How Much Does Keratin Treatment Cost in Hyderabad?

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    Imagine you can go anywhere, anytime, without worrying about fixing your hair or spending hours detangling your hair strands. Is that even possible? I mean, here is that part of our body that probably takes the maximum maintenance time, for it must be handled with care.

    Yes, it is true. One can have smooth and straightened hair even when born with curly and frizzy hair. Thanks to the Brazilian keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout, which involves applying specific products to the hair to nourish it and then sealing it for a long time to make her management easy peasy.

    In the current time, a keratin treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures throughout the world. Since having beautiful hair is an advantage achieved by a lucky few and the rest of humankind struggles with their hair every day, keratin treatment became a revolutionary procedure for hair with a significant success rate.

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    And if you want to try keratin treatment too, read on further to know why it is beneficial and how it can transform your hair into a silky waterfall and make people green with jealousy.

    What Is Keratin?

    Keratin is a specific protein that builds our hair, skin, and nails. Apart from them, keratin is also found in some of the internal organs and glands of the human body. Keratin is a protective protein that is less prone to tearing or scratching than other types of cells our body produces.

    In animals, keratin is found in feathers, wool, and horns and is used as an ingredient in hair cosmetology. Since keratin is the building block of our hair, some people prefer taking keratin supplements, treatments and products that can strengthen their hair and make it look healthier.

    There are 54 different kinds of keratin in our body that are categorised into two types including:

    • Type 1: Among the 54 kinds of keratins in the body, 28 are categorised as type 1. 17 of those 28 keratins are our skin cell keratins, and the rest 11 are hair keratins. Most type one keratins are acidic in nature with low-weight proteins. From helping protect the cells from internal forces in the body type, 1 keratin has many functions.
    • Type 2: The rest 26 keratin in the body come under type 2. 20 of the 26 keratins are skin cell keratins, and 6 are hair keratins. Type 2 keratins consist of basic-neutral and high-weight proteins. The basic-neutral pH of keratin type 2 helps balance the type one keratins alongside governing cell activities.

    Keratins are found in two forms:

    • Alpha keratin is mainly found in mammals’ hair, horns, nails and epidermis. Type 1 and type 2 keratins are alpha keratins.
    • Beta keratin is the one that is found in the feathers, beaks, and claws of birds and reptiles.

    What Is The Role Of Keratin In Our Body?

    Keratin is generally known for supporting and protecting the body. Our skin, hair and nails rely on keratin for their overall health. And some of the glands and organs inside the human body also contain keratin.

    Keratin is a vital component not dissolvable in diluted acids, solvents, waters or alkynes. Therefore, though our body has many chemicals in it, none of them can affect keratin. And that is why many people believe that keratin treatment benefits the skin, hair and nails.

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    Why Is Keratin Treatment Done For Hair?

    Our body can produce keratin naturally. In other creatures, their feathers, horns, fur and hooves also contain keratin. In keratin treatment done for hair, the keratin is usually derived from ground-up animal parts, which is why many people do not want to get a keratin treatment done, especially those who are vegan.

    Since keratin is a component of hair, many people believe in taking keratin supplements to make their hair stronger. However, there are no rigorous studies that advocate the fact that keratin supplements can make hair stronger. Talking to a healthcare professional before taking keratin supplements for hair thinning is always better than discussing the risks and benefits.

    Many also believe that shampoos and conditioners infused with keratin oil make healthy hair. Studies have also shown that shampoos and conditioners containing keratin hydrolysates make hair stronger, softer and brighter.

    Though getting a keratin treatment done is a personal choice, it makes hair shiny and silky, alongside reducing frizz. During a keratin treatment, keratin is artificially infused with the hair to make it look smooth and polished; thereby, it is popular among people with frizzy and dull hair. Keratin treatment fills in the porous spots in our hair which materialised due to keratin loss. Those overly porous hair cause tangles, breakage and frizz and therefore, keratin treatment in hair is done to rebuild the hair by putting back the lost protein into the strands.

    The result of keratin treatment also varies from one person to another. Though it is essentially rebuilding those parts of the hair that have been damaged to make the hair easy to manage, people with extremely curly hair mind end up with mildly straight ringlets and less curly hair.  On the other hand, people with wavy hair can also end up getting straight and polished hair. Since the results vary from one person to another, in some cases, keratin treatment may disappoint a few people who are precisely looking for straight hair. But there is one crucial point we want to bring to your notice- keratin treatment is all about manageable, frizz-free and smooth hair with a salon-worthy blow-dry look and less about unnaturally straight-looking hair.

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    How Is Keratin Treatment Done In Hyderabad?

    The keratin treatment is divided into three steps- the pretreatment, the procedure and the post-treatment.


    Before you start looking for a salon that offers the best keratin treatment in Hyderabad, you first need to research a little about keratin treatment and find out if it is suitable for your hair.

    Just because your best friend benefited greatly from a keratin treatment does not mean it will suit you too. According to celebrity hair stylists, people with frizzy and curly hair textures are the best-suited candidates to undergo a keratin treatment. On the other hand, people with fine and moderately straight hair must avoid the therapy altogether.

    Another essential point you must remember before undergoing keratin treatment is to consult a hairstylist. It is always a good idea to choose a trusted and experienced hairstylist to assist your hair and tell you if keratin treatment is essential for you. However, knowing about different keratin treatments is crucial since not all keratin treatments are created equally.

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    Therefore, knowing about different types of keratin treatments help you have a good idea about what to expect from the treatment. You also must know about the prices since they vary according to your hair length.

    The Procedure

    Remember, keratin treatment takes longer than you expect. Therefore, pick up a day when you are free and have ample time to spare because keratin is a lengthy treatment. It might take up to six hours, and there are multiple steps involved in a keratin treatment, such as:

    • Washing off hair
    • Blow drying to remove all the moisture
    • Application of keratin solutions
    • Leaving the hair to set
    • The second round of blow dry
    • Sealing in the solution with a flat iron

    The result of keratin treatment is smooth, shiny and manageable hair that lasts for at least three months and can be retained for up to a year with a proper hair care regime. There are no proven side effects involved with a keratin treatment. But the use of formaldehyde is something that gets the eyebrows raised.

    Formaldehyde is a chemical used in different household products and is not considered safe. And because of that component, many people might experience mild irritation or infection of the skin and eyes after keratin treatment. That is the reason why a trained hairstylist must do keratin treatment.


    Investing in a good shampoo and conditioner after the treatment is recommended. You cannot tie or wash your hair for at least 48 hours after the treatment. Although your hair will become more manageable after the treatment, you don’t need to change your daily hair care regime. Still, it would help if you put extra effort into taking care of your hair and keeping it free from harmful chemicals. Stylists generally advise using a sulfate-free formula for your shampoo to ensure the longevity of the treatment.

    You can always consult with your hairstylist about the best aftercare products to maintain the result of keratin treatment for a more extended period.

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    Types Of Keratin Treatment

    By now, it is pretty clear that keratin treatment is key to manageable and frizz-free hair. And if you are reading this sentence right now, you have already committed to trying out keratin treatment. Now, you need to figure out which keratin treatment is perfect for you.

    Yes, we are mentioning it all over again, there are multiple types of keratin treatments, and we will break down three favourite types of keratin treatments in this article.

    Brazilian Keratin Therapy

    Brazilian keratin treatment is suggested for people with extremely curly hair vulnerable to humidity. The best part of Brazilian keratin is that it is free from formaldehyde. Some Brazilian keratin products are infused with hydrolysed keratin protein, and Brazilian coconut oil seals and protect the hair.

    The Brazilian keratin products used by top salons and hair stylists also protect the hair from any damage caused by flat or curling irons and other hairstyling tools, making it one of the best keratin treatments in India. When you visit a hairstylist for Brazilian keratin, they apply the keratin product to your hair and then blow dry it. They use a metal-plated round brush to help the treatment blend well with your hair, and at the final step, the stylist seals the treatment into the hair using a flat iron.

    In most cases, Brazilian keratin treatment takes up to two hours to complete, and the treatment’s effect lasts between three to six months.

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    Japzilian Keratin

    As the name suggests, the treatment combines Brazilian keratin and Japanese hair straightening treatments. When done by an experienced hairstylist, this is the most special treatment lasting five months more than the Brazilian treatment. If you can find a Japzilian salon, the procedure looks like applying the treatment and sealing it with a blow dryer and flat ceramic iron.

    The hairstylist also applies perm with a comb twice on hair strands, and after the treatment has set, the stylist rinses your hair and blow dries.

    For the long process of Japzilion keratin treatment, you must take at least four to six hours to complete.

    Keratin Express

    People who want to get keratin treatment that lasts for a short period go for keratin express. This treatment is perfect for people with straight or wavy hair that gets frizzed due to moisture making it difficult to manage. During this treatment, the stylist applies a serum and then seals it with a blow dryer and flat ceramic iron. Although keratin express lasts for a short time, you can extend its duration using keratin-based products such as shampoos, conditioners and masks.

    Benefits Of Keratin Treatment

    The benefits of getting a professional keratin treatment done include the following:

    • Shiny And Lustrous Hair: After a professionally done keratin treatment and choosing the proper keratin treatment for your hair, you can get smooth hair cuticles that make your hair less frizzy. In addition, people also found that the treatment gave their hair a naturally soft and shiny look. Keratin also reduces split ends by temporarily bonding the hair back together, making it more manageable and healthier.
    • More Manageable Hair: Keratin treatment is appropriate for people with curly or wavy hair; people with straighter hair also get the treatment done because it makes their hair more manageable, especially when they experience frizzy hair due to humidity. When you constantly heat style your hair, you will notice that your hair dries more quickly. On the other hand, keratin treatment cuts the drying time by more than half. Your hair will also become healthier and more robust, and you can air dry your hair and save it from hair damage.
    • Increased Hair Growth: Keratin can strengthen the hair and fortify it, so it does not easily break off. As a result, your hair grows faster without breaking.
    • Long-Lasting Results: When a person takes good care of their hair after a keratin treatment, it can last up to one year. Taking good care of your hair after keratin treatment includes using suitable products, washing your hair less frequently, etc.
    • Smoother Curls: Since keratin is a structural protein, it strengthens the hair and reduces breakage. People with curly hair tend to face breakage problems and frizzy hair. Keratin treatment helps those hair problems disappear, allowing their hair to grow faster and eliminating splitting and breaking.
    • Straighten Hair: Though keratin treatment does not entirely focus on straightening hair, it is more like an in-addition treatment.  To some extent, keratin treatment straightens hair. People with wavy and curly hair can experience smoother curls and waves, whereas people with moderately straight hair can experience entirely straight hair after a keratin treatment session.
    • Thicker-Looking Hair: Since keratin makes your hair healthy, your hair appears to be voluminous and healthy after a keratin session.

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    Side Effects Of Keratin Treatment

    There are not many severe risks associated with a keratin treatment, but you must know about some of the potential risks associated with a keratin treatment.


    Not all keratin treatments contain formaldehyde, but in some cases, the component is used, which is dangerous if inhaled. Formaldehyde is mainly used for hair straightening, and the part is generally used in home care products. According to researchers, some companies hide that their keratin products contain chemicals.

    However, it is necessary to ask your hairstylist about the presence of formaldehyde in the keratin products they will be using. Remember that formaldehyde and other related compounds in your keratin treatment may contribute to eye irritation, dizziness, coughing, headache, nausea, chest pain, rash and vomiting.

    Those side effects are rare, yet in some cases, people after getting a keratin treatment have reported. The results generally happen soon after the keratin treatment using products containing formaldehyde.

    How Severe Is The Risk Of Formaldehyde?

    Many keratin products claim to be free from formaldehyde, whereas others mention the presence of formaldehyde. However, part of the issue is that some products may contain much more formaldehyde than they say.

    A study done in 2014 in South Africa found that six out of seven keratin products contained somewhere between 0.96% to 1.4% of formaldehyde, which is five times higher than the recommended formaldehyde level of 0.2%.

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    But it’s worth noting that when you get a keratin treatment from a professional salon, other people also receive keratin treatments from the same place throughout the day. Therefore, the risk of any severe danger of formaldehyde is pretty less.

    According to the researchers, when a person is exposed to a formaldehyde level of 0.1 to 0.5 parts per million, they can experience nose irritation and an increased risk of asthma and allergies. And when the level exceeds 0.5 to 1.9 parts per million, eczema and problems in lung function can be experienced.

    When you go for a single session of keratin treatment, you will be less likely to face any effects. But since hairstylists regularly work in a salon coming in contact with formaldehyde can have a significant health impact.

    What Are Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Treatment Options?

    In recent years mainly in all popular clinics, formaldehyde-free keratin treatments have been offered. After many brands that claimed to be formaldehyde-free and then tested positive for formaldehyde, some manufacturers might be listing formaldehyde by another name, such as:

    • Aldehyde
    • Formalin
    • Methanal
    • Formic Aldehyde
    • Methyl Aldehyde
    • Methylene Glycol

    Some products that contain preservatives can also have formaldehyde in them like:

    • Benzyl Hemiformal
    • Diazolidinyl Urea

    How To Pick The Right Clinic For Keratin Treatment?

    Although keratin treatment is a beautiful gift to your hair for making it smooth and silky, the presence of formaldehyde in keratin products might make it a little risky. And when done in the wrong way, keratin treatment may have adverse effects on your hair, skin and other organs.

    Therefore, it is always necessary to find a trusted clinic for keratin treatment run by professionals. Though the price of keratin treatment varies from one clinic to another established in the same city, it is always suggested to judge a clinic by its quality of service instead of price when the life of your hair is at stake. Choosing a clinic with good reviews and years of experience in providing keratin treatment is therefore suggested.

    How Much Does Keratin Treatment Cost In Hyderabad?

    The cost of keratin treatment for hair in Hyderabad ranges between 4000 to 8000, depending on the hair length and the salon you choose. The price excludes any follow-up session; therefore, if your stylist suggests you come for a touch-up session, it might cost you extra. Though in some cases, keratin treatments are combined with complementary hair spas.

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    Some FAQs Regarding Keratin Treatment

    Can keratin damage your hair?

    Keratin is the building block of our hair. Therefore, it provides moisture and nutrients to the hair and makes it frizz-free and smooth. But keratin treatment should not be done more than three times a year. Overtime can start damaging the hair.

    How long does a keratin treatment last?

    After you get a keratin treatment done and maintain your hair with sodium sulfate-free shampoo, you can expect the result to last up to a year. However, in most cases, the effects of keratin treatment last somewhere between 6 to 8 months.

    Can we oil our hair after keratin treatment?

    After one week of your keratin session, you can use coconut oil on your keratin-treated hair. Coconut oil protects your hair from losing keratin during wash cycles. Olive oil is also a completely safe oil to use after a keratin treatment and is natural.

    Does keratin change hair colour?

    If you have colour-treated hair, keratin can almost always lighten the artificially coloured strands. Though the natural hair colour does not change, a bit of hair lightening is inevitable for colour-treated hairs.

    Can I get a keratin treatment done at home?

    First, there is an at-home version of keratin treatment which you can do at home. However, such treatment is not as intense as the professional salon-quality versions.


    Keratin treatment can be a boon to your hair when done right. Therefore, finding a suitable clinic for yourself is necessary to get the treatment done. If you are in Hyderabad and looking for a clinic that offers top-notch keratin treatment, visit We have listed only the trusted options of keratin treatment salons so that you can choose the best.

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