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    Excess fat is probably the last thing a person needs in their body. The term ‘fat’ itself sounds so unnecessary that having it can instantly make a person desperate. When extra fat gets deposited in different body parts, especially in regions like thighs, hips, and abdomen, a person’s self-esteem takes a hit.

    Every individual dream of having a good physique and a well-toned body. But in this fast-paced modern lifestyle, extended working hours and lack of time keep many people from physical exercise, making their bodies far from the dream of weight management.

    Generally, fat accumulation around different body parts is a significant embarrassment. Those fats are sometimes referred to as ‘spare tires,’ leading to awkward situations for many people.

    Many people follow a religiously balanced diet and exercise routine that works wonders for losing weight and moving them toward a well-toned body. However, some still suffer from fat accumulation in certain body parts. Hence it is evident that no matter how persistent you are in following a balanced diet and exercising, some body fats are more stubborn than you. And when your battle is with accumulated stubborn fat, therapies like inch loss treatment come into play.

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    Some Fast Facts About Inch Loss Treatment

    About: Inch loss treatment combines ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency and is a cosmetic procedure that breaks fat deposits in our bodies. The therapy has proven an effective, non-invasive alternative to surgical fat loss and weight loss treatments.

    Safety: there are no severe risks associated with inch loss treatment, but that does not mean there are no side effects. Bruising, redness, and pain are some short-term side effects. And some people might have waves on their skin after healing from the treatment.

    Convenience: Inch loss treatment is advertised as a highly convenient module for having minimal or no side effects and fast recovery. The most time-consuming part of inch loss treatment is to find a licensed and trained provider with experience in doing inch loss treatment.

    Cost: Inch loss treatment is generally less expensive than surgical weight loss procedures. The price may vary according to where you’re getting your treatment done, and the total cost varies depending on the number of sessions your doctor has suggested. We will discuss the cost of inch loss treatment later in this article. 

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    Effectiveness: Though inch loss treatment is highly effective for reversing excessive fat deposits and has gone through several clinical trials, the efficacy of the treatment varies from one person to another.

    What Is Inch Loss Treatment?

    Inch loss treatment is an amalgamation of ultrasound technology and radio frequency that collaboratively destroy fat cells and help us get tightened and firm skin. Inch loss treatment has been a safe module for people who want to eliminate excess fat from their arms, tummies, thighs, and bums. And this treatment is suitable for any physically healthy, active individual who desperately wants to reduce the stubborn inches they could not get rid of even after gymming, exercising, and maintaining the diet.

    Inch loss treatment is also beneficial for people who have been through different weight loss programs and have resulted in getting loose skin after losing body weight. Sometimes even after losing weight, some fatty parts of the body remain the same, and the inch loss treatment for using radio frequency can tighten the skin reducing skin ripples.

    inch loss treatment

    Decoding The Treatment Modality Of Inch Loss Treatment

    Inch loss treatment is a combination of ultrasound technology and radio frequency. And now, we will talk about the technology used in inch loss treatment to know their benefits in reducing fat.

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    Ultrasound Cavitation Or Ultrasonic

    Ultrasound cavitation or ultrasonic uses ultrasound technology to break down the fat cells under the skin. It is a non-invasive procedure that effectively reduces cellulite and localized fat from human bodies.

    When done individually, ultrasound cavitation involves putting pressure on the fat cells through ultrasonic pulsations. The pressure is so high that it can easily make the fat cells liquefied after breaking down so that the body can get rid of them through urine.

    The broken-down fat cells travel from one part of the body to another. And the liver is where all those damaged fat cells are excreted as body waste.

    In many fat loss programs, ultrasonic cavitation is combined with other weight loss methods to help people quickly eliminate excess body fat.

    How Does It Work?

    Ultrasound technology involves toning the body using low-frequency ultrasonic waves and radio frequencies. Those waves create bubbles around the fat deposited under the skin and then burst. As a result, the fat deposits break and travel to the interstitial and lymphatic systems, from where they are excreted.

    In this technology, fat is converted into free fatty acids and glycerol. And whereas the free fatty acids are excreted as waste, glycerol is reused by the body for other functions.

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    In the radiofrequency procedure, the human body’s fat cells are heated without impacting other types of cells in the skin or other structures, reducing the volume of fatty bulges or fat in the body. Many device manufacturers use radiofrequency energy in fat reduction, and the methodology has been proven and tested for effectively achieving long-term improvement for localized fat deposits.

    Radiofrequency technology can destroy fat cells offering the patients a permanent focal adipose reduction. Therefore this technology is also used in other non-invasive body contouring technologies that aim at a permanent fat reduction.

    How Does It Work?

    Radiofrequency uses low-energy radiation to heat the deepest layer of the skin, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and improves the signs of sagging skin. Research has found that after losing weight, many people suffer from saggy skin, and radiofrequency help reverse the situation.

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    Why Is Inch Loss Treatment Necessary For Enjoying Good Health?

    When your body accumulates excess fat, it also raises significant health risks. Sometimes the fat percentage goes undetected due to some reasons, including:

    • Most of us focus on our body weight and height while counting an ideal body mass index. However, one thing we all forget is that we also must calculate the fat percentage of our body. Metabolic obesity is a crucial indicator of visceral fat. According to WHO, the ratio of a person’s waist and hip circumference is a predictor of visceral fat that causes brain stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases.
    • We all follow simplistic fitness regimens, including diet control and workouts, but none of them can reduce stubborn fat deposits effectively. Additionally, people suffering from hormonal issues, insulin resistance, metabolic diseases, and genetic propensity find it hard to mitigate excessive stubborn fat deposits.
    • We never consider body composition analysis; some people don’t know what it is even when they’re health conscious. Moreover, most people don’t know about different types of fats and the specialized treatment modules available for each. Only a qualified medical practitioner can recommend a suitable treatment based on your body composition analysis.
    inch loss treatment

    Inch loss treatment includes dual action of fat reduction and skin tightening. Hence patients who are going for excessive fat reduction may also rest assured that they will not end up with saggy skin and wrinkles once that extra fat goes away.

    The Benefits Of Inch Loss Treatment

    The Results Are Immediate:

    Whenever we go for any treatment on our body, we expect to see fast results and a drastic change in our appearance when we see ourselves in the mirror. But apart from makeup transformation, we hardly see any drastic change in ourselves instantly in any other treatment module. 

    But that is not true in inch loss treatment. While most fat reduction techniques take a long time to bring visible results, people can immediately garner the benefits from inch-loss treatment sessions, which are a great source of motivation for them to continue.

    Though the inch loss treatment session results take a couple of weeks to be visible, the repeat treatments help develop long-term results and keep improving.

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    The Results Are Long Term:

    A doctor suggests a course of 6 treatments, each being planned 2 to 3 weeks later to develop long-term results. One could optimize the results even further when maintaining a healthy lifestyle post the inch loss treatment.

    What To Expect From Inch Loss Treatment When Done In Hyderabad?

    If you enroll for an inch loss treatment in any clinic in Hyderabad, you might expect the following steps:

    • The doctor will create a metabolic fingerprint based on your age, BMI, sex, body fat percentage, medical history, activity levels, muscle mass, and other vital health parameters.
    • They will customize your treatment module to assess fat, cellulite, and sag.
    • A leading nutritionist may also give you a complimentary meal plan for obtaining optimal results from the inch loss treatment.

    How Is Inch Loss Treatment Done In Hyderabad?

    Inch loss therapy uses ultrasound and radiofrequency; each treatment lasts about an hour. The therapy targets the fat cells in your body and breaks the outer walls of the fat cells so that the fat can dissipate into the body and gets eliminated.

    The therapy successfully eliminates the fat deposited in the most problematic areas by destroying the cells and later aims at firming and tightening the skin. Inch loss treatment can be used for all the difficult areas of your body, including your stomach, arms, and butt. Every active and healthy person who wants to get rid of excess body fat but doesn’t have enough time to exercise is suitable for inch loss treatment. Also, if you have tried all the other diets and weight loss exercises that seem not to be bringing the desired solution, you can go for an inch loss treatment.

    In inch loss treatment, low-frequency sound waves target the fat cells in your body. The fat cells are destroyed without harming any muscles, organs, or tissues. The ultrasound waves are led to the deep layers of the skin, causing an unruly vibration that causes the fat cells to break apart and extricate the dermal layers.

    Many studies have established the effectiveness of inch loss treatment among men and women, and the participants can notice a reduction in their body fat mass after 2 to 3 sessions.

    On the day of inch loss treatment, the doctor may ask you to put on a paper gown depending upon the area of your body that you are targeting to treat. The doctor sterilizes the treatment area using alcohol, and then with the help of a handheld ultrasound device, they can slowly go over the targeted area of the body. It is pretty normal to experience a warm sensation during therapy and hear a buzzing sound from the ultrasound machine.

    Later the cosmetic surgeon or the dermatologist uses a radiofrequency device and applies controlled heat on the fat cells previously treated with ultrasound to kill the remaining fat cells without affecting the surrounding muscle or skin. Besides reducing fat cells, radiofrequency also stimulates collagen and elastin production to tighten the loose skin.

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    What Are The Side Effects Of Inch Loss Treatment?

    Inch loss treatment is considered to be low risk for most people, but some common side effects might include:

    • Headache
    • Bruising
    • Redness

    In some cases, when done wrongly, the patient’s skin might absorb the fat unevenly after it breaks down. Therefore, bumps, lumps, and valleys may appear on their skin. However, those skin irregularities can be resolved by following treatments.

    How To Prepare For Inch Loss Treatment?

    Before going for your inch loss treatment session, the provider will give you detailed instructions that you must follow carefully. You also need to disclose all the following things to your provider before the appointment:

    • The Medical Conditions You Have
    • Any Supplements You Are Taking
    • Any Medication You Have Been Prescribed Or Consuming

    You must also stop consuming alcohol at least 48 hours before the appointment. Your doctor might suggest avoiding anti-inflammatory drugs at least two weeks before the procedure. The patient needs to drink plenty of water before and after the process so that the body can flush out the fat deposits quickly.

    What Is The Cost Of Inch Loss Treatment In Hyderabad?

    There is no one-size-fits-all inch-loss treatment program. Therefore the cost at different clinics in Hyderabad is different. There are many contributing factors to the cost of inch-loss treatment in Hyderabad. We need to discuss those factors before we give you a tentative idea of the total cost you may expect to pay for inch loss treatment in Hyderabad.

    The Amount Of Fat Deposited In Your Body:

    As we grow older, our bodies tend to deposit more fat in different parts of our bodies. Therefore aging contributes to the total cost of inch loss treatment. People getting it done early may expect to pay less than people of mid-age or old age. However, since genetic problems or sedentary lifestyles also cause fat accumulation, some people at a very young age may also have excess fat accumulation. And when those people opt for inch loss treatment, the total cost of the treatment seems more to them than people with moderate fat accumulation.

    The Targeted Area:

    When the targeted treatment area is large, it will require more effort and time from the surgeon or the dermatologist. Therefore it is a no-brainer that larger areas cost more than smaller areas for inch loss treatment.

    The Technology And Devices Used:

    Medical advancements help us get well soon, avoiding side effects and delaying death. But they also can drive up spending. New technology is introduced in the market after being tested for safety and only if proven to bring comparatively better results than the previous technology. However, patients and doctors often demand the newest treatment modalities even if there is no evidence that they’re better. And that gives rise to the price since unique technology is usually more expensive than old technology.

    The Experience Of The Surgeon:

    Not only in inch loss treatment but at any segment of medical help, you will face this. Whenever you opt for some surgeons who are experienced in their field, they will charge you more than surgeons who have just years of experience or started new practice after completing their internships. But in the case of any cosmetic treatment, it is necessary to opt for someone experienced though they cost you more. That is because if anything goes wrong during an inch loss treatment session, it can bring severe side effects and may be a costly mistake that harms your health in the long run.

    The Location Of The Clinic:

    While the providers are increasing the price of inch-loss treatments, the hospitals or clinics where they practice also increase the total cost. Clinics situated in the posh locations of Hyderabad may cost you more compared to other places in the same city. And this is true for any city in India since maintenance costs are high in those posh locations that drive up the treatment prices.

    The Number Of Sessions Required:

    The total number of inch-loss sessions required for a patient contributes to the total cost of the treatment. In general, 6 treatments are recommended to patients, and each treatment is placed 2 to 3 weeks apart from the last session. However, considering a patient’s unique case, if the surgeon tapers off the total number of sessions, the cost will go lower. But if the adverse happens, the total cost will rise.

    The minimum price of inch loss treatment in Hyderabad starts from ₹1,00,000, and the average cost of the treatment is 2.5 lakhs.

    There is one more thing that one needs to remember before going for inch loss treatment. Being a cosmetic procedure, inch loss treatment does not involve an insurance claim. Therefore, the person opting for the treatment is solely responsible for paying the entire cost of the treatment. However, some clinics in Hyderabad offer accessible installment facilities to help patients pay for their treatments.

    It is better to talk to the healthcare provider or the cosmetic surgeon about the cost during the one-on-one consultation to remain prepared for the inch loss treatment.

    How To Maintain The Results Of Inch Loss Treatment?

    After getting the inch loss treatment done, many people end up gaining it back. However, don’t let that discourage you since several scientifically proven ways can help you maintain the results gain from inch loss treatment.

    Follow the tips below to get the most from your inch loss treatment sessions and maintain their results.

    Exercise: Exercise plays a vital role in weight maintenance. Though you opted for inch loss treatment because you cannot manage to exercise regularly, exercising at least for 20 minutes daily can help you burn off some extra calories and increase your metabolism. Exercising and energy balance are enough to maintain the results of inch loss treatment.

    Eat Lots Of Protein: Protein helps you maintain weight since it reduces your appetite and promotes fullness. Proteins also give rise to certain hormones in the body that are important for weight regulation. When you include more proteins in your diet, it reduces the levels of hormones that increase hunger. And it goes without saying that when you eat less, the chance of gaining weight diminishes.

    Lift Weight: When you reduce weight, reduced muscle mass is a common side effect. And when you lose muscle mass, your metabolism also gets decreases. As a result, you can burn fewer calories in a day. But if you indulge in resistance training, such as weightlifting, it may help you prevent that muscle loss and improve your metabolic rate.


    No matter what you do to lose weight, the results are semi-permanent and sometimes temporary. Therefore setbacks are inevitable in your weight loss or inch loss journey. And everyone needs to be prepared for those unhealthy cravings that can lead to gaining weight post-inch-loss treatment. However, occasional slips do not mean you need to throw your maintenance goals out of the window. Keep on moving and follow the instructions given by your provider to maintain the results of the inch loss treatment.

    If you’re ready to go for an inch loss treatment in Hyderabad and looking for a suitable clinic for the same, visit We have a vast list of inch-loss treatment clinics in Hyderabad where veteran surgeons offer inch-loss treatments on a budget. Now you can search for a clinic in your area from the comfort of your home and thank us later. 

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