The Benefits of Jumping Rope Go Beyond Weight Loss

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         Jumping rope is one of the great workouts for adults. This is one of best cardio workouts and for muscle strength, it is also helps to burn calories and also helps in weight loss.

       When we start using skipping rope, it activates legs, hands, hip, glutes and shoulders, they also activate nervous, muscular and cardio systems. All we need is pair of training shoes and a jumping rope.

      In this article we learn more about jumping rope benefits and how it can be able to help in weight loss and makes you more fitness.

    What are the Factors that Contribute to Weight Loss?

      Here are some factors which contribute to weight loss:

    • When a person wants to lose weight, one must under go calorie deficit diet to lose weight. You can achieve a calorie deficit by taking few calories.
    • However, the size of your calorie deficit depends on your body composition and calorie needs.
    • Most of the researchers suggest that 10 to 20% of calorie deficit is sustainable for most people and that helps to promote weight loss.
    • Ensure that how many calories your body needs per day which is based on your age, height, weight, sex.
    • Many factors that effect on your weight loss such as sleep duration, chronic stress, medications, age, genetics, diet quality etc. Having more muscle that means burns more calories.
    • Muscle is denser than fat gram, if you don’t see any change in the scale, you may observe differences in your inch loss as a muscle definition.
    • If a person leads to healthy lifestyle such as exercise, healthy diet, reduce your stress levels, good sleep, these factors help to be more energetic and also helps in fat loss.

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    Benefits of Jumping Rope

      Jumping rope not only helps in weight loss but also have other benefits, following are benefits of jumping rope.

    Bones strength

       As jumping rope is a high impact exercise it contributes bones in a healthy way for making bones stronger. When you jumps, body responds to the stress on bones caused by ground forces by building them more stronger and denser.

      Recent studies shows that significant increase in bone mineral density of the lumbar spine and the thigh bone when participates in 20 minutes of jumping rope. Other workouts show similar results that of jumping rope.

    Cardio fitness

     Skipping is a high intensity cardio workout and it helps to make your heart healthy. Jumping for a period of time needs more blood and oxygen pumped to working muscles, as a result increase your heart rate and respiratory rate. Increasing your heart rate can helps in reducing calories and excess weight is shed.

    Muscle strength

      Jumping rope depends on your lower body muscles such as thighs, hip, buttocks, legs and upper body such as shoulders and arms and abdominal muscles. This improves your muscle strength which allows your muscle to exercise more.

      One can try jumping rope if you are looking for full body workout jumping rope is very effective.

    Improves your Coordination and Balance

     Addition of jumping rope to your daily routine workout is a great way to improve your balance and coordination. While using jumping rope coordination of legs, arms keep constant rhythm, you must have proper balance towards the gravity.

    Good for Lungs

       Skipping rope is the best way to promotes good respiration and blood circulation, increases intake of oxygen levels in this way your whole body gets rejuvenated.

    Jumping rope is a form of fun exercise, even without stepping out of your house, you can easily burn more calories and reach your fitness goals. It also strengthens your bones and muscles. Enhance your cardio and respiratory fitness and also improves your balance and coordination. So put on your training shoes and start jumping rope today.


    How many calories does jumping rope burn?

       It is not sure that how many calories can jumping rope burns it is based on the number of calories burned during the exercise and mostly depend on the duration of the exercise you have done and intensity and also depends on the person’s weight.

       By adding jumping rope to your daily workouts that can helps for achieving calorie deficit, which is more important for weight loss or fat loss.

    Is jumping rope enough to lose weight?

    However, you can burn more calories from a jumping rope not only this helps to main weight loss in long- term you need to add more exercise and diet may play major role to lose weight.

     At certain point your body stops losing weight and your weight remains same, if you are doing the routine exercise and your body gets adopted to it. Weight loss also involves healthy lifestyle, nutrient dense diet, exercising regularly, stress levels, enough sleep.

       Jumping rope is a good exercise and also helps in weight management, for weight loss efforts one should include other forms of exercises to your daily routine to gain benefits.

    How to add jumping rope to your workout program

       There are so many ways to add jumping rope to your daily workout program. Depending on your workout goals you may opt entire workout for jumping rope, or you can do combination workouts.

    Here are some ideas you can choose.

    • Warmup, if a person wants to choose a jump rope as a warmup to your muscles before starting a workout, try jumping rope for 5 minutes.
    • Finisher, before ending your workout you can use jumping rope as a finisher to raise your heart rate.
    • This can be aimed to do in between intervals of your regular workouts.
    • You can opt this jumping rope for 20 to 30 minutes without stopping.

    Should I make any changes in my diet while trying to lose weight using jumping rope?

    Yes, a proper diet is required to lose the weight, it doesn’t mean you are skipping you may lose weight you need to be in calorie deficit. If you consume more calories your body needs more exercise to lose weight. Take a diet which provides necessary nutrients to your body. Diet plays key role in the weight loss.

    Jumping rope is a very effective workout in affordable prices. It also helps to build your cardiorespiratory fitness and strengthens muscles, bones, and improve balance coordination. It helps to burn the calories in a short period of time. If you are looking to get a good workout at your home, you only need a jumping rope and start skipping today and be fit everyday.


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