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    All of us would like to have clean and flawless skin. But do we have all have flawless skin??? No!!! Most of us deal with the problem of pigmentation on our skin and body. As a result dull and patchy skin, uneven skin tone, tired looking skin.

    Introduction to Pigmentation

    Our body makes a pigment which is known as Melanin which is basically produced by the cells known as melanocytes. Due to this melanin pigment, we get the colour of the skin. The percentage of melanin in the body decides the colour of the skin. Higher the amount of melanin in the skin more darker will be the tone of the skin. The production of melanin protects the skin from the damage of the skin.

    Pigmentation cost in hyderabad with laser

    Causes of Pigmentation?

    The issue of mostly starts occurring in the 30’s. When these melanocytes cells get either damaged or get unhealthy and this affects the production of the melanin. As a result, uneven skin tone, dark patches start becoming visible on the skin. There are numerous causes of skin pigmentation which we do not know but we are doing those in our daily life.

    Some of the reasons due to which the problem of skin pigmentation can arise are as follows:-

    Melasma:- One of the most common reasons for pigmentation is known as melasma or it is also called as the “mask of pregnancy”. Some of the causes of melasma are the hormonal changes, family history, UV exposure & a deficiency of some nutrients such as zinc, Vitamin D etc.

    Medical Problem:- Medical problems like liver disease, kidney disease lead to pigmentation of the face.

    Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation:– Our Skin has a property of self-healing. When the skin is either exposed to the UV light or it is traumatised then it heals itself with pigmentation. That is why most of the people skin results in pigmentation after they experience Laser treatment for tightening of the skin and the acne scars.

    Allergic Rashes:- Allergic rashes on the skin of the face heal the skin with pigmentation or it can also cause pigmentation.

    Skin Problems:– Some medical skin problems such as auto-immune problems can generate pigmentation of the skin.

    Perfumes:- Some of the perfumes contain a chemical known as bergamot oil. When the skin which is sprayed with the perfume having bergamot oil is exposed to the UV light causes pigmentation on the skin.

    Bleaching Skin:- Bleaching the skin too frequently can begin the problem of skin pigmentation. The bleaching process changes the hair colour and this is because in bleaching strong chemicals are used. These strong chemicals

    sometimes react to the skin and this can lead to the skin pigmentation.

    Heat:- Sometimes hot yoga, sauna, the steam room can also lead to the skin pigmentation

    Hair Colouring:– The hair colour which is used on the scalp can also cause the pigmentation of the skin. Because the colour is entering into the skin.

    Skincare Products:– It is important to follow a skincare routine. It is also important to use good products on the face and skin. Use of poor skin products can lead to skin pigmentation.

    Perfumed Products:- We all love products which have a pleasant aroma. But these perfumed products can lead to pigmentation on the skin. People either having sensitive skin or have a history of allergies must avoid perfume products. Also, spraying  perfumes directly on the skin can also lead to skin pigmentation

    Skin Rubbing:- Too much rubbing of the skin through scrubbing or through loofah results in the flaky skin. Friction on the skin also leads to pigmentation

    Stress:-Stress affects our skin a lot. In stress, the free radicals in our body increases. As a result skin pigmentation

    Smoking: Smoking introduces toxic chemicals in the skin which result in the reduction of antioxidants in the body. The antioxidants are accountable for keeping the skin healthy. This leads to skin pigmentation.

    If you are reading this article that means you are dealing with the problem of skin pigmentation. Out of the above-mentioned cause look out the cause of your skin pigmentation.

    pigmentation cost in hyderabad


    Pigmentation on the skin and especially on the face leads to dull, tired, aged and patchy looking skin. Once the pigmentation comes on the skin then it is very difficult to get rid of it. There are many medicines and home remedies which can remove the pigmentation but at a very slow speed. Sometimes the pigmentation does not go also.


    Removal of pigment through a laser technique is a good option. It is one of the popular and advanced technique to remove pigment, sun spots, age spots & freckles.

     In this treatment, a burst of a single-wavelength light concentrated on the skin. The skin cells which have a high concentration of pigment absorbs these lights. This light either completely removes the pigment or it lightens the pigmented area.

    After doing several treatments, the level of melanin reduces and the production of collagen increases which results in fading of the pigmented area or complete removal of the pigment.

    There are basically two types of laser techniques which are used for the removal or fading of the pigmentation are as follows:-

    • PicoSure Focus Lens Array
    • RevLite

    PicoSure Focus Lens Array

     The PicoSure Focus Lens Array is the utmost superior laser treatment for pigment removal.  PicoSure Focus Lens Array was formerly designed for removal of tattoo ink and now it offers several skin treatments, including pigment removal.


    RevLite is also an extremely effective pigmented lesion treatment. The approximate cost of RevLite treatment is cheaper as compared to PicoSure.  RevLite has demonstrated being effective on dermal & epidermal pigmented lesions.  RevLite can also be used for the tiniest pigmented lesions.


    Laser pigmentation removal can be implemented in any healthy section of the body.  It includes the face, neck, head, throat, back, shoulders, backside, arms, bikini line, underarms, feet and legs.


    Most of the patients start noticing results after the first treatment only. The average number of procedures required for the removal of pigment is 1 to 2. The complete removal of the pigment takes around 3 to 5 sessions.

    Basically, the number of treatments completely depends on the level of melanin pigmentation on the skin and the area of pigmentation.

    The session can last from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending upon the size and area of pigmentation.

    How to Choose Best Clinic in Hyderabad for Laser Treatment.

    • Laser hair removal is not that simple that it can be performed in a beauty parlour, therefore, it is essential that the treatment is conducted by the well-trained technician.
    • Verify whether the technician is certified for operating the laser procedures?
    • The doctor should inform the patient about the aftercare, precautions.
    • The USPS of the clinic must be there and the laser equipment they are using must be US FDA approved


    The cost of laser treatment for pigmentation depends on the following parameters:-

    • Size of the Pigmentation
    • Number of Sessions required
    • Area of Pigmentation

    The cost of laser treatment for pigmentation is expensive so before choosing this treatment make sure that you are financially stable and have done enough saving for the treatments.

    The cost of laser treatment for pigmentation is minimum 5000 rupees for one session and it can increases if you are looking for pigmentation treatment on larger areas.

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