How to Use Olive Oil for Weight Loss?


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    Are you preparing your favorite salad? Are you adding few drops of olive oil to your favorite dish to make your boring recipe into a lip-smacking one? But do you know that the olive oil which you added to your favorite dish will aid in weight loss and improves your overall health? Yes, that’s true! Continue reading this article to know how to use olive oil for weight loss!

    Olive Oil for Weight Loss

    Importance of using Olive Oil

    Using olive oil in your daily diet can be lower your blood pressure, improves cardio health; and also, recent research suggested that it might even have anti-cancer properties. Along with these healthful benefits, it can also aid you on a weight loss journey by reducing those unwanted pounds from your body.

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    How to Use Olive Oil for Weight Loss?

    Olive Oil with Lemon

    The best way to lose weight using olive oil is to combine it with lemon. As lemon contains Vitamin C, hesperidin, combined with olive oil, this mixture purifies and eliminates toxins from your body. Prepare a drink by mixing a few drops of olive oil and half a lemon at breakfast. Continue taking this drink for few weeks, you will see a drastic difference in your weight.

    Olive oil with Ginger

    Intaking ginger produces a thermogenic effect in the body which activates the nervous system and acts as a natural fat burner. To get the extra benefits of olive oil and ginger, you can dress up your favorite salads with few pieces of ginger; and spruce it up more by adding few drops of olive oil. This will induce your fat-burning process and you can see the magical result of how you lose fat faster in a short time.

    Olive oil with salt and cucumber

    Cucumber is one of the most known vegetables which helps to lose those extra pounds. Enriched with high water content, a low amount of calories, and a lot of fiber; cucumber helps to detoxify your body and acts as a good fat burner. You can prepare a mixture of cucumber salad with olive oil and a pinch of salt. This starter will help you to lose weight.

    Olive Oil Together With Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne pepper induces good digestion and this spice stimulates the production of gastric enzymes; that can help to easily digest the food you eat. This process speeds up the metabolism and fat burning. The best trick to include this cayenne pepper in your daily diet is by adding this pepper along with olive oil to flavor your dishes. Both combinations will definitely boost healthy weight loss.

    One Tablespoon of Olive Oil to Weight Loss (Each Meal)

    Cooking your favorite food with olive oil makes your food taste delicious. Whether you are preparing a salad or cooked dish, the best ingredient which adds more nutrition and taste to your food is olive oil. Even though olive oil is enriched with fat; it is the healthiest option that can help you to lose weight by reducing your hunger pangs and makes you feel healthy and fit.


    This is a simple way to lose weight by adding few drops of olive oil to your daily diet!  So what are you waiting for? Try using olive oil in your daily diet and start seeing the magical results in your size & shape.

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