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    Everyone wants a toned and beautiful body. But unfortunately, very few people do something to bring significant changes to their bodies. And among those who take actual actions, almost half spend a considerable amount of time doing activities that don’t make their muscles function correctly and only help them burn a small number of calories. 

    A toned and fit body protects and supports the joints from biomechanical loads and incorrect movements. And when the joints of your body are supported by toned muscles, you will become less likely to suffer injuries than people with weak muscles.

    weight loss

    But how to gain a toned body? Indeed that comes at a price. And suppose you have spent a lot on dieting, gymming, and other activities that you expected to help you lose some extra pounds but failed to get desired results. In that case, we will tell you about one cardinal rule that can help you get a toned body. Don’t worry; we are not discussing working out day and night. Instead, we will tell you about a perfect solution to tone your body apart from dieting and exercising. 

    Did you make any guess? Undoubtedly, we are talking about CoolSculpting. If you are longing for the slimmer body, you once had, CoolSculpting can help you reclaim that by controlling your body and helping you live your best life while feeling good about yourself.

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    What Is Coolsculpting?

    CoolSculpting is the brand name for the fat freezing technique called cryolipolysis. CoolSculpting has gained immense popularity after being approved by the Food and Drug administration in 2010 among people who aim to get rid of stubborn fat in certain parts of their bodies. The idea of fat freezing came up after studying the effects of frostbite on fat. It takes a comparatively higher temperature for fat to freeze than skin. The device used during CoolSculpting cools the body fat to a temperature that destroys the fat leaving the skin and other tissues unharmed.

    How The Coolsculpting Procedure Is Done?

    Coolsculpting is not a surgery but a non-invasive treatment that does not include needles, scissors, or an apprentice. The device in the procedure holds the body part you want to target between two paddles. Those paddles cool the area quickly, and the aesthetician or the doctor leaves those paddles in the same place for about 35 minutes to 75 minutes. During this time, the device successfully destroys about 20 to 25% of the fat cells in the targeted area.

    The end results of the CoolSculpting treatment might not show up for a few months, but within a few weeks, you can notice some changes in your body. That is because it takes the human body to clear out the dead fat cells, and once done, the result becomes more apparent and visible.

    Who Is A Perfect Candidate For Coolsculpting?

    CoolSculpting is undoubtedly not a process that helps you lose weight. In fact, your doctor suggests CoolSculpting if you have difficulty getting rid of specific fat bulges even after dieting and exercising for a long time. CoolSculpting can remove the localized fat tissues that persist despite dieting and exercising.

    People with high levels of fat or obesity can experience very few results even after several sessions of CoolSculpting. And therefore, a summarized idea of ideal candidates for CoolSculpting is people in good health with no history of skeletal or neurological problems and with normal functioning kidneys.

    Who Should Avoid CoolSculpting?

    Though CoolSculpting is a safe process for reducing body fat in most people, some people should not opt for CoolSculpting. If you have the following conditions, CoolSculpting is just not your cup of tea:

    • Cold agglutinin disease
    • Peroxisomal cold hemoglobinuria
    • Cryoglobulinemia

    People with the above disorders can experience severe complications after going for CoolSculpting. But it is essential to talk with your doctor before undergoing the procedure whether or not you have those pre-existing conditions. Remember, CoolSculpting is not an obesity treatment. Still, it helps eliminate some amounts of excess fat that did not go away with diet and exercise.

    Why Do People Choose Coolsculpting?

    First thing first, CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure for fat pockets removal that forms love handles, and people who have gained desired results from CoolSculpting sing the praises of this beautiful technology. In subsequent years the procedure gained clearance for treatment in different areas of fat on the human body. And to date, millions of CoolSculpting procedures have been performed worldwide.

    The top three reasons behind the popularity of cool sculpting are:

    It is a comfortable and easy process

    CoolSculpting requires no downtime, and the entire process is actually very comfortable. Many patients also said CoolSculpting is way more comfortable than working out for longer intervals. The procedure takes 30 to 75 minutes, and one can pass their time by catching up on e-mail, listening to music, reading books, or just by enjoying the time staying away from the busy life. There is no preparation needed to go for a CoolSculpting session other than downloading your favorite music or carrying your kindle. One can return to work and regular daily routine right after the CoolSculpting session.

    The process causes no scarring and requires no anesthesia.

    Coolsculpting is a comfortable procedure because it does not involve sedation or anesthesia. No anesthesia means you can continue your daily routine before and after CoolSculpting. Therefore, after the CoolSculpting session, you don’t need to monitor that area of the procedure or spend time in recovery. On the other hand, traditional liposuction involves anesthesia and can also cause scarring.

    CoolSculpting can treat many areas.

    Several body areas effectively respond to CoolSculpting, including:

    • Love handles
    • Upper arms
    • Inner thighs
    • Outer thighs
    • Back and bra fat
    • Abdomen
    • Double chin
    • Buttocks

    Is There Any Risk Involved With CoolSculpting?

    The procedure is done at your doctor’s office, and there is no recovery time involved with CoolSculpting. Therefore, if you want to drive yourself home after the appointment, you can do that. But there are a few mild side-effects you must know about before the process.

    Many patients experienced a feeling of pulling or tugging of the skin and an intense cold during the process. Others felt soreness and swelling like one has during exercising. There are no cases of severe pain after the procedure. Still, some people also said they felt mild to moderate pain, especially nerve pain afterward.

    During and after the CoolSculpting procedure, some people said that their skin looked less smooth, and less than 1% of people after undergoing the CoolSculpting procedure experienced a impediment called paradoxical fat hyperplasia.

    What Is Paradoxical Fat Hyperplasia?

    Paradoxical fat hyperplasia is also known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. The fat cells in the target area increase instead of decrease. Studies claim this condition is rare and occurs in less than 1% of cases. But this complication can cause a firm and sizeable painless mass under the skin in the treatment area. As a result, one can notice a change in their body weight.

    Paradoxical fat hyperplasia may occur about two to three months after CoolSculpting. And it generally occurs in the treatment area. Research shows that this generally happens if:

    • You are of Hispanic descent
    • CoolSculpting was done in your abdominal area
    • You are a male
    • A large hand device was used during the procedure

    Many other genetic factors play a role in paradoxical fat hyperplasia. Once occurred the condition does not go away on its own, and the patient might need:

    • Liposuction surgery to take the fat out from the specific body part
    • Abdominoplasty to remove the extra skin and fat from the stomach

    How To Improve The Results Achieved From CoolSculpting?

    The risks and side effects of CoolSculpting are very mild, and they don’t sustain for longer. But the power of CoolSculpting, among other body contouring methods, is commendable. And since you are achieving such beautiful results from CoolSculpting, here are a few tips to help maintain those results and improve them.

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle: CoolSculpting targets the fat of specific body areas, not the whole body. Therefore, you need to eat a balanced and low-fat diet and exercise regularly to maintain the results of CoolSculpting. Though CoolSculpting permanently eliminates the targeted fat cells, the remaining fat cells of the body still grow. If you don’t control what you eat or become inactive, chances are high that you will accumulate fat again.

    Drink enough water: Whether you have undergone the CoolSculpting procedure or not, it is essential to keep your body hydrated all time. And it becomes almost mandatory to stay hydrated before and after CoolSculpting. At least three liters of water per day is a good goal, but if you drink coffee, tea, or other caffeinated drinks, stay in extreme weather conditions or exercise intensely, you might need to drink more water to remain adequately hydrated.

    Massage the treated area: After CoolSculpting is done, the aesthetician massages the targeted area to quicken the breakdown of the fat cells. It is an immediate 2-minute massage that helps release the frozen fat. But you need to continue the massage at home for at least two months to improve the circulation and drainage in the area. Alongside massaging can improve the results derived from CoolSculpting by as much as 68%. Patients who massage for up to four months noticed that they reduced the focused fat layers to 45%.

    Wear comfortable clothes: The treated area may feel sore and uncomfortable after the procedure. Therefore, we recommend wearing loose clothes during and after the procedure to let your skin breathe and recover naturally. Wear comfortable garments to help relieve bruising and swelling and allow your skin to retract after the CoolSculpting treatment.

    Preclude anti-inflammatory drugs: As mentioned earlier, after the CoolSculpting procedure, the patient might feel uncomfortable and sore in the treated area. But it is suggested to stay away from anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin for at two months after CoolSculpting. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs can harden the fat cells, which is how paradoxical adipose hyperplasia accumulates. Letting your body’s natural inflammatory response remove the dead fat cells from the treated areas reduces the risk of accumulating other severe conditions, including paradoxical adipose hyperplasia.

    Keep patience: Soon after the initial CoolSculpting procedure, you might notice a slight change in your body, but it takes some time for your body to achieve the desired result. Hence, you must patiently wait for at least three months to see the expected results. After the CoolSculpting procedure, the body naturally eliminates the waste, including the dead fat cells. And only after the disposal you can see a noticeable difference in your before and after photos.

    Ask your doctor if you need follow-up treatments: Everybody is different. Therefore, the aesthetician or the doctor prescribes a tailored CoolSculpting procedure plan and home care tips to maximize the results of your CoolSculpting procedure. If your doctor suggests one to three follow-up treatments on a specific schedule, you must follow that for best results.

    How To Find The Best Coolsculpting Provider In Hyderabad?

    CoolSculpting is non-invasive fat reduction treatment. But an experienced provider needs to bring the best results to your body. Therefore, you need to be a little more mindful while looking for the best CoolSculpting provider in Hyderabad. Here are a few tips you can follow while settling for a CoolSculpting provider and taking the plunge of the procedure.

    Choose a skilled provider: Price contributes to the decision to undergo the CoolSculpting procedure. But when it is about your body, the treatment quality should be the primary factor before anything else. Like any other cosmetic surgery, CoolSculpting is a little expensive. Still, it is a technique-sensitive procedure, which means it takes the provider’s skill and experience to significantly affect the overall results. Therefore, approach the most experienced healthcare professional instead of the most inexpensive one.

    Don’t fall into the trap of low prices: CoolSculpting has a long-term impact on your body. Therefore, it is more like an investment. If you blindly follow the low prices regardless of the provider’s experience, you can make expensive errors. Never settle for really low-priced CoolSculpting clinics; instead, focus on the provider that has the best customer reviews.

    Choose the most advanced technology: Ever since the CoolSculpting procedure got approved by the FDA, new models and technology have been introduced with time. The latest technology aims at cutting down the discomfort and delivering natural-looking results. You can research a bit about the model of the machine and the applicators and search for a clinic equipped with the latest advancements in tools and technology.


    If it is about choosing the best clinic in Hyderabad for CoolSculpting, can be a great help. helps you find the best CoolSculpting clinics in Hyderabad from the comfort of your home. We have a vast list of the best clinics. Visit the website and book an appointment with the one that seems to be the best fit for your requirements. Hope this article helped you learn about CoolSculpting. For many such informative articles, keep following us. Stay happy, stay fit and stay healthy.

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