Is Pubic Hair Removal with Laser Painful? We have the insider story.


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    Several years ago, when shaving used to be the only option to get rid of unwanted hair growth, redness and bumps were some daily affairs. People could not afford even to complain as they were left with no other option. When waxing came to the market, many people chose to switch to waxing from their shaving routine. Waxing is much precise and accurate. Waxing doesn’t even have any complaint of ingrown hair. But there is one more thing that you need to know about waxing is that the hair starts to creep back in just a week and you need to wait for a couple of more weeks to go for another round of waxing.

    How frequently are you ready to go through a painful waxing cycle when the body part is none other than your private part? Exactly we are talking about the pubic hair removal in this article. The skin in your private region is way more sensitive than any other body parts, and you need something more sensitive than the waxing.

    I know how risky it can sound when you think if going for a laser hair removal for the first time for your pubic hair. But what if that is something which worth your time and of course the cost? 

    Let us tell you what exactly happens in pubic hair removal with laser in Hyderabad.

    The first thing that you must know about pubic hair removal with laser is that high concentrated light pulses are used during the treatment. The pulses are emitted from the laser into the hair follicles. The hair pigment then absorbs the concentrated light, and it starts getting destroyed. 

    You will feel good to know that patients who have undergone laser treatment for their pubic hair removal got a permanent solution after 6 to 8 sessions only. 

    There is nothing more blissful than feeling smooth all over your body right. After you choose to go for laser treatment for your pubic hair, the sleek feeling becomes ever sustaining. And the beautiful part is that you can have a smooth and flawless skin without shaving daily. 

    From the very first session of the laser treatment, the beam of light aims at decreasing the growth of the hair follicles, and along with the growing number of sessions, the growth stops entirely, and you remain left with hair-free and smooth skin for your life.

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    When you opt for a professional clinic for pubic hair removal with laser, you get into a consultation with the expert. During the time, you can share the type of result that you are expecting from the treatment, and the professionals will help you to understand every detail of the procedure. Though the result may vary from one patient to another, you may have the utmost and expected effect by following some of the pre-treatment tips.

    1. Stop Plucking or Waxing: As the primary purpose of the laser treatment is to destroy the hair follicles from the roots. Thus, the patients need to ignore waxing the area at least 4 to 6 weeks before the procedure. Shaving is somehow okay as it leaves the root of the hair at its place. 
    2. Shave before the treatment: Though waxing and plucking are strictly no-no, the patients still go for shaving the area. It is essential to shave the area at least 24 to 48 hours before the treatment. Even though anyone else can’t see your hair with the naked eye, the laser beam can target the pigment located on your skin. Shaving the area decreases the chance of burning of the hair follicles below the surface.
    3. Check the medicines that you take: It is essential to keep the laser professional to updated about any kind of prescription that you are following. Some drug may intervene with the laser treatment, and that can be ignored through some simple precautions. The first one is to speak to the professional regarding the same.


    Though you need to undergo pain and sufferings to achieve good things in life, the pain during a pubic hair removal treatment is not expected. Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure, and pubic hair removal is quite common nowadays. The feeling that you go through during the laser hair treatment procedure for your private part cannot be defined as pain. Still, you can’t achieve the expected result without a certain level of discomfort. 

    Patients who undergo the laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad for several times also feel some discomfort during the process. After the procedure, the patients may also find redness or mild irritation due to the heat used during the treatment process. To minimize the pain or the discomfort, the professional will apply some numbing cream before starting the procedure. 


    Laser treatment gets you a long-lasting and close to a permanent solution from your unwanted hair. But how much does that stable solution costs? First of all, the comfort and result that you achieve through laser hair removal for your private area as compared to shaving or waxing worth all the money that you spent on the treatment. 

    The total cost for the entire treatment will lie between 35,000/- to 50,000/-. The price may increase along with the number of sessions you may need to have the expected result. While one patient may get the treatment done in the minimum possible amount, the other may need to pay more than expected.

    The cost also varies along with the location where the clinic of laser hair removal is situated in Hyderabad, and even upon the experience of the professional, you are opting to get your treatment done. Though it may cost you a bit more, it is always better to go for an accessible clinic to get your pubic hair removal done safely.

    You need to pay 1500/- to 3000/- per session for pubic hair removal with laser in Hyderabad. 

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