How to Remove Freckles on Face: Causes and Treatments

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       Freckles are reddish or light brown spots on your skin, they are harmless and the skin cells contain the pigment melanin. They develop due to the constant exposure of sun.

       If you want to get rid of freckles, there are several procedures to help you out to achieve for the best results. In this article you learn more about causes, types and treatment for freckles.

    What Are Freckles?

      Freckles are tiny harmless clusters, usually of brown or red tan spots appear on the skin which affects mostly light skinned people. They can appear on the face, neck, arms, back and chest. Mostly appear abundant on the face. Freckles from due to sun- exposure and they are about 1 – 2 mm in size.

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    What Are The Several Types Of Freckles?

      Freckles are of two types:


    2.Solar lentigines

    They are same tiny spots with few differences. Here are the differences between them.

    EphelidesSolar lentigines
    1.They are genetic.1. Sometimes called as age spots and sun spots.
    2.shows up around 2-3 years old, often sun exposure.2.Shows up as you get older.
    3.Usually, seen in face, arms, chest, neck.3.Seen anywhere on the body where sun gets areas like face, neck, back, hands, fore arms etc.
    4.Appear in red, brown spots.4.Appear in light brown or dark brown.
    5.May fade away as you grow older.5.Show up because of sun and aging.
    6.May fade during winter.6. Do not fade or disappear.
    7.1-2 mm or bigger.7. Less than 6 mm.
    8. They have irregular borders.8. They have clear borders.

    What Causes Freckles?

      The main causes for freckles are:

    1. Sun Exposure and b. Genetics.
    2.  Sun Exposure

            Freckles are also known as ephelides. They are caused due to continuous exposure of the sun UV rays and skin absorbs this UV rays and it produces excess melanin which results in pigmentation in the small patches.

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    • Genetics

    Freckles caused due to heredity (genetics) in some people. Human body can produce two types of melanin that is Eumelanin and Pheomelanin.

    Eumelanin- that protects skin from harmful UV rays and this type of melanin is usually produced in dark skin with dark hair and dark eyes.

    Pheomelanin- this is usually produced in people with light skin and red hair and blue eyes.

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    What Are The Treatment Options For Freckles?

      Here are the treatment options for freckles, they are:

    Chemical Peels: Chemical peels treatment helps to remove or reduce freckles and also exfoliate the skin damage. Chemical peels contain glycolic acid or TCA which penetrates in to the skin and removes the top darker layer of the skin and a new fresh layer form. You may have redness, stinging that are temporary. Dermatologist suggest post care after the treatment like against the sun exposure, sunscreens, and other topical medication.

    Laser Treatment: Laser treatment or laser therapy is one of the most popular methods to remove freckles from the skin. Laser light targets the freckled area without damaging the surrounding skin. Hence removes the freckles safely. Q-Switched lasers are most effective in treating freckles.

    Cryosurgery: In cryosurgery treatment liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the pigmented spots on the skin to treat the freckles. It is a safest method, rarely causes scarring, some cases it causes bleeding when there is a hypo- pigmentation. Nitrogen forms blisters so that there is no damage to the cells and removes excess melanin from the skin.

    Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL):  Intense pulse light therapy (IPL) is another light-based therapy for treating freckles. It uses IPL light of various wavelengths and targets the areas of the melanin contents. It is contrast to the lasers that utilises single wavelength of light.

    Sun Protection: Sunscreen cannot reduce the prevailing freckles but can prevents further development of freckles, and also helps in maintaining the achieved results after various treatments.

    Topical Medication: Creams and gels that contains retinoids and arbutin, azelaic acid etc can helps in lighter the superficial freckles on your skin. They available in the market without a prescription. However, it is always recommended to consult your dermatologist before using them. These can help to fade freckles when you use regularly with the help of sun protection creams.

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    Cost of Freckles Treatment In India?

    • Chemical peels for freckles treatment may costs between RS. 1000 to RS. 1500.
    • Laser treatment for freckles treatment price may varies between RS. 3000 to RS. 5000.
    • Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL) treatment price may vary between RS.3000 to RS. 4000.
    • Topical medications that reduce freckles involves prices between RS. 200 to RS. 2500.

    The cost of the freckles removal treatment may vary from person to person, based on the severity and the skin conditions and also type of treatment opt by the person and the experienced dermatologist who performs the procedure, the reputation of the clinic and the area.

    When to see a doctor?

        Freckles are harmless and painless in most cases. Person with freckles are very sensitive to sun. It is very important to protect your skin, sun prone areas with sunscreen. If you notice any abnormal changes in your akin such as increase in the number of freckles, sudden pigmentation on a particular area, bleeding, itching, changes in size and shape, then consult a dermatologist before it becomes severe.

    How To Prevent Freckles?

     We cannot reduce the existing freckles, to reduce or remove them we need a dermatologist help. When expose continues to the sun there might be chance of getting freckles. To prevent freckles there are some simple methods to follow:

    • Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above.
    • Apply sunscreen for every 2 hours when you are out.
    • Try to avoid stepping out when the rays of sun are very peak.
    • Wear sun-protective clothes and hats etc.

    Now you got an idea about the available treatment options for reducing freckles. If you want your freckles get treated, book an appointment with an experienced dermatologist at a reputed skin clinic and find out which treatment option is suitable for you to get rid of freckles.

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