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    What is pigmentation?

    Pigmentation refers to skin coloring due to a certain amount of pigment called melanin. Some special cells in our skin produce melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color. When skin cells get damaged or unhealthy, it causes excessive melanin production. If your body produces too much melanin in certain areas, those areas of your skin become darker, and small black patches appear on your skin. Sometimes pigmentation disorder can cover large areas or even affect your entire body. Specific medication can also be responsible for your skin’s darkening. Pigmentation is usually harmless and is a cosmetic issue for most people. Various skin care and treatments can help to reduce pigmentation., among which laser treatment is one of the best solutions.

    pigmentation treatment

    What causes pigmentation?

    Pigmentation is a common condition that makes some parts of our skin appear darker than others. Many reasons can lead to pigmentation:

    • Genetics: A pigmentation issue can be hereditary and inherited from one biological parent.
    • Hormonal imbalances: Changes in hormonal levels can affect melanin production in our body. It is mainly common among women due to the secretion of female sex hormones; estrogen and progesterone promote the overproduction of melanin under sun exposure. Pigmentation can also happen due to specific hormonal injections in our bodies. Due to hormonal imbalances, tan-brown or grey patches can appear on the face during pregnancy.

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    • Illness &Medications: Pigmentation is also symptomatic of certain diseases such as metabolic disorder, Addison’s (adrenal gland disorder), and some autoimmune and gastrointestinal disorders. It can also be stimulated by certain medications such as anti-seizure and antimalarial drugs, chemotherapy drugs, and antibiotics.
    • Injury to the skin: Following skin injuries or inflammation such as chemical exposure, acne, cuts, burns, blisters, infections, or Psoriasis (eczema) can cause darkening and discoloration of the skin after the wound has healed.
    • Sun damage: One of the leading causes of skin pigmentation is sun exposure. Excessive sun exposure for a long time can trigger the production of melanin which can lead to pigmentation in the areas of our body exposed to the sun.
    • Melasma: Melasma, also known as chloasma, is thought to be caused by a change in hormonal level or family history. Although melasma can affect both males and females, it is most common in women. Melasma in women may develop during pregnancy and due to taking oral contraceptives.
    • Vitamin deficiency: Deficiency of specific vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and folic acid, can also cause excessive melanin production.
    pigmentation treatment cost in hyderabad

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    What is laser treatment for pigmentation?

    Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) pigmentation removal treatment is a procedure in which dermatologists use concentrated and short wave of laser light energy to heat the targeted area selectively and shatters the pigment without harming the surrounding tissue. It is one of the most advanced treatments and widely used with variable success for treating pigmentation conditions on the skin. Laser treatments can effectively treat pigmentation issues by using low-energy light which helps to destroy melanin in the skin’s superficial layers, thereby correcting skin discoloration.

    What are the best laser treatments followed for pigmentation?

    • Picosure Laser treatment: Picosure laser treatment is one of the best ways to treat pigmentation. This cosmetic light therapy helps to remove freckles, age spots, sun-damaged skin, and any other types of stubborn pigmentation without any risk and downtime. Research has shown Picosure laser sessions to be an effective treatment for pigmentation with a lower risk of adverse side effects than other laser treatments.

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    Procedure: In this laser therapy, the clinical expert targets the discoloration part of your skin with Picosure laser energy. The darker part of your skin attracts and absorbs the light beams, and thus the excessive melanin deposits in the skin are destroyed. Pigment caused by melanin production is removed from your skin naturally, leaving you with an even-toned complexion. Unlike traditional laser treatments, Picosure’s short energy doesn’t heat the skin and does not damage the surrounding skin. Each session usually takes around half an hour. The time also depends on the type of pigmentation and the size of the treated area.

    • Q Switched laser treatment: Q switched laser treatment is another effective way to treat pigmentation by decreasing melanin production in the superficial layers of the skin. This treatment is ideal for those concerned with pigment irregularities, uneven skin tone, age spots, patchy skin, etc. Moreover, it also helps in collagen stimulation and thus provides instant rejuvenation or radiance to the skin and helps to improve skin tone, color, and texture with little to no downtime.

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    Procedure: Q switched laser therapy uses a quasi-long plus mode to heat the skin to decrease melanosome or pigment granules and stimulate collagen production, thus improving the skin’s appearance. This procedure is safe and very effective in treating any pigmentation.

    pigmentation treatment cost in hyderabad

    Which general procedure does the Laser treatment follow to remove Pigmentation?

    The dermatologist initially goes for cleaning the targeted treatment area and then provides the patients with a pair of eyeglasses to wear throughout the treatment. The expert will customize different kinds of Laser depending upon the severity of the patient’s Pigmentation and conditions.

    The specialist can target the discoloration by using laser energy. As the discoloration is prominent because of the darkness, the surrounding skin takes up and absorbs the laser energy provided to it. Laser therapy only concentrates on the treating area without damaging the skin. The laser treatment uses laser energy of almost one trillion within a second.

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    Pigmentation is nothing but the deposition of excess melanin over the skin.

    The Laser is intended to break down the melanin pigments into small pieces, and the body has the natural phenomenon to eliminate those pigments from the skin. After removing the pigment, the skin looks radiant and pigment free. The laser treatment for Pigmentation generally takes almost 30 minutes, and it may vary depending upon the concentration and area occupied by the pigment.

    How much does the Laser treatment cost for Pigmentation in Hyderabad?

    The overall cost for treating Pigmentation by Laser therapy in Hyderabad depends upon several factors, like-

    • The type of the treating skin 
    • The concentration and strength of the Pigmentation
    • The reason behind Pigmentation 
    • The area where the treatment is to be done
    • The type of Laser used on the patients
    • Number of sessions required

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    The general cost of Laser therapy to treat Pigmentation in Hyderabad ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 per session. The required number of sessions may finalize the total cost of the treatment for an individual. 

    Is Laser Treatment a good choice for reducing Pigmentation?

    Laser treatment always comes first on the list when the question is about cosmetic therapies. Laser treatment is versatile and deals with several problems like dark spots, sun damage, melasma, and uneven skin tones that ultimately result in Pigmentation.

    Let’s discuss the benefits of laser treatment for Pigmentation:

    • Results: one can expect more effective clearance of Pigmentation with the Laser treatment as it is tailored as such a program that deals with any root cause of Pigmentation very well and safely.
    • Safety: As this is a non-invasive treatment, it does not involve such risks. It is with no or very low downtime, like redness, swelling, and warm sensation for a few hours. One can consider Laser as a safe and modest choice to treat Pigmentation in some specialized sites or over all areas.
    • Time-Saving: Any Laser treatment does not take more than 12 to 15 minutes to complete a single session, and suggested to take once every three to four weeks. Even for the busy scheduled persons, it is not so heavy to have.
    • Budget-Friendly: We cannot say the lasers are cheap but affordable. The overall cost depends upon the number of sessions required.

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    Makes the skin better: It induces collagen production, which maintains the skin’s radiance and can return the ability to the skin to heal fast. The Laser promotes the blood vessels to get the skin back to smooth, pigmentation-free condition. 

    What should one do before getting into Laser treatment for pigmentation reduction?

    Before getting into Laser for Pigmentation, the initial step is going to the dermatologist to analyze the skin and diagnose the Pigmentation’s root cause. One should understand that the treatment plan is different for everyone. 

    Some other measures to take before starting the treatment:

    • Try to avoid sun tanning and self-tanning products for almost one month
    • One should not go for waxing, bleaching, plucking, or any skin irritation-creating procedures
    • Stop using skin care products that carry active ingredients such as Vitamin A or AHA
    • Make sure to inform the specialist if having any health issues or any allergies like cold sores
    • If one is pregnant, they should let their provider know about it
    • If one consumes any medications, one should talk to the expert as they can suggest and adjust the session schedule per the patient’s concern.

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    What should one do after having the laser session for pigmentation?

    • Just after the completion of the treatment, try to use a post-treatment balm to keep the site soothed and a cold compress to reduce the swelling or discomfort.
    • Avoid using harsh exfoliating cleansers, bleaching creams, or scrubs for almost three days after the treatment.
    • Try to use mild and gentle cleansers for washing the treated area just after the day of the treatment, and also pick fragrance-free products to avoid irritation.
    • Some other ingredients like AHA, Vitamin A, or BHA must get avoidance
    • One should protect the treated area for near about 14 days from sun rays 
    • Try to maintain using sunscreen with at least 30 or preferably more every two hours to avoid the side effects of post-procedure if sun exposure takes place
    • One should use tepid warm water to clean the treated pigmented area. Overheat like a hot bath or hot tub the patients should avoid for almost three days after treatment
    • Try to use antimicrobial towels and pillow covers to avoid the harmfulness of the unseen bacteria

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    Who is the ideal candidate for Laser therapy to treat Pigmentation?

    The laser therapy triggers the skin’s deeper dermal layer to eliminate Pigmentation’s appearance. 

    Are you worried about whether you are an ideal candidate or not?

    Well, the solution is waiting for you below:

    • Make sure yourself as having good health overall
    • The dermatologist will undoubtedly go through a thorough discussion about your medical history. The experts consider those the ideal ones to take laser treatment for Pigmentation who is in good health. As because combating some complications need one to be healthy and disease free.
    • You are not pregnant at all.
    • Any medical provider does not prescribe to go through any cosmetic treatments during pregnancy. Even if you intend to have a Laser to say goodbye to your Pigmentation while pregnant, then definitely take the doctor’s recommendation about the best treatments.
    • You must have a valid problem regarding Pigmentation
    • Laser treatment is prevalent nowadays. So, if you want to count yourself as an ideal candidate, then make sure you are suffering from any skin problem regarding Pigmentation.
    • Your treatment goal must carry a valid reason.
    • The dermatologists do not prefer to recommend Laser unnecessarily. So, before getting into the treatment, you must know the outcome and possible risks involved. You will get to know about every detail from your treatment provider.

    How long does the effect of laser therapy last?

    On average, patients can expect laser skin treatment to last for 3-5 years from having the procedure done. Patients can extend their results for more than five years by following a healthy diet and sun protection regimen and keeping their bodies hydrated. To get exceptional results, one should take follow-up treatments and maintain a daily skincare routine like regular cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating skin.

    How many sessions are needed?

    Most patients experience visible results after 2-4 sessions of laser therapy. The number of sessions needed to get the desired result depends upon the skin condition and level of treatment. It is best discussed with your medical expert before treatment.

    What kind of results can you expect after laser treatment?

    Laser treatment generally starts showing results from the first session itself. But it entirely depends upon the skin condition, the size of the area you wish to have treated, and the type of laser used. For few results can be seen after two or more sessions. Laser therapy not only removes dark patches and pigmentation but also has a significant influence on improving the general texture of your skin and adding a natural glow to your skin. It also works wonders on reducing freckles and pore sizes and giving your skin a youthful appearance.

    How long does it take to recover after treatment?

    Since laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure, thus it requires significantly less time, like a few hours, to recover. Sometimes it needs no downtime and recovers immediately right after the treatment.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

    Can the Pigmentation come back after laser treatment?

    Generally, if one takes proper care, the treated Pigmentation does not return to the site again. But here are some factors like overexposure to the sun, aging, and hormonal imbalances that can stimulate new Pigmentation as Laser cannot prevent the new ones.

    Does the pigmentation treatment through Laser therapy hurt?

    During the process, one can experience a little tingling sensation. The system is tailored in such a way with a chilled sapphire tip which provides a cooling effect to the patients before, during, and after each pulse to help them manage the discomforts. The severity of the problem matters here. If the providers need to numb the skin, they do this to make the patients comfortable during the entire session.

    Can Laser treatment treat all types of Pigmentation?

    Most pigmentations are caused by freckles, age spots, and sunspots. Laser therapy is powerful and effective in treating such conditions and can almost cure any pigmentation issue.

    Is it safe to choose Laser therapy in treating Pigmentation?

    The Laser is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and all sorts of treatments related to Laser for Pigmentation might cause some general effects. As Laser therapy does not involve invasive activities, it does not create any significant patient issues. The patients can see some redness and swelling after the treatment, and they can last only a few hours. As Laser uses light and non-harmful ionizing radiation, which are even less than the sunlight, are not able to cause any such damage to the skin.

    Are you new in Hyderabad and worried about which clinic is best for treating your pigmentation?

    Ok, let’s get some ideas to choose the best clinic-

    • If you intend to have the best results, don’t search for only low-cost providers. Your priority should be a certified clinic instead of giving priority to the low-cost offering ones. Before becoming fooled by any clinic, ask yourself if you are getting any significant low prices from the providers. One should understand that the accessories and the process are comparatively the same all over the country, and there is a general cost that is more or less the same in every clinic out of Hyderabad. 
    • Make sure the clinic concentrates on the specific problems of the candidates instead of offering a general treatment to all. The problem and the type of laser used are not always the same for every patient. Even the skin type also matters a lot. You must check that the providers are concerned about your skin and the reason for pigmentation. 
    • One must be aware of what type of device the clinic uses as the safety of the entire treatment is related to the device and efficacy of the products. The lowest quote of every device is available on the market, but they can cause irritation and destructive effects on the skin and make the problem worse than before.
    • Try to have an obvious idea about who will give you the treatment because some clinics can have providers who are not that efficient and expert in providing such treatments. Along with the quality of the device, it is also essential to choose your provider wisely. Otherwise, you could face difficulties after the completion of the session. 

    The factors mentioned above can help one to go to a clinic with general ideas about Laser treatment for pigmentation. As we have become more powerful with our growing technology, here is another solution that can help one to search for the best clinic in any city, including Hyderabad. is a website available on the internet that provides truthful information regarding any clinic in Hyderabad. If one has set their mind about any clinic, they can also search for the quality and outcome the clinic provides in terms of treating pigmentation through laser therapy.


    Laser therapy is the new advanced and improved non-surgical cosmetic treatment for waving goodbye to pigmentation that utilizes laser beams to penetrate deeper into the skin to destroy deposited melanin and stimulates collagen production. It has been proven safe and effective in removing any pigmentation without causing harm and providing long-lasting results. Because melanin, which causes pigmentation to our skin, can absorb a wide range of light wavelengths, different lasers can be used to treat pigmented skin lesions.

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