Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenagers: Treatment And Prevention

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    If you’re a teenager, you might have started experiencing the problem of hair loss. When you are a teenage, it becomes a thing to worry about. Teenagers often get emotional and tensed as in the prime time of their lives they are experiencing hair fall. However, you don’t need not to worry about it as hair fall can be due to many reasons and also there are specific remedies, prevention and cure to stop hair loss.

    Let’s discuss some of the significant reasons for hair loss in teenagers:

    1. Hormones

    As young children turn into growing teenagers, they have to experience many changes in their body. These are the changes they have never experienced before and which is very familiar. In their body, there is a rush of new hormones. These hormones affect many aspects of their life and body like eating habits, body hair growth, fluctuating emotion etc. one of these changes is also hair loss. 

    Since only one kind of hormone is responsible for hair loss in men and women, the name of the hormones which is responsible for the hair loss is dihydrotestosterone or DHT. The amount of this hormone in men is higher in comparison to women. Also, women and girls carry a low level of testosterone as well.

    Unfortunately, the little amount of that testosterone also gets converted in DTH with the help of an enzyme. Once they are converted into DTH, it shrinks the hair follicles, which result in hair loss. This unbalance of hormones gets balanced after some time.

    • Medicine

    There is also specific medication which can cause hair loss in both teens and adults. For instance, if any teenage girls take birth control pills to relieve PCOS or control, acne can also result in hair fall as a side effect. These pills are also responsible for thinning of hair even doctors prescribe these pills to girls who have excessive hair growth.

    Apart from these pills, there are other medications also, which can cause hair loss as well. These medicines include anticoagulants, beta-blockers, and even high doses of vitamin A.

    • Poor nutrition

    In teenagers, there is a craze of getting slimmer and fitter, which is a good thing. But they also start thinking that skipping meals will make them leaner and fitter. Also, in teenage, everyone eats a lot of junk food and processed food. In both these cases, the amount of nutrition required by the body is not provided. This also results in a lack of nutrition for the hair. After this, teenagers start facing hair fall issues. Even for the nourishing your hair, you must eat a green and leafy vegetable.

    Due to imbalanced diet and nutrition in the body, it starts consuming already present food in the body to central the sustainable functioning of the body. In some cases, the teen can also have an eating disorder and highly decrease of nutrition; then parents must get involved for making the conditions better.

    4. Over-Styling

    Teenagers are quite busy in maintaining the trend and coping up with the other children of their age. While doing this, they sometimes go to some extent in which they start using so much different kinds of hair products which are made up of chemicals. These hair products are suitable for the short term, but when you see the bigger picture, they damage your hair for a long time, and after 2-3 years, teens start facing the problems of hair loss. 

    Also, there is some hairstyle which also affects the health of the hairs like high ponytails and braids tug at the hair etc. these hairstyles can pull out clumps which will lead to embarrassing bald patches and shortened strands.

    5. Deeper Medical Condition

    Sometimes, one must not ignore excessive hair loss as it can be a signal for a severe medical condition. This painful medical condition which can cause the problem of hair loss can be a scalp infection, an overactive or underactive thyroid, unregulated diabetes, skin disorders, or trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling).

    In the majority of the cases, these severe medical conditions will come up with symptoms, which can be scaly or inflamed skin, losing hair in big patches, and fatigue. If such symptoms are seen to the teen parents must and should get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible.

    Treating and Preventing Hair Loss 

    To prevent and treat your problem of hair loss you can follow these steps given below:

    • Well-balanced diet: One must take care of his/her diet. You must consume nutritious food at optimal caloric intake.
    • Omega 3s: You must eat foods containing omega-3s more often.
    • Hair conditioning: Whenever you wash and brush your hair, you must do it gently. Use oils which will nourish your hair. These oils can be such as argan or coconut oil.
    • Minimum use of heating products:  You must minimize the use of such products which work on heat such as hair straightener.
    • Vitamin deficiencies: You must take tests for vitamin deficiencies, especially iron from time to time. Studies and researches have proved that hair loss in female often directly links to iron deficiencies.
    • Hormone imbalance: You must also take tests for hormonal imbalance if you have the hormonal imbalance it can get fixed.
    • Reduce stress: Parents should be involved with teens as they go through certain things in this period which can stress them and result in hair loss.
    • Massage and oiling: Giving proper oil and massage to the scalp will increase their health and will result in less or no hair falls.

    These were a few steps which you can take to avoid the problem of hair loss. However, if this problem continues, you must go to the doctor. In teens hair loss is a general problem which occurs for a short duration of time, but if it shows with other symptoms, then it can be a problem of concern.

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