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    People with hair damages often goes to some very dangerous extent in search of hair growth solutions that could cause severe damage to their hair. They use a different kind of hair growth products like shampoos, conditioners, herbal extracts, and so on. Not only this, but they are also ready to pay thousands of rupees worth hair treatments without knowing if it will give them desired results or not. They try almost all means to get their shinny and bouncy hair back. But the majority of them end up either giving permanent damage to their hair or waste their precious time, money, and health without getting any results. 

    When nothing works, they take their horrible hair conditions as their fate and try living the rest of their life with this fate only. But it’s absolutely possible to get your shiny and bouncy hair back. There are specific treatments and procedure that can help you gain your lost confidence back again. One such treatment is PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatment. There are more treatments options like medications, laser therapy in combination with drugs, but in this article, we will see about PRP treatment.

    What is PRP hair treatment?

    PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatment helps in hair loss treatment. Plasma is nothing but the fluid present in our blood. Plasma in the blood contains an essential substance for our body which helps in wound healing. This substance is called platelets. Apart from healing it also benefits from blood clotting, growth, and other functions. However, when we talk about Platelet-rich plasma, it means that a plasma containing a higher concentration of platelets. This concentration is almost five to 10 times more than the average concentration of platelets.

    But the critical point is that platelet-rich plasma is not naturally available. There is a whole process to derive this platelet-rich plasma. This process is called centrifugation. In this process, a blood sample is taken, and maximum platelets are derived then mixed with general blood sample with expected concentration and then it becomes platelet-rich plasma.

     How is platelet-rich plasma used for treatments in Kukatpally?

    Are you suffering from hair issues? And you live in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. You’re you are reading the right thing. Choose clinic in Kukatpally provides the best and reliable Platelet-rich plasma treatments. Let’s how the whole process is executed.

    This treatment is used to increase the concentration of platelets in the blood. By the help of this process, various conditions are treated. PRP injections are given to the patient for multiple diseases and treatments as platelet-rich blood can be used to heal injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, scars, skin areas where there is photo-ageing. Apart from this, the primary use we will discuss is treating areas of alopecia (hair loss). It is a fantastic hair growth treatment.

    We at choose clinic have the best and advance equipment and technology required for Platelet-rich Plasma treatments. You can contact us by giving a call on 636 636 3333, and our expert will get to you as soon as possible. 

    Getting PRP treatment with ChooseClinic:

    In Kukatpally, choose clinic is a very reputed name. We work on result-oriented terms. We take all safety and precaution to avoid any discomfort to our patient. Our treatment is affordable and reliable. We have experts who are highly skilled and trained to execute this treatment. In Kukatpally, choose clinic has established its name for best hair loss treatment as well as hair growth treatments. When we talk about PRP treatments, our experts are best in this job. You can book a session now by just calling on 636 636 3333. 

    Benefits of Platelet-rich plasma Treatment:

    • The rate and speed of wound healing increase because of anti-inflammatory properties.
    • This also increases tissue-repairing properties which eventually helps in restoration of damaged tissues
    • Also, if an individual has any orthopaedic conditions, this is helpful.
    • Heals skin of wrinkles, scars, and dark circles under the eyes
    • Hair restoration – this is the best option for individuals with androgenic and female-pattern alopecia.
    • There no side effects as this treatment are non-surgical.

    How does PRP hair treatment work?

    First of all, Platelet-rich plasma is a fantastic fatty composition of active compounds. These active compounds are growth factors. To help in the growth of the hair, they contain a platelet-derived growth factor. When platelet-rich plasma is given in the body or injected, the changes occur are on the cellular level. These changes trigger essential protein growth, and by the help of this protein growth, the process of proliferation occurs, which means cell growth. Overall this whole process results in hair growth. That’s why it’s one of the best hair growth treatment.

    Bottom Line

    The effects of this treatment are quick and can be observed within a couple of weeks. In about 8 to 12 weeks, one can easily see results with an increase in the mean hair count. Also, the growth in hair density of both terminal and vellus hairs can be easily spotted. Looking for PRP hair loss treatment in Kukatpallythen you can give a call on 636 636 3333 and experts from choose clinic will be there for your best and safest treatment.

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