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    CoolSculpting is moderately a new technique and is possibly the most efficient fat reduction treatment, which is done non-invasively. The USA Food and Drug Administration approved the treatment in 2012. It is a body contouring procedure which has no intervention of needles, anaesthesia or incision. The surgeons use a device to freeze the fat cells of the body. 

    The entire treatment is based on a simple principle; the cooling of subcutaneous fat of the body until a point so that they get destroyed. Subcutaneous fat is the layer that is present under the human skin. The broken-down fat cells then get absorbed by the body, and the rest get removed from the body by the liver. 

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    We discussed earlier that a surgeon or most preferably a plastic surgeon or a trained healthcare provider perform the treatment with the help of a handheld device. 


    Before starting the procedure, the surgeons apply a gel pad or an applicator to the targeted area. The gel pad helps in the cooling of the subcutaneous fat in the targeted area. 

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    The device is then moved over the skin while monitoring the suction of the targeted area. Many times, surgeons place more than one device to manage multiple focused areas at once. 

    While undergoing the treatment, the patients may experience the feeling of some pinching or pulling, and it may even involve minimal pain — the healthcare professional massages the area after the treatment to break down the frozen tissues. The massage helps the body to absorb the destroyed cells. 

    Each session CoolSculpting generally takes one to three hours to get completed. And you will be glad to know that you can listen to music, read books and can even work on your computer while undergoing the treatment. 


    CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment procedure which eliminates the most stubborn body fats taking the minimal recovery time. The result of the process is not instant, and it may take a few weeks when you can expect to see some effect. 

    Before we proceed to tell you about the cost of CoolSculpting, we want you to know that the price of CoolSculpting is based on the size of the targeted area and the result that you are desiring. The lower is the targeted area, the lower will be the cost of CoolSculpting. Treating multiple areas at a time even can increase the price of the treatment. 

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    The total cost of the entire CoolSculpting treatment even may vary based on the area where you live in Hyderabad. The price also fluctuates depending upon the size of the applicator, which will be used for the treatment. CoolSculpting can be used to reduce the fat from the following body parts including:

    • Inner and outer thighs
    • Upper and lower abdomen
    • Arms
    • Chin
    • Back and the Bra Area
    • Underneath the butt etc.

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    Cost of CoolSculpting for smaller areas: The smaller areas like the chin, arms and the upper abdomen requires comparatively smaller applicator and can cost you between 45,000/- to 63,000/- in Hyderabad, depending upon the clinic that you choose or the doctor you go for. 

    The average time taken for the treatment for smaller areas is 35 minutes to 1 hour, and it mostly takes only one session to achieve the desired result.

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    Cost of CoolSculpting for more extensive areas: The areas which require larger applicators like the lower abdomen area or the areas which can be difficult to get rid of stubborn fat may cost you more. 

    In the cases where the patients may have fat cells due to age or pregnancy, the surgeons may suggest going for more than one session to attain the desired result. The treatment for stomach may cost you between 1,20000 to 1,80000. 

    Even larger areas like the thighs may cost you more than you spend for the abdomen. The outer thigh area costs you more than the inner thigh areas. Where the patient may end up paying somewhere between 750000/- to 1,40000/- to get rid of the fat cells from the inner thigs, they may need to spend almost the double of the cost of the outer thigh areas. 

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    The cost of the treatment even varies depending upon the number of sessions needed for the patient. Some people may need to undergo a fewer sessions than the others. On the other hand, some patients need to follow up appointments to attain the best result.

    The best part of the treatment is that most of the CoolSculpting clinic or doctors offer you some discounts or comfortable EMI facilities along with the procedure. 


    This is another crucial factor that the patients must know before opting for a CoolSculpting treatment. As CoolSculpting is not a medically necessary procedure and is considered as an aesthetic and cosmetic treatment, the patient who is getting the treatment is responsible for the entire cost of the treatment. 

    Any insurance company does not cover CoolSculpting, but there is nothing wrong if you want to ask your insurance agent regarding the same before buying the plan for yourself.


    Now when the treatment cost of CoolSculpting can be considered at the higher end, you must know the benefits that you can expect from the treatment. You must also understand why this treatment is preferable by the patients among many other fat reduction programs.

    • The results that you achieve from the treatment is permanent and can be visible after a few months only. 
    • The body removes the targeted fat cells during the time.
    • CoolSculpting requires the least recovery time as compared to many other invasive and non-invasive fat reduction treatments or programs.

    Then what are you waiting for? Your journey to a desired and fit body can get started right away. 

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