are two options available, i.e. laser hair removal and electrolysis. With the use of this treatment, you can get rid of that unwanted hair from your butts very easily. These treatments help to destroy the hair roots so that no new hair will be grown. These treatments work to get rid of those unwanted hairs from all parts including underarms, legs, armpits, butt, bikini line, and so on.

    Laser Hair Removal:  This is the most advanced and pain-free method to get rid of unwanted hair from the pubic region. Using Laser Hair Removal treatment slows down the hair growth and eventually prevents further hair growth. Based on the density of the hair, you may require 3 to 3 sessions more to get smooth hair-free skin!

    Electrolysis: This hair removal treatment is done by using an electric current. This treatment is offered in Spas, salons, and skin clinics. Under this process, a fine needle is inserted and the hair follicle weakens and is destroyed with electric current. Compared to laser hair removal treatment, this is treatment is extremely painful. So, your skin doctor will often recommend numbing creams while performing this treatment, however, it will not provide 100% relief when it comes to ultra-sensitive pubic areas.


    Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Pubic Area?

    Yes! Laser hair removal performed on pubic areas on extremely safe if performed by an experienced dermatologist. There are different types of laser equipment available that can be used based on the skin type, tone & texture. Since the skin in the pubic area is so sensitive expert administration is required. So, choose the right clinic to undergo the laser hair removal treatment to get the butt hair removed.

    Can You Remove hair During Pregnancy?

    The laser must not be used during pregnancy. So during pregnancy, you can use methods such as shaving and trimming to remove unwanted hair during pregnancy.

    Don’t let the unwanted hair growth makes you feel irritated & discomfort! Get professional hair removal treatment by our experienced dermatologist at ChooseClinic!

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