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    Everyone experiences acne at some point of their lives. It is said to be the most common skin condition. Blind pimples are the other form of acne which are deep bumps that forms under the skin. Sometimes these may be small or large swellings below the skin surface and often painful, inflammatory, red and they are very hard to see. Sometimes these blind acne causes infection.

    get rid of blind pimple

    In this article you know more about blind pimples, causes, treatment and preventive methods to get rid of them safely.

    What Is A Blind Pimple?

    Blind pimples are nothing but acne forms that grow beneath the skin surface. They are not always visible but one can feel the lumps by moving fingers. Sometimes these may be painful, red and causes inflammation.

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    Blind pimples are differed from whiteheads and blackheads which also similar and develops closer to the skin surface. These blind pimples are very hard to get rid of them, as they do not have heads and they are smooth and don’t pop out. However, as similar to the acne these blind pimples are painful and they form deep under the skin layers.

    What Causes Blind Pimples?

    Blind pimples occur on the skin, where the excess oil (sebum), bacteria and dirt get trapped within the hair follicle, they can be appearing on the face, neck, shoulders, back and chest etc.

    People with oily skin are likely affected with these blind pimples than the people with dry skin. Hormonal issues also can cause the blind pimples as the production of sebum is high in such cases. This may be mostly occurring due to puberty, pregnancy and hormonal changing phase of your life. People under medications also contribute to the blind pimples such as oral contraceptives, corticosteroids etc.

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    If you waiting them to clear by its own, it is very hard to get rid of blind pimples, they can be treatable but it takes more time, you need to be patience.

    How To Treat Blind Pimples?

    Here are the treatments to get rid of blind pimples, here we provide with some best home remedies and clinical treatments.

    Home Remedies

    Don’t squeeze or pop: Blind pimples form underneath the skin and they are far away from the skin to pop. Trying to squeeze out a pimple can cause infection, scarring and irritates further.

    Apply a warm compress: Warm compress can help in relieving in pain. Applying warm compress 10 to 15 minutes three to four times per day can let the pimple to release pus out and allows to heal quickly. It also allows whiteheads to oozes out.

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    Wear an acne patch: An acne patch looks like medicated bandage available in the market. You can easily place it on the area of blind pimple. These patches contain acne fighting agents like salicylic acid. They can be available in the market both offline and online. While using make sure that you follow the directions on the acne patch.

    Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial compounds and it may be mild alternative for OTC treatments. Use more than 5% of tree tea oil and more for effectiveness and apply twice a day, up to the blind pimple heals completely. Tea tree oil can be dilute with other oils like olive oil. It is the safest treatment for daily use purpose.

    Raw honey: Raw honey also another natural alternative for OTC products. Honey has natural antimicrobial properties that helps to get rid of bacteria. Applying small amount to the affected area at the night time can give to best results.

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    Clinical Treatments

     If above mentioned home remedies don’t work for blind pimples, and if you see any symptoms like pain, infection than consult your dermatologist at the early stages rather than becomes worse. Here are some dermatologists prescribed medications and antibiotics.

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    Some clinical treatments to get rid of blind pimples are:

    Topical Treatments: Topical treatments means the treatments that are applying on the skin that penetrates in to the skin. Common topical acne medicines include:

    • Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzoyl Peroxide helps to kill bacteria which is present under the skin. It comes in the form of cream or gel. This is the common ingredient in many acne treatments.
    • Antibiotics: Topical antibiotics can reduce bacteria on the skin which causes acne, they can be available in the form of creams, gels and lotions.
    • Retinoids: Retinoids work by increasing skin cells turnover and reduces the sebum production. They available in the form of gels and creams. Tretinoin and Adapalene the common topical retinoids used in the acne treatment.

    Oral Treatments

    If the acne is very severe and painful, and they are not responding to any topical treatments than your dermatologist prescribes oral medication for better results.

    Antibiotic Tablets: Dermatologist prescribes antibiotics to reduce bacteria which is present in the skin from inside and outside as well.

    Clindamycin, erythromycin are the common antibiotics used in the treatment of acne.

    Hormonal therapies: Hormonal therapies are mostly prescribed for women who are suffering with acne. Your doctor’s or dermatologist suggest you oral contraceptives to reduce the acne. Spirolactone is another hormonal treatment for the acne.

    Corticosteroid injections: To reduce deep blind pimples with pain, your dermatologist injects corticosteroid to the blind pimples. This injection helps in fast healing of the blind pimples and reduces the chances of scarring.

    Chemical Peels: Chemical peels are the procedures in which outer or top layers of the skin can be removed and improves the skin conditions in case of acne.

    Prevention Of Blind Pimples

    To reduce the chances of getting blind pimples, here are some preventive methods that helps you in get rid of blind pimples.

    • Wash your face twice a day when you have sweat and not more than that.
    • Use skin care products that non-comedogenic and alcohol-free.
    • When you have pimples, don’t touch them frequently it may develop more bacteria to enter in to the skin.
    • Do not pop or squeeze the pimple it may increase the risk of getting scars.
    • If they are not reducing after many preventive methods, consult your dermatologist they can guide you for the best treatment.

    Blind pimples are also the forms of acne, that forms under the skin surface and may be painful when you touch them. This type of acne is very stubborn and very hard to treat them at home, a dermatologist can help you out and suggests you the best treatments to get rid of blind pimples.

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