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    If you have been observing a receding hairline or have seen signs of balding, then the first and foremost step is to find a dermatologist or doctor who can offer you the best treatment for hair regrowth. However, it’s important to understand that hair loss may not be necessarily male-pattern hair loss. There could be multiple reasons for hair loss like a thyroid problem, an autoimmune disease, some allergy or a scalp issue, etc. But mostly, hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, which is also termed as male-pattern baldness, which is a sign of getting older.

    Baldness is something that comes with the aging process, however, it could be a cause of distress for many people. Excessive hair loss affects uncountable men and women globally and there are many natural remedies and also other medical treatments available to counter it. 

    Hair Regrowth Solutions

    Let’s first see how to regrow hair fast by using some regrowth products from the drugstore’s hair care aisle.

    Minoxidil: It’s a topical non-prescription medicine that is in fact the only FDA-approved solution that claims to regrow hair. This medication has a lot of research to support it, but you should use it regularly with commitment. If you stop using it in between, then your hair fall will again start. You could use a 5% strength, such as Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam (available for about $30), once every day to see the results in about three to four months.

    Finasteride: The other popular hair-loss treatment advised by most of the dermatologists is Finasteride, or mostly known as Propecia, which is its brand name. This is also an FDA-approved medication and is only available when you have a prescription. However, these days, it can be easily ordered online if you have virtually done a consultation through some medical portals. Finasteride hinders an enzyme that transforms testosterone to DHT, the hormone that mostly causes hair loss in men. But unlike Minoxidil, this medicine can help fast hair regrowth and also prevent any more hair loss. You have to take one pill every day; and as per a study, about two-thirds of men using this medicine have noticed an improvement in their hair density over some time.

    Dutasteride: Dutasteride or Avodart is mostly used to cure prostatic enlargement. Though this isn’t an FDA-approved drug for treating hair loss, many doctors prescribe Dutasteride off-label particularly in case of male pattern baldness. This medication works just like Finasteride, but it could be much more effective. Just like Finasteride, this drug prevents the activities of type II 5-alpha reductase. Additionally, Dutasteride hinders type I of the enzyme, thus, by obstructing both types of the enzyme the DHT lowers even more and lessens the risk of harm to the hair follicles. However, this drug too has the same limitations as Finasteride, as it only shows results if you take it daily and may become less effective in some time.

    Hair Fibers: This is the best and simplest way if you want to hide a balding or sparse patch or a widening part. They are very small, charged fibers that stick to your scalp till you shampoo your are available in a range of colors, so it isn’t a problem to find something that matches your hair. 

    High-tech hair regrowth solutions: Laser treatments are expensive and in this case, you also expose your hair to low levels of laser light, which stimulates hair growth by intensifying the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) present in your hair follicles. ATP gives energy to your hair-follicle cells, so if there’s more of it, your hair follicles can use more energy to grow your hair. Ideally, about three months of sessions every week are the best when you’re beginning your hair-loss treatment.

    Micro-needling: Other solutions include micro-needling and platelet-replacement therapy, which are expensive treatments and are mostly advised in conjunction. In this therapy, your scalp would be first numbed so you the pinpricks involved in micro-needling don’t hurt you. This treatment boosts hair regrowth by encouraging wound healing, and platelet-replacement involves injection of growth factors into those wounds. Combining both these therapies gives better results than taking one of these and usually the results start showing only after three monthly treatments. This should also be aided with Minoxidil treatment for a better outcome.

    Surgical hair-loss treatment

    Let’s now take a look at some of the popular surgical hair-loss treatment procedures:
    • Direct Hair Transplant (DHT): DHT is the latest technique that helps to give you natural-looking and healthy hair. After this pain-free procedure, new hair grows naturally throughout your life. The main aim of DHT is to raise the survival and regrowth of the hair follicles by lessening their handling and the time duration for which they remain out of the skin. In the DHT technique, the dermatologist implants the hair follicles one by one directly in the affected area which has to be covered. Every single hair follicle is positioned in a specific angle, direction, and depth that enables to get 100 percent natural outcome with maximum density. DHT is a minimally invasive treatment in which one feels no pain and the recovery is also very fast. You can notice hair growth in couple of months and full regrowth happens in about 8-9 months. The best part is that the implanted hair continues to grow throughout your life and also they do not fall.
    •  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): FUE hair transplantation technique is a very popular and preferred treatment for hair regrowth and restoration. In this procedure, hair follicles are pulled out from the donor area by using a special extraction instrument. Then these hair follicles are transferred to the affected or balding area where small incisions are made. The next step is to implant the follicular grafts using a powerful stereo microscope in a cluster of about one to four hair.
    • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): Also called the strip technique, FUT is preferred in case of people having large areas of baldness. This treatment allows transplanting a maximum graft in only a single session. The dermatologist uses a scalpel blade to take out the hair-bearing skin from the donor area and it is stitched together again. In this treatment, the donor hair follicle is taken by removing a small strip from the patient’s back of the head. Then, this strip is divided into graft containing 1 or 2 follicles, which is then implanted as FUE. 
    • Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT): This is a form of light and heat treatment that stimulates new hair growth in men and women. Studies have proven that the main mechanisms used in the procedure is the stimulation of epidermal stem cells present in the follicle and then transferring the follicle back in the growth phase of the cycle.

    So if you are looking for a hair regrowth treatment in Bangalore, do your research well and find about the best clinics for hair-loss treatment near you, find the cost of various treatment solutions and how to regrow hair fast and then decide.

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