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    Weight loss is a path which the majority of people knows about but few follow it successfully. Losing weight is easy but maintaining the weight is difficult. Today’s lifestyle is far more different than the lifestyle which people used to follow 20 years to 30 years back. Our busy lifestyle is affecting our weight a lot. Most part of our life is about Juggling between family time, social activities, office, business meetings, earning and saving money for the future and many more and we have to do all these things in just 24 hours.

    How many of you miss your meals?

    The worst part about it is we do not even realise it that our weight has gained until people start asking “ What happened, you have gained weight?” and guess what will be our answer??? When someone asks me the same question then my answer is “ I am so busy  that I am not able to get time for doing exercise” and I think many of you give the same answer. Gaining weight is really a matter of concern.

    Causes of Weight Gain:-

    Obesity is considered as one of the major health problems across the globe. Here are some of the major causes of gaining weight:-

    • Eating of junk foods:– Junk foods are Pizza, burger, chips, french fries and much more. These are all processed foods. Eating habits have drastically changed in the last 15 years. Majority of people are eating more calories than required.

    How many of you go out for dinner or lunch every weekend?

    • High consumption of Sugar:- Processed sugar is considered more addictive than drugs. Processed sugar is also considered as the worst ingredient. High consumption of sugar can impact your metabolism, flat belly gain, leads to resistance of insulin production, high cholesterol and many more impacts.

    How many of you have a sweet tooth?

    • Frequent Consumption of Soda and Fruit Juices:- All the canned fruit juices and cold drinks have a high amount of liquid sugar which even worse than the processed sugar. Nowadays kids and adults are addicted to these drinks.

    According to science, when we eat processed sugar or liquid sugar then the signals do not go to the brain about it, therefore, we always end up eating more with fruit juices and soda.

    How many of you drink a cold drink, soda or fruit juices with your meals???

    It is recommended not to drink any of such things while eating a meal as the brain is not able to sense it how much you are eating. As a result, we end us eat more.

    • Lack of Sleep:- Due to our hectic lifestyle we compromise on sleep rather than all other things. Most of the people sleep late and get up early. Lack of sleep plays an important role in weight gain and obesity. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on the hormones. As a result, increased hunger and craving. Doctors recommend 8-9 hours of sleep.

    How many hours do you sleep?

    Other things that can make you gain weight:-

    • Skipping a meal
    • Eating food fast
    • Skipping exercise
    • Sitting for a long time
    • Choosing lifts instead of elevators
    • Eating while working:- you end up eating more

    Weight gain due to Medical conditions

    There are some medical conditions also due to which people gain weight. Some of the medical conditions are:-

    Hypothyroidism:-Thyroid gland produces the hormones which are called thyroxine which increases the metabolism rate of the body. In hypothyroidism, gland makes produces these thyroxine hormones at a very low level.

    Fluid Retention:- This medical condition is also called as oedema. The fluid accumulates beneath the skin’s surface either in the areas between the tissue or in some organ of the body. As a result there is a weight gain.

    Anxiety & Depression:- Nowadays stress is the part and parcel of our life. Due to depression and anxiety, there is irregular sleep, lack of motivation, lack of energy, sad feeling. As a result, the patient gains weight.

    Signs of Weight gain

    Some of these following signs show that you are gaining weight:-

    • Your fat is increasing on your belly
    • Eating too many sweet things
    • Irregular Periods
    • Lack of Sleep
    • Stiff Joints
    • Weight gain on weird places
    • Frequent Abdominal pain
    • Constipation
    • Stress
    weight loss treatment in hyderabad
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    Now there are numerous weight loss treatments are available. Some of the weight loss treatments are:-

    • Cool Sculpting:- In this process, the fat pockets are removed naturally. Fat cells are frozen at first then these fat cells are crystallised. Later these crystallised fat cells die and naturally they exit from the body. The result shows in some few months.

    Advantages of Cool Sculpting

    • No damage to tissue and nerves
    • It is not a surgical process
    • No need to admit in the hospital
    • No need for  anaesthesia.
    • Excellent tool for sculpting the body.
    • Ideal for treating the fat accumulation in small areas which are extremely stubborn.
    • No need of doing diet before and after the procedure.
    • An effective and absolutely safe method of fat reduction
    • Lipo Gel:- In this process gel is applied to the particular part of the body to attack the fat by increasing the metabolism rate of the body. And this helps in burning the fat naturally. The people for whom exercise and dieting are not possible this treatment is best for them. Lipogel treatment is mostly used to burn the fat from the hips, belly, thighs and waist.

    Advantages of Lipo Gel

    • Improvement in blood circulation
    • Relaxation of muscles
    • Supports in detoxification of the body
    • Increase in Metabolism rate
    • Body Toning:-  Some people have a concern regarding the physical appearance of the body and they would like to tone their body as per their requirement. For example:- tightening the sagging skin, firming the skin, removing bulging in the thighs and many more.

    Some people are looking for a particular shape of the body like an hourglass, pear shape, triangle shape. All these requirements are fulfilled in body toning procedure.

    weight loss treatment cost in hyderabad
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    Advantages of Body Toning

    • Improved texture of the skin
    • Skin becomes firm
    • Toned body
    • Non-surgical
    • No Side effects
    • Body therapy:- Body therapy includes different massage techniques. In this technique therapists massage, rub different muscles and also the soft tissue of the body to correct the structure of the muscle. This therapy is done with the essential oils which when penetrates into the skin impacts the skin in a good way. Some type of massages is trigger point massage,  deep tissue massage and many more.

    Advantages of body Therapy

    • Enhancement in immunity
    • The energy level is restored
    • Tones the body
    • Figure Correction:- It focuses on reducing body fat. Advanced technology is used to shape and tone the body.

    Advantages of Figure Correction

    • Non-surgical
    • The program is designed according to the lifestyle of an individual
    • No side effects
    • Weight Loss:-
    • Non-surgical.
    •  No crash diets and heavy exercises are given
    • Customised programs
    • Personalized attention is given to the patient which makes him or her comfortable.

    Other famous Weight loss treatments

    • Zimmer:- it is based on the principle of Radial Pulse Therapy
    • Cryolipolysis:-Fat cells of the body are removed by exposing the fat cells to a very low temperature. This process is called Cool Shaping. It is an alternative to liposuction.
    • Cool Mini:- This treatment is used to remove the double chin.
    • HIFU Liposonix:-  HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. In this technique, ultrasound energy of high frequency and intensity is put on targeted area fat cells. As a result, the temperature of the subcutaneous layer inside the skin surface increases to around 56-degree Celsius and damages the fat cells. These fat cells then take an exit naturally from the body.

     Weight Loss Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

    The cost of weight loss treatment varies depending on mostly the following three factors.

    • Type of weight loss Treatment
    • Amount of fat that has to be reduced
    • Full body or size of the targeted area

    Approximate range of the advanced treatment of weight loss like Zimmer, Cryolipolysis, body therapy is between 50,000 rupees to 3.5 lacs

    Approximate range of the simple weight loss consultation and treatments to lose 5kg is 5000-15,000 rupees.

     Best Clinics in Hyderabad 

    There are many clinics in Hyderabad which perform the weight loss treatment but the best is always on the top. The best clinics who are best their fields and you can completely trust them in Hyderabad are:-

    Labelle Clinics in Hyderabad

    Labelle Kukatpally 

    Labelle Ameerpet

    Labelle Gachibowli

    Labelle West Marredpally 

    Labelle Himayatnagar/Adarsh Nagar

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    Neo Fatbury

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