Everything You Need to Know Before Going for Laser Pubic Hair Removal in Hyderabad

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    Many people might have a question: Does pubic hair have a purpose? No matter how useless pubic hairs seem to most people, they act as a protective buffer that reduces friction during sex and other activities. Therefore indeed, pubic hair has a purpose. Another benefit of having pubic hair is that it prevents the transmission of bacteria and other pathogens.

    However, regardless of all the benefits of having pubic hair, we all make different decisions regarding what we do with it. Some people don’t bother with pubic hairs and live in harmony with them, while others trim, shave or wax their pubic hair. And what you want to do with yours is your sole decision.

    The most common reasons why people want to get rid of their pubic hair are:

    • They think it is a part of the social norms since hair removal is common
    • Their partners expect a hair-free sexual partner
    • Personal preferences
    • The belief that removing pubic hair increases sensation during sex

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    If your reason for deciding on pubic hair removal matches any of the above reasons, this is high time you give pubic hair removal a try. But not necessarily the method you choose for pubic hair removal has to match those who prefer waxing, shaving or trimming.

    All the above-mentioned pubic hair removal methods are associated with rashes and injuries. Therefore you must need something that can reduce your risk of injury or infection during and after grooming your pubes. And hence we introduce laser pubic hair removal, which is inherently safer than all the above-mentioned hair removal methods, and this is done by a professional.

    In this article, we’ll talk about laser pubic hair removal in detail and will also make you aware of its cost so that you can make an informed decision.

    What Is Laser Pubic Hair Removal?

    Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure used for removing unwanted body hair. Therefore an individual who wants to get rid of hair growth at different parts of their body, including the pubic area, can opt for the treatment.

    Laser pubic hair removal is a non-invasive procedure, meaning no cuts are required on the skin to have the treatment. In the process, heat generated from a handheld laser device is used to destroy the cells with a lot of pigment melanin. Melanin has the potential to absorb heat transfer through the hair follicles and get; hence it gets destroyed so that the hair cannot grow back. 

    For laser hair removal to work, the hair follicle must be in its anagen growth stage. And to have the most laser pubic hair removal, multiple sessions at different stages and times are necessary.

    Who Can Go For Laser Pubic Hair Removal?

    People Who Like To Groom Their Pubes Regularly:

    A study among a diverse group of women found that 80% prefer to groom their pubic area regularly. About 5% of women care about daily grooming. However, a monthly regimen is more common. More than 70% of women prefer removing hair from the front, and the bikini line and about 60% of women like it completely bare.

    Men also prefer pubic hair removal and about 50% of men who participated in the survey reported regular manscaping.

    Someone who falls in any of the above categories can go for laser pubic hair removal.

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    People Who Fear Getting Injured:

    In many cases, people cut or burn themselves down there to be hairless. If the numbers are to be believed, more than 25% of people claim that they have the accumulated injury to get rid of pubic hair.

    Since the pubic area is much more delicate than other parts, hair removal needs to be done with caution. And the outdated hair removal methods, including waxing, trimming and shaving, increase the risk for injuries and repeat mishaps when used.

    The good news is that laser pubic hair removal can decrease the odds of high-frequency injury.

    People Who Like Precision:

    Whether it is shaving, waxing or trimming, removing hair from the surface of the pubic area is not much of a task. But how about the folds? It is more common in older women and men to accumulate cuts and infections in the internal genital folds due to mishandling hair removal tools.

    However, laser pubic hair removal can effectively remove every hair follicle from the targeted area without extra pain.

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    People Who Like To Experience Hair-Free Sex:

    Many individuals like removing pubic hair only because it motivates them in the bedroom. A recent survey showed that more than half of women shave, trim or wax pubic hair before intercourse since they and their partners like to have it hair-free. Another study found that nearly 3 quarters of men aged 25 to 34 try to get rid of their pubic hair for the same reason.

    Repeated shaving, waxing or trimming may lead to fatal consequences such as infection or scratches. In contrast, laser pubic hair removal is a long-term solution to keep the area tidy and hair-free for the most extended interval possible.

    People Who Indulge In Oral Sex:

    Both men and women like to prepare their pubic area before oral sex, and there are no gender differences here. And studies on both women and men show that oral sex, which has been quite popular in recent years, is associated with pubic hair grooming.

    And that is where laser pubic hair removal comes into play as a long-term solution.

    People Who Think Removing Pubic Hair Boosts Self-Esteem:

    Some people say that they want to increase their confidence while naked. Especially people who want to make their physical intimacy a little hotter prefer grooming their pubic area and hence can go for laser pubic hair removal. Many studies have proved that pubic hair removal is associated with a positive genital self-image in women and men. Though having pubic hair is normal, someone who prefers pubic hair removal to boost self-confidence may opt for laser pubic hair removal.

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    People Who Do Not Like To Mow Their Pubic Hair After They Are Older:

    Maybe it is easy for many individuals to decide on waxing, trimming or shaving pubic hair at a young age. But what about managing the grooming activities in later years, especially after growing older? Both men and women must think about a long-term solution regarding pubic hair removal during adolescence and mid-30s. And undoubtedly, they will find laser pubic hair removal the best solution to get rid of pubic hair or having just a few of them.

    How Is Laser Pubic Hair Removal Done?

    We already talked about the methodology behind laser pubic hair removal. It involves using laser technology in which light pulses are sent into the hair follicles to destroy the root so the hair cannot grow again. Let now know what happens during laser pubic hair removal.

    The healthcare provider or the dermatologist performing the laser treatment completes the entire process in several steps. Here is what happens at every step.

    Cleaning The Area: Since your hygiene is the utmost priority for the dermatologist, your pubic area is thoroughly cleaned with a mild cleaning solution or cleaning wipes before the procedure.

    Treating With Laser: The next step is emitting laser beams from the handheld device, which might feel like a series of stings. Some people also describe the feeling as a rubber band snapping against their skin.

    It takes up to an hour to complete a laser pubic hair removal session. Since the pubic region is pretty sensitive, many dermatologists prefer applying a numbing solution before starting the procedure. You might smell the smoke burning hair, which is expected since the hair burns away from the laser’s heat.

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    How To Prepare For Laser Pubic Hair Removal?

    The first step of the treatment is to schedule a consultation with a licensed dermatologist. During the consultation, your dermatologist will brief you about the treatment, including its time and money estimate and how to prepare for it. They will also tell you how the process works and how many sessions you will tentatively need to get desired results.

    To protect yourself against many possible side effects of laser pubic hair removal, it is mandatory to abide by all the instructions your dermatologist gives you in the days and weeks following the treatment.

    In general, dermatologists ask not to wax or pluck any hair from your pubic area since the hair follicles need to be intact for the laser to work efficiently. It is also mandatory to avoid tanning so that your skin can retain its natural levels of melanin during the treatment.

    It would help if you also made your dermatologist aware of medications you have probably been taking. Some medicines, such as pain relievers and blood thinners, must be avoided a few days before the treatment. Some dermatologists might also ask you to shave the pubic area before coming for your first session.

    What Happens After A Laser Pubic Hair Removal Session?

    Every human body reacts differently to laser pubic hair removal. While some people might report a few side effects, others might not have experienced them at all. However, the side effects of laser pubic hair removal subside within a few hours of the treatment.

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    However, it is necessary to know that, in most cases, the skin feels a little red in the first few hours after the laser pubic hair removal session. And applying aloe Vera gel is usually the best way to soothe and calm the skin. Some patients also experience itching and burning sensations for a few hours after the treatment, and also, in that case, aloe Vera gel helps.

    Now, if we talk about the results, everyone gets different results from laser pubic hair removal. But it is necessary to know that it is scarce to see immediate results after the first session, and it takes up to a few weeks to start seeing the hair fall. A patient might need to have multiple sessions before they see any results at all.

    How To Take Care Of The Pubic Area After Laser Hair Removal?

    • Be it a slight redness or some certain amount of side effects; one must follow a proper aftercare plan. Whether there is any side effect or not, people need to take care of the treated area to avoid other side effects, including scarring and blistering.
    • First, it is essential to keep the area away from sun exposure, including natural and artificial sun, since both can have adverse effects. Wearing short pants and skirts is better avoided for a couple of days.
    • On the very day of the treatment, the patient must wear loose clothing to make it easy for the dermatologist to perform the procedure. After the treatment, you must avoid swimming pools, steam rooms, hot tubs and strenuous activities that lead to excessive sweating.
    • You also need to avoid using extremely hot or icy water before each session. However, the aftercare plan can be different from one person to another; hence, it is advised to talk to the dermatologist so you know what is good for you.

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    What Is The Cost Of Laser Pubic Hair Removal In Hyderabad?

    Several clinics in Hyderabad offer several packages for laser pubic hair removal sessions. However, the average cost of laser pubic hair removal in Hyderabad ranges between ₹2500 to ₹5000. Some clinics provide free consultation, while others may charge a marginal fee of ₹500 to ₹1000 for the consultation and to design the course of treatment.

    What Are The Cost Factors Of Laser Pubic Hair Removal In Hyderabad?

    The cost of laser pubic hair removal depends upon various factors like the type of laser used, the type of skin and hair to be treated, the dermatologist’s experience, the number of sessions to be carried on etc.

    • Type Of Laser Used: The type of laser also determines the total cost of laser pubic hair removal. There are different lasers; your dermatologist is the sole decider of what kind of laser will suit you. However, you can consult your dermatologist about the best possible laser options and choose the one that fits your budget.
    • Skin And Hair Type: The thickness, length and density of the hair and the type of skin and shades also play an essential role in deciding the treatment’s method and overall cost. Undoubtedly if the dermatologist has to play more effort into laser pubic hair removal in an individual patient, the price will automatically go higher.
    • Experience Of The Dermatologist: The dermatologist’s experience matters greatly when deciding on the cost of laser pubic hair removal. If you opt for a clinic that has launched recently with dermatologists with just a few years of experience, your treatment cost will be lower as compared to going for a clinic established for years and with a team of veteran dermatologists.
    • The Number Of Sessions: The total cost of laser pubic hair removal in Hyderabad is divided into the total number of sessions required. It is essential to note that the number of sessions may vary from one person to another depending upon the individual need and the desired goal of the patient. On average, a dermatologist suggests 5 to 6 sessions, but in some cases, the total number of sessions may go up to 8, which increases the cost.

    Some FAQs Related To Laser Pubic Hair Removal Answered

    Does Laser Remove Pubic Hair Permanently?

    Laser pubic hair removal is the procedure used to remove unwanted hair from the pubic area. Though no treatment, including laser, can permanently stop the growth of pubic hair, the results derived from laser pubic hair removal are way more long-lasting than other hair removal methods, including waxing, trimming, and shaving. Moreover, after several sessions of laser pubic hair removal, the hair growth in the pubic area reduces, and the hair quality becomes thin. With maintenance laser sessions, the result derived from a laser pubic hair removal package can be retained for a long time, and with time the growth of hair becomes bare minimum, making it look like hair-free skin.

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    How Many Laser Session Is Required For Pubic Hair Removal?

    Most dermatologists recommend up to 6 laser sessions for individuals going for permanent laser pubic hair removal. However, the total number of sessions may vary depending upon many factors such as the amount of hair growth, the quality of hair, the type of skin etc. Individuals with less hair mainly require only 3 sessions, whereas patients with thick and dark pubic hair might need More than 6 sessions.

    Is It Necessary To Shave The Pubic Area Before Laser Hair Removal?

    In most cases, the dermatologists ask the patient to shave the pubic area and night before or on the morning of the treatment. The reason is pretty simple. If you remove as much hair as possible, the hair follicle gets most of the laser’s energy and gets destroyed.

    Are 3 Sessions Of Laser Hair Removal Enough?

    The quality of hair and the hair growth cycle across the entire body determine the total number of sessions required for an individual. In most cases, patients require multiple laser hair removal sessions rather than just one. And it is necessary because every hair in the pubic area might be at a different stage of its growth cycle at any one time, which makes it challenging to target and remove all the hair efficiently. However, in patients with less hair, 2 to 3 sessions of laser hair removal might be enough, whereas patients with excessive hair growth might need up to 8 sessions.

    Will Pubic Hair Grow Back After Laser?

    A single session of laser pubic hair removal is not enough to permanently reduce hair growth in the pubic region. However, in many cases, all the hair may fall out after a single laser session, but it does regrow over the next few weeks. It takes several sessions of laser pubic hair removal to get desired results, and maintenance sessions are also necessary to retain the results derived from the previous sessions.

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    Does Laser Pubic Hair Removal Hurt?

    Laser pubic hair removal is way more painless than when you get your bikini area waxed. The laser feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Most patients say they had an easy experience with laser pubic hair removal.

    What Happens If I Don’t Shave Before Going For Laser Pubic Hair Removal?

    If you shave the pubic area before going for a laser pubic hair removal session, the technician may remove the rest of it before the treatment. It is necessary to shave the area since the less hair will be present, the better the hair follicles will absorb the heat and get destroyed. However, ensure you don’t shave immediately before your laser sessions if you are prone to the odds of swelling and inflammation. Dermatologists generally suggest shaving one day before the session.


    Having pubic hair is a natural phenomenon. And one should not be shy or ashamed of pubic hair. If you feel uncomfortable with your pubic hair and want to get them removed, looking for an expert dermatologist or clinic that offers laser pubic hair removal is the first step to take. If you are in Hyderabad and looking for such a clinic, visit choose.clinic. This website has a vast list of laser pubic hair removal clinics in Hyderabad, and you can choose one nearest to your home that offers the service within your budget.

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