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    Are you looking to lose your unwanted pounds from your body to stay healthy and fit? Then you can try the Ketogenic diet! A ketogenic diet not only reduces weight but also provides much more health benefits. If you are looking to start your Ketogenic diet, then this article is for you! Here, you can find more information on – What is Ketogenic diet, and the 30 days challenge for weight loss.

    What Is Ketogenic Diet?

    A ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that helps to boost weight loss by suppressing appetite and reduce hunger pangs. This keto diet is structured in a way to reduce the intake of carbohydrates with an increased level of protein and fat consumption. This leads to healthy weight loss and other health benefits. Once you entered into the Ketogenic diet, your body will enter into the process called Ketosis and from this stage, the fat burning process will start. This ketosis process will start within 2 days or 1 week after starting the Ketogenic diet.

    Types of Ketogenic Diet

    There are 4 different types of Ketogenic diets available and they are:-

    Standard Ketogenic Diet:-

    This diet plan recommends the intake of a combination of a healthy & balanced diet of low carbs, high proteins, and high fats.

    Cyclical Keto Diet:-

    This diet plan includes the intake of high cards daily but at regular intervals.

    Targeted Ketogenic Diet:-

    This diet plan is to follow after your workout sessions and this includes the consumption of carb-rich foods.

    High Protein Ketogenic Diet:-

    This is the normal diet plan which suggests the intake of increased proteins.

     This high protein Ketogenic diet and the standard Ketogenic diet are the most popular Ketogenic diets followed by athletes and bodybuilders to keep fit & healthy.

    Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

    This Ketogenic diet helps to reduce your weight based on the principle of ketosis. In the process of ketosis, your body uses fat as an alternative source of fuel to keep your body stay active and healthy. In this process, instead of sugar and glucose from carbohydrates, fats are being burned. This leads to healthy weight loss while retaining your muscle mass. Following a keto diet will help in increased ketones, decreased blood sugar levels, and control insulin sensitivity – All these factors contribute to a healthy weight loss process.

    Few studies have evidently proven that a Ketogenic diet can give faster and better results in the first 3-6 months, compared to other weight-loss strategies and dietary plans. This is because in Ketogenic diet works on your body by converting fat into energy instead of converting carbs into energy. Further, compared to other weight loss plans, the Ketogenic diet provides healthy and long-lasting benefits for all, especially to overweight or obese people.

    Are you planning to undergo this Ketogenic diet to effectively reduce your weight? Let us look at a few of the foods you can intake while being on this diet:

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    Foods can be included in the Ketogenic diet:-

    • Fatty Fish
    • Meat
    • Butter
    • Fresh Cream
    • Cheese – Cheddar, Goat, Blue, & Cottage
    • Whole eggs
    • Nuts & dried fruits including almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds
    • Edible Oils – Olive Oil & Avocado Oils
    • Vegetables with low carbs – Green veggies, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions 

    30-Day Ketogenic Diet Plan For Weight Loss

    If you are looking to start your keto diet from now on, no need to spend your precious time searching for the perfect diet plan. Instead, just scroll down to make a note of the menu which you need to follow daily as your diet routine.

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    Week 1:

    Day 1: Monday

    You can take Almonds & Dosa with Coconut Chutney as a breakfast

    For lunch – take prawn curry with cauliflower rice

    For Dinner – You can take lemon garlic grilled chicken

    Day 2: Tuesday

    You can start your day with mushroom cheese and omelet

    For lunch, you can take coconut flour roti with palak paneer curry

    For dinner, you can include butter garlic with lettuce salad and cream cheese dressing

    Day 3: Wednesday

    You can include Cauliflower with chopped vegetables in your breakfast menu

    For lunch, take noodles with chilly chicken

    Dinner will be pizza or cauliflower wrap base

    Day 4: Thursday

    Start your day with a breakfast menu of broccoli paneer paratha with one scoop of fat yogurt

    For lunch, you can take butter chicken with paneer keto naan

    Dinner can be chicken or mutton ghee roast

    Day 5: Friday

    Sausages and cheese omelets can be your breakfast menu

    For lunch, you can prefer Coconut curry chicken/veggie with cauliflower rice

    Dinner can Lemon herb butterfish

    Day 6: Saturday

    For breakfast, you can take almond with cheese egg rolls

    Your lunch menu can be roti with roasted or fried cauliflower or chicken curry

    Make your dinner light with bone broth soup and salad with blue cheese dressing

    Day 7: Sunday

    For breakfast, you can make it as coconut flour pancakes

    For lunch – you can include meatballs with curry sauce

    For dinner, make it as lemon coriander chicken

    After completing this week 1 diet, your body will enter into the ketosis process and the process of weight loss will begin! Now let us see the diet plan for week 2.

    Week 2:

    Day 1: Monday

    Your breakfast can be veggie and egg muffins

    Take tandoori chicken or cauliflower fry as a lunch

    For dinner, you can take salmon salad with vegetables

    Day 2: Tuesday

    You can start your day with a berry smoothie

    For lunch, it can be chicken with coriander chutney

    For dinner, boiled eggs seasoned with mushroom and cheese.

    Day 3: Wednesday

    For breakfast, you can prepare a flour toast with almond

    For dinner, prefer spicy cabbage rice with chicken or vegetable curry

    For dinner, it can be lemon garlic grilled chicken

    Day 4: Thursday

    Prepare scrambled eggs with veggies for your breakfast

    For lunch, you can make lemon garlic salmon with coconut milk

    Dinner can be a cream of mushroom soup along with almond flour toast

    Day 5: Friday

    Make your breakfast simple & healthy by taking almond flour muffins

    For lunch – Roti with paneer tikka or chicken keema

    Dinner – Garlic Cream and Noodles

    Day 6: Saturday

    Take cauliflower paratha with one scoop of full-fat yogurt

    Lunch can be noodles seasoned with vegetables

    For dinner, butter garlic with lettuce salad and cheese dressing

    Day 7: Sunday

    For breakfast – Cheese omelet

    For lunch – crispy fish fry or fish sticks

    For dinner – Cauliflower rice with egg curry

    Week 3:

    Day 1: Monday

    Morning – Mushroom cheese omelet

    Afternoon – Prawn curry with cauliflower rice

    Night – Cauliflower Wrap Base

    Day 2: Tuesday

    Start your day with veggie scrambled eggs

    For lunch, you can prefer roti with palak paneer

    Dinner can be garlic grilled chicken

    Day 3: Wednesday

    Prepare poha with cauliflower and low carb vegies as breakfast

    Make your lunch simple and healthy with noodles and chilly chicken

    For dinner, fish curry with spicy cauliflower rice

    Day 4: Thursday

    Give your day an energetic start by taking breakfast of mixed berry smoothie

    Make your lunch menu as butter chicken with naan

    Prepare your dinner with mushroom, lettuce salad with cream cheese dressing

    Day 5: Friday

    Prepare a coconut flour dosa with coconut chutney

    Chicken curry and veggie with cauliflower

    Egg salad with creamy veggie

    Day 6: Saturday

    Morning – Egg muffins

    Lunch – Roti with cauliflower curry or chicken curry

    Dinner – Cauliflower rice with egg curry

    Day 7: Sunday

    Breakfast: Almond/coconut flour broccoli paneer paratha with full-fat yogurt

    Lunch: Meatballs in curry sauce

    Dinner: Cream of spinach soup with stir-fried mushrooms/broccoli

    Week 4:

    Day 1: Monday

    Cheese omelet as morning breakfast

    Tandoori chicken or cauliflower fry as lunch

    Butterfish with lemon

    Day 2: Tuesday

    Start your day with cheese egg rolls

    Paneer with spinach coriander chutney

    Boiled eggs with mushroom and cheese

    Day 3: Wednesday

    Morning breakfast with flour pancakes

    Cabbage rice with chicken and veg curry

    Chicken ghee roast

    Day 4: Thursday

    Start your day with almond flour toast

    Lemon garlic with salmon and coconut milk

    Almond flour roti

    Day 5: Friday

    Morning breakfast will be flax seeds and almond muffins

    Roti with chicken keema


    Day 6: Saturday

    Cauliflower paratha with full scoop full-fat yogurt

    Noodles with salmon

    Mushroom soup with almond flour roti

    Day 7: Sunday

    Cheese omelet

    Fish sticks or fried fish

    Lettuce salad with cream cheese dressing

    Things to Keep In Mind While On a Ketogenic Diet

    Now you’re all done to start your Ketogenic diet, but wait… there are few things you need to keep in mind while are you about to start a Ketogenic diet:-

    • To be consistent with the diet, plan your meals ahead
    • Meet the standard nutritional requirements of your body by consuming a good Ketogenic diet
    • Avoid taking fatty snacks as it may lead to a spike in sugary levels and this in turn leads to weight gain.
    • Limit your consumption of coffee and tea
    • Add veg salads in your daily diet, as it may help you to feel full after meals
    • To speed up the ketosis process, increase your physical activity

    Is The Ketogenic Diet Safe?

    Following this keto diet is safe for most healthy people, and as of now, there is no evidence to prove any side effects of following this keto diet.

    Since your body experiences a sudden drop in carbs, you might experience common side effects such as – low blood sugar, indigestion, and fatty liver, and vitamin deficiencies. 

    All these side effects are most common, so under guided supervision, you will be able to manage them and follow your keto diet successfully!


    That’s it! Now you are on track to start your weight loss journey! If you require guided supervision to follow this Ketogenic diet, then you can get help from our experienced weight loss specialists from ChooseClinic! Book your FREE Consultation with us now!

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