10 Simple and Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat


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    Ugh….. Feeling bad because you can’t able to wear your favorite gown or skinny jeans due to belly fat? Are you searching for ways to lose belly fat? Or already tired of those false proven dietary tips? Here we are going to reveal the simple and effective tips to lose belly fat within few weeks.  These are very simple which you can adopt in your daily life routine! Continue reading…

    Use Smaller Plate

    This seems to be a fun idea! But it really works! Yes… by having smaller plates, you will take only a smaller portion of food on your plate, which automatically makes you eat less. Also, try to reduce your carbs and calorie intake drastically on daily basis.

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    Chew Your Food Properly & Eat

    While eating food, don’t eat in a hurry burry way! Chewing your food slowly & making it into small particles & then eating will make your stomach feel full & also helps in easy digestion.  Those who eat slowly having less chance to become overweight compared to fast eaters.

    Try to Include More Protein-Rich Foods

    Reduce your carbs intake & increase the intake of proteins, which will help to keep you feel full for longer and reduce cravings. If you require any assistance in determining the appropriate amount of proteins you need, you can consult with our dieticians.

    Include more Fiber-Rich Goods

    Including fiber in your daily diet will help to maintain your ideal body weight. Also, it acts as a suppressant to reduce hunger. The fiber-rich foods include fruits, vegetables & so on.

    Drink More Water & Always Stay Hydrated

    There is no mantra to reduce weight, rather than drinking more water regularly. Also, make a habit of drinking more water 30 minutes prior to taking food. This works as a trick to cheat your brain to eat less.

    Take your Food without Any Distractions

    Do you have the habit of scrolling newsfeed or watching TV or talking with family while taking food? This is the most mistake we all do! But, please don’t do that! Taking food with more distractions will make you eat more and end up putting more weight.

    Limit the Intake of Sugary Foods

    Reducing and eliminating sugary foods and other beverages such as alcohol from your daily diet will help you a lot in maintaining a good body weight & reduce belly fat faster than ever.

    Don’t Take Stress

    Taking too much stress will affect your body function by causing hormonal imbalance, especially in increasing cortisol hormone which makes you eat more even if you are not feeling hungry. Stress eating is the main culprit for putting on more weight. So, instead of worrying and taking stress, find an activity that can distract your mind into a peaceful mode and enjoy your daily routine.

    Take Healthy Snacks

    Snacks are not unhealthy; there is something that is good for health. Try to avoid unhealthy snacks filled with preservatives, especially later evenings and night times. You can include healthy snack options such as yogurt, vegetables & fruits and so. This will not add more weight to your body, but satisfies your cravings and also keep you feel full.

    Drink Black Coffee

    Drinking Black Coffee with less sugar and without milk & cream will reduce your calorie consumption and will lead to successful fat reduction around the belly and waist area.

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    Bonus Tips

    Don’t Skip Breakfast

    Many people will think that they will lose weight if they skip meals. But this is really a myth. Don’t ever skip meals, especially the morning breakfast. Skipping breakfast will increase your appetitive and make you eat a lot throughout the day.

    Do Some Aerobic Exercises

    To make all these dietary methods workable, you must need to do some aerobic exercises such as running, cycling, yoga, & some basic exercises which help to improve your blood circulation & speed up the fat-burning process.


    Incorporating all these tips into your daily routine is really simple & easy! Do slight changes in your daily routine & get ready to enjoy the slim waist and toned belly! To get more tips & tricks on weight loss, discuss with our dieticians today! Book your FREE Consultation with our experts at ChooseClinic!

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