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    Now a days over weight or obesity is the major concern among the people. Many of us struggling to lose weight, due to modern lifestyle our food habits, busy life we don’t have time to maintain the diet and workout plans. One can easily gain weight by over eating and burn less calories. Being overweight may increases the chances of health risks.

     There are many non-surgical treatments to get rid of stubborn fat over the areas like tummy, thighs, hip, arms etc. Tummy fat is the hardest part to get normal. This non-surgical treatments gives you best results with in short period of time with long lasting results.

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    When you meet our weight loss experts, they first analyse your body and they suggest which weight loss program will suits you. You will see realistic weight loss goals with moderate level of activities.

    What is Tummy Weight Loss Treatment?

    Tummy weight loss treatment is the process of removing excessive amounts of bad fat from the body. Which show up as ugly bulges and gradually result in multiple health issues.

    Weight loss treatment is done weekly once or twice, one can lose about 4 to 5 kgs per month with these non-surgical methods. Weight loss might differ from person to person based on the fat type, BMI, percentage of fat.

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    There is guaranteed weight loss seen in every session that is between 300 grams to 1.5 kg per session depending on the person’s body type.

    Weight Loss Treatment Procedure

     When a person approaches weight loss procedure, our team of weight loss experts includes qualified doctors, nutritionists and certified trainers. Weight loss programs includes meal plans and exercises which is based on your sex, age, BMI, health conditions, fat percentage, food habits, body composition etc.

    During initial consultation the doctors follow these steps:

    • Physical examination which includes the checking of your height, weight, pulse rate and breathing.
    • Doctor will revise your medical history to understand your family history of having obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, heart related problems etc.
    • Calculates the Body Mass Index which is BMI that helps to understand potential health risks and suggest the best treatment plans based on your height and weight.
    • Body composition analysis gives our doctors detailed understanding about your body fat.
    • In some cases, doctors may recommend blood test to check your blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid levels, hormonal imbalance and nutrient deficiency.

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    Based on the above inputs over weight loss management experts suggest you the best weight loss program to improve your body composition.

    Cost For Tummy Weight Loss Treatment In Hyderabad?

    Cost for tummy weight loss treatment is Rs. 10,000 up to 10 kgs weight loss.


    How long does it take to reduce tummy?

     Usually, one can notice results under your belly fat very little with in 2 weeks of time period. You may see desired results under many sessions as cutting fat around your tummy requires lot of hard work and also following balanced diet and workout along with the treatment is necessary.

    How many sittings or sessions do I need?

    Every individual has different fat depositions and the number of sessions may differ from person to person and sessions will be decided by your doctor during initial consultation.

    Who does the consultation and procedure?

    Our team of weight loss experts includes qualified doctors, experienced nutritionists and certified trainers will approach you and access to answer clients queries and explain you about the procedure as well.

    There are any side effects for the weight loss treatment?

    Our team of weight loss experts uses the aseptic measures to ensure clients safety and treatments which are performed are go through detailed R&D for its safety and efficacy. So, there won’t be any kind of side effects associated with this treatment.

    Are there any supplements or medicines to lose weight?

    We cannot recommend any kind of medications for the weight loss as they come up with many side effects. We always recommend a natural way for weight loss with regular exercise and proper diet that can help you to lose weight.

    Are results of this treatment are permanent?

    This weight loss treatment gives to desired results. However, the results of this treatment based on your diet and regular exercise. Proper diet and moderate exercises are recommended after treatment to maintain the results.

    These treatments are painful?

    All non-surgical treatments are non-invasive, and this treatment don’t involve any incisions or needles. So, there is no pain while taking these treatments.

    If you are struggling to lose weight and you don’t have any ide about losing weight safely and successfully, our weight loss treatments are at low-cost in Hyderabad for healthy weight management guarantees with best results with out any side effects. Why are you waiting for, book an appointment at your nearest clinics to attain best weight loss treatments.

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