What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?

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    Traditional Hair removal processes like shaving, tweezing, and waxing are mostly time-consuming and frustrating. And this is one of many reasons people prefer laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted body hair. The other reason laser hair removal has achieved colossal popularity is that it can eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs and ensure that you will never suffer from pesky ingrown hair. Once you turn to laser hair removal, you eliminate the need for endless amounts of waxing appointments, shaving cream razors, etc.

    Therefore, it is pretty clear that laser hair removal is the best possible solution for people wanting an answer to permanent hair removal.

    But, before you embark on the therapy, you must know about some side effects of laser hair removal and some of the myths around the process.

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    Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal:

    There are no life-threatening or deadly side effects of laser hair removal. Therefore you can rest assured that most side effects are temporary and reversible. Many people said they mostly faced different side effects soon after laser hair removal. And we will tell you about the most common and some of the rare side effects caused by laser hair removal.

    Common Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

    Irritation And Redness

    The primary purpose of laser hair removal is to damage the hair follicles for the targeted area. When the body reacts to the laser, many people experience redness and irritation in the affected areas. They might sense a tingling effect, feel tender, and experience a slight swell in the area.

    Irritation and redness is probably the most common side effect of hair removal and is usually short-lived. The affected area does not look any different from the natural skin that has just been waxed.

    In many aesthetic clinics, the dermatologist uses a topical solution to reduce the intensity of skin irritation during the process.

    Within a few hours of the initial reaction, the irritation eases, and the swelling and redness may get reversed by using ice packs or a cool bath.

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    Changes In Skin Colour

    This is yet another widespread side effect of laser hair removal. Some people notice a minor change in the treated skin area after the hair removal process, as the skin might look slightly lighter or darker.

    People with lighter skin tones are more likely to experience darker pigmentation changes, while people with darker skin tones are prone to light pigmentation changes. These changes are also short-lived and fade over time resulting in the skin returning to its usual tone.


    Some people may experience crusting in the affected area. This is a minor issue but might cause inconvenience to the person experiencing it. The crusting can lead to scarring on the treated area after laser removal if not correctly taken care of. However, dermatologists generally apply moisturizer to prevent any such ongoing issues after the treatment.

    Skin infection

    Since laser hair removal aims to damage hair follicles, it includes a risk of skin infection. If any such condition happens, the affected area must be treated as a wound, and you must inform your dermatologist if you experience any signs of infection.

    Applying some over-the-counter antibiotic creams is better if any such infection arises.

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    Rare Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal:


    Since laser hair removal is done under expert supervision, the risk of burns and blisters can be ignored. But, if the laser hair removal treatment is not done correctly, burns and blisters might happen.

    Since laser hair removal is done using high heat lasers, the practitioner must apply a cooling device before starting the laser treatment. And that is the only method to prevent the laser from burning your skin.

    Acne And Pimple

    After the laser hair removal procedure, some people may experience acne and pimples in the treatment area. Though it is sporadic, it might happen if the pores get clogged.

    Generally, the laser’s heat opens the pores, the skin becomes highly sensitive to such tiny infections, and some puss-filled bubbles start appearing on the skin.


    Scarring is significantly less likely to happen during a laser hair removal treatment. However, due to an error made by the practitioner, scarring can occur. But this is not an issue with licensed and qualified practitioners.

    Scars may also form if you do not care for the treated area correctly after the treatment. You must keep yourself away from the sun to avoid further damage to your skin after the treatment. And keeping your skin moisturized and protected from light is mandatory to keep infection at bay.

    How To Reverse And Prevent The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?

    Undoubtedly laser hair removal is a boon to those who want to get rid of unwanted body hair. But still, it has a few after-treatment side effects. If you know the proper ways to reverse and prevent the side effects of laser hair removal, it is possible to turn your laser hair removal session into a life-changing and unique experience.

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    How To Reverse The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?

    • Soothe the area: As we mentioned earlier, any redness or irritation caused due to the laser hair removal treatment is temporary. Most of the time, it goes away within a few hours or a couple of days. However, you can use a cooling cream, specifically a fragrance-free aloe vera gel, after the procedure to avoid long-lasting skin irritation and redness.

    You can also use cold wash clothes and ice packs to reduce the burning sensation or itching.

    • Avoid harsh exfoliants: Harsh cleansers and exfoliants are a complete no-no after laser hair removal. As your skin becomes highly sensitive after the treatment, search elements might deteriorate the skin condition. It is better to ignore using strong fragranced soaps or scrubbing the area as they will only irritate the skin further.
    • Keep the area clean: After the laser hair removal session, if you experience acne or pimples, you need to follow a post-treatment regime. It is mandatory to keep the area clean. Additionally, you must avoid putting on deodorant, makeup, or other cosmetics directly on the treated area. It is essential to let your skin breathe after the procedure.

    As you already suggested that you can use over-the-counter ointments, do not forget to consult with a doctor before you do so.

    One last thing, refrain from popping the acne spots to avoid further scarring.

    The side effects caused by laser hair removal treatments are temporary and minimal Only when the procedure is done safely. However, the longevity of the side effects depends upon the practitioner performing the process, the precautionary preparation you are taking for the sessions, and the way you care for your skin after the treatment.

    How To Prepare Your Skin For Laser Hair Removal?

    Before you start searching for “laser hair removal in Hyderabad” or any other area, you must follow the proper guidelines to prepare your skin for the treatment. And that is how you can keep your skin away from long-lasting side effects.

    Avoid Sun Exposure:

    It is never suggested to perform laser hair removal treatment on tanned or sunburned skin. No professional aesthetician or dermatologist will allow you to undergo the treatment if your skin is tanned or sunburned. Therefore, keep your skin away from sunlight at least two weeks before the laser appointment.

    As your skin becomes highly sensitive after the laser treatment, applying high SPF sunscreen before and between your appointments is mandatory to avoid tanning or burning.

    Be Careful With Skin Care Products:

    Even some of the most common skincare products you use every day might increase your skin’s photosensitivity. And since during laser hair removal beam of light is used to target the hair follicles, the risk of burning will increase if your skin has increased its photosensitivity.

    To avoid increased photosensitivity, stop using products with ingredients such as retinol salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. You must stop using such products at least three days before the treatment and 2 to 3 days after.

    Shave The Area:

    When you go for the laser hair removal session, the targeted area must not have any hair remaining. Thus you need to shave the site at least 24 hours before the treatment. But we suggest not to wait until the last minute if you are going for laser treatment in your bikini area. That is because the skin of the bikini area is susceptible, and you must give your skin in that area sometimes to subside the irritation that happens due to shaving.

    Don’t Bleach:

    During laser hair removal, the darker the hair follicles, the better. Because it is easier for the laser to find dark hair follicles, avoid bleaching your skin before treatment.

    Don’t Wax:

    This is a fundamental guideline before and during hair removal sessions. The laser rays target the pigment of the hair. So if you damage the hair follicle by waxing it or tweezing, the treatment will not be successful. Instead, your hair might grow back soon after the treatment if waxed or removed.

    If you are a beginner in laser hair removal, it is recommended to wait at least four weeks after your last waxing session.

    Wear Comfortable Clothes:

    On the day of your hair removal session, you need to be very mindful about what wardrobe you are picking out. As experiencing some level of irritation or redness in the area after the laser hair removal treatment is prevalent, you must choose breathable clothing to avoid further irritating your skin.

    If you are going for a bikini area hair removal session, choose to wear loose-fitting pants and cotton underwear.

    Mentally Prepare Yourself:

    Laser hair treatment is not entirely painless. But it also does not hurt most people. However, if you are very sensitive to pain, prepare your mind to face certain minor discomfort. The fear regarding the pain or discomfort will go away in the following sessions; therefore, make sure that you are 100% comfortable getting the treatment done for the first session.

    There is no harm in taking some extra time and thinking it through before undergoing the laser if you have any certain hesitation. And once you are ready to get your body hair removed forever, now is the time to get excited.

    Come With A Clean Skin:

    Do not use any ointment cream oil or sunscreen before arriving at your appointment. If you have mistakenly forgotten to avoid those products, ask the provider to wipe off those things and clean your skin before the treatment. As we have mentioned earlier, laser hair removal does not work on tan skin; you need to stop using self-tanning therapies at least two weeks before the treatment.

    Have Some Most Common Questions Regarding Laser Hair Removal Answered

    Laser hair removal will interest you if you are tired of trying traditional hair removal methods such as waxing or shaving. And by now, you know about the possible side effects and how to handle those.

    But since it is better to make an informed decision regarding laser hair removal, here are a few questions commonly asked and their best possible answers.

    Is It Safe To Go For Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

    No. Laser hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy. The only reason is that there are not enough human studies to prove that laser hair removal is safe during pregnancy.

    It is common to experience excessive hair growth in the breasts and stomach areas during pregnancy. In most cases, those hairs fall out on their own. And one must not opt for laser treatments until the pregnancy has ended.

    Is Laser Hair Removal Cancerous?

    It’s a sheer myth that laser hair removal causes cancer. There are different types of lasers used to treat wrinkles and sun damage. And the lasers used during hair removal and other skin procedures consist of a minimal amount of radiation. So they don’t pose any risk of cancer.

    Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Infertility?

    It is yet another myth about laser hair removal. During the procedure, the skin surface is the only thing affected by the laser, and the laser can’t penetrate any of your organs. But if you are trying to get pregnant, it is better to talk to your doctor before going under the laser.


    Overall, laser hair removal is a safe procedure and highly effective for most people when done by certified and the best clinics. But as a precaution, you should not get the process done near your eyes or while pregnant. If you experience any symptoms after the laser hair removal procedure, it is best to see the doctor.

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