Best Non-Surgical Treatments for Hair Loss

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                        Everyone likes to have a healthy, shiny and  thick hair. If there is 50 to 100 strands of hair fall it is very common in every individual. There might be many reasons for hair fall like dandruff, hormonal imbalance and poor diet etc. Generally, if there is hair fall the new hair began to grow in the lost area,  if hair don’t grow back on the lost area, it is consider as hair loss or thinning of hair.

                                   There are many treatments for hair loss like surgical treatments and non- surgical treatments. In surgical treatments there may be chance of scar because of using knife and the procedures may painful.

     Here are some non-surgical methods that promote hair growth.

    1.PRP[ platelet-rich Plasma therapy]

                    PRP is also known as Platelet-rich Plasma therapy in which individuals’ blood will be processed it is  injected to the scalp. This technique may addresses even male and female pattern baldness and stimulates the hair growth. In this process when blood is reinjected it acts like fertilizer for the hair and it allows hair follicle to grow stronger and thicker. PRP mainly targets the thinning areas on the scalp. The overall process may takes half an hour to an hour or based on the required areas. The process done on every month up to six months. The results of this treatment is noticeable after several weeks. PRP  treatment is safe and highly recommended as in this treatment they use patients own blood tissue.

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                      It is a clinically proven chemical. Specifically on hair loss and it can be used by men and women to stimulate hair growth and also maintain hair growth. Minoxidil helps to increase the size of hair growth which have shrunken due to the hair loss in some cases hair loss is due to heredity can also be treated with minoxidil which thickens and longer the hair follicle. These kind of topical solutions are chemical based, which may have less side effects. These kind of topical solutions might be used on regular basis suggested by the physician. If you stop these solutions after using the hair fall may revert back.

    3.Proper Diet

                  There is no doubt that diet plays a major role in the hair growth. A good diet or balanced diet helps hair to grow healthy and faster. It is important to take essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, proteins etc. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found naturally in almonds ,walnuts,fluxseeds etc. Intake of less protein cause huge amount of hair fall. But intake of good protein reduce the hair fall. In addition to this we have to take vitamins like B Vitamin , D vitamin, C vitamin and folic acid , iron, calcium, magnesium, which are naturally present in the food we take and these factors help us to promote the hair growth.


                   In Mesotherapy the treatment includes the use of micro-injection in which a specific formulated solvent is injected in to the scalp to restore the hair growth. The injection is given to the middle layer of the skin which is known as mesoderm. In mesotherapy  the micro-injections are superficially injected or applied only to the skin. This therapy helps to promote the hair growth and restore the volume of thinning hair both in men and women who are suffering with baldness. Mesotherapy is very safe and painless procedure and recommended to the people who are suffering with baldness.

    5.Low-Level Laser Therapy

                  Low Level Laser therapy is a treatment in which the lasers are used to promote hair growth. How does LLLT works according to the medical council this treatment does work for some people and doesn’t  work for some. LLLT  is a safe and effective procedure for hair growth in both women and men. The main  mechanism is to stimulate the epidermal cells in hair follicle and shifting the follicle in to the anagen phase.

    6. Precautions for Hair Care

    • Brush or comb your hair regularly even for 5 min from roots to end brushing is a good exercise for hair and stimulates hair growth.
    • Do not comb  when the hair is wet. Wet hair is very fragile and combing can damage the hair.
    • After washing your hair don’t avoid rubbing the hair with towel make it very gentle even the fiction can damage your hair.
    • Heating tools like hair straighteners, hot rollers, curling irons dehydrate and make hair very dry.
    • Trim the split ends regularly it may avoid hair to grow fast.
    • Use of deep conditioners and oils like olive oil, coconut oil, caster oil helps to hydrate the hair.
    • Choose low chemical shampoos and sulphate free shampoos.

    These methods can help to improve hair volume without under going the knife.  And consulting certified dermatologist and trichologist will suggest you that which treatment plan can help’s for your hair problems.

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