Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Makeup Before Taking the Plunge

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    Women who don’t like makeup are rare to find. In fact, nowadays, makeup is an essential tool in their daily beauty arsenal. From eyeliners to lipsticks to lip gloss, there is n number of makeup items that can make a woman feel better about themselves. 

    If you scroll the Instagram, you will also find even men are into makeup these days. And some men influencers are making daily makeup tutorials and sharing them on Instagram for their fans and followers to watch.

    The reason is that makeup enhances the way we look and makes us feel more confident while hiding our imperfections. And that is why makeup can be termed a device to prettify our face. If you have really steady hands and excellent eyesight, nothing can stop you from having perfect makeup. But what if you have specific medical reasons that refrain you from applying makeup to some regions of your body, or you lead a hectic life with very little time to do your makeup, Or you fail to find the right products that last long enough on your skin?

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    You probably wonder precisely how it works or if permanent makeup is safe. If these are the questions in your mind right now, you must consider looking into permanent makeup as a solution. Hence, we asked several cosmetic dermatologists who offered their insights to see what permanent makeup is and how it works.

    What Is Permanent Makeup?

    Every woman dreams of waking up like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” But creating the perfect winged eyeliner, adequately filled eyebrows, or luscious lips sounds really inconvenient if one has to do it every morning soon after waking up. 

    Thanks to permanent makeup, that has become a godsend to those who have exponentially exploding interest in the perfect eyebrows, eyeliners, or lip color. And therefore, if you are longing for the idea of waking up with a face full of makeup without applying makeup at all, permanent makeup is the solution for you.

    Even the minimalists are opting for this beautiful procedure that helps them eliminate their daily tedious makeup sessions. 

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    Permanent makeup is more like a tattoo mimicking the look of your makeup staples. Therefore, from eyebrows to eyeliner, you can have a wide range of choices for permanent makeup. And depending upon the procedure, the devices are chosen.

    Different Types Of Permanent Makeup And The Procedures 

    As we stated earlier, there are different types of permanent makeup services, such as permanent eyebrows, permanent lip blushing, permanent concealer, and permanent eyeliner. And now we will talk about each of those procedures one by one.

    Permanent Eyebrows:

    The medical name of the procedure for permanent eyebrows is called micro-blading. Nowadays, permanent eyebrows are pretty standard, and you can find them all over Instagram. But precisely what it is? According to dermatologists, microblading is depositing some pigment into the skin using a blade. Microblading or permanent eyebrows is very similar to tattoos.

    What is the procedure?

    When you opt for a permanent eyebrow, the service provider uses a handheld manual tool: a rotary pen with different configurations of needles or a manual blade, depending upon the procedure you are going for. If you want to have a very soft brow, they are more likely to use the rotary pen with the proper configuration of needles while depositing the pigment. Whereas a blade is used to create sharper and more angular strokes.

    When the service providers use a blade, they create several slices on the skin, deposit pigment on top of each slice, and then rub it in and let it sit. The procedure takes almost 1 to 1.5 hours to get completed.

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    What’s the downtime?

    The process is as simple as can be done over your lunch break. The only restriction is that you should not spend too much time in the sun for the next 24 hours and don’t wear makeup for the same period.

    What are the risks associated?

    The first few weeks after you have undergone microblading, it might fade a bit. And that is where most people start panicking and feeling unhappy with the results at first. Typically, two sessions are recommended to get the final look.

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    Permanent Lip Blushing

    We hope you have guessed it till now. Lip blushing is just like how the provider deposits color into your eyebrows, in this case, your lips. In permanent lip blushing, the service provider uses a similar rotary pen for microblading. But there, it’s definitely a different configuration of needles.

    What is the procedure?

    Our lips are one of the most sensitive areas of our face. So, if you are making up your mind to go for permanent lip blushing, you may face a little pain during and after the process. But you don’t need to worry as the service provider will apply topical and prescribed numbing solutions before 15 minutes of the procedure to make it less painful. In some cases, the doctors might use injectable numbing solutions. But since injections lead to swelling of your lips, topical solutions are preferred.

    For many people, the doctors might need to use different needle configurations throughout that process because the configuration required for lining the lips is different from the configuration required while filling them. The whole process of permanently blushing takes up to two hours.

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    What’s the downtime?

    Though not necessarily in every individual, there would be unavoidable downtime, but you should know that you might be surprised after seeing the results. In general, nudes and natural pinks are the most common colors used for lip blushing. Still, since you might lose up to 75% of the color during your first week of healing, your lips might look pretty dark soon after the procedure. Don’t panic!

    What are the risks associated?

    Swelling is the most common risk associated with permanent lip blushing. Though it’s pretty rare, infection is another risk whenever undergoing any cosmetic procedure. You need to be really careful about the next 48 hours after the process.

    Permanent Eyeliner

    If your regular makeup look is all about having a fuller lash line. Still, if you lack those steady hands, permanent eyeliner is for you. This procedure follows the European acupuncture method to push the color into the lash line. It creates a look of a darkened top lash line that stays on no matter whether you are sleeping, showering, or sweating.

    What is the procedure?

    Like any other permanent makeup procedure, permanent eyeliner is also about depositing color into the skin. People can choose between thin and thick eyeliner. Additionally, they can opt for winged eyeliner, cat eyeliner, colored eyeliner, and even black liner. According to the dermatologist, brown is usually the most flattering fit.

    What is the downtime?

    There is no downtime, but your provider might advise you to avoid eye makeup for at least three full days.

    What are the risks associated?

    If you don’t abide by the advice given by your provider and wear makeup too soon or rub your eyes, you might face an eye infection. If you opt for colored eyeliner or a permanent cat eyeliner, remember that it will crack in appearance as you will age. Therefore, try to choose a simple one.

    Permanent Concealer

    After surviving through the exhausting years of lockdowns and living in loungewear, many people are now preferring minimal effort makeup. Permanent concealer is one of the permanent makeup procedures that interest beauty enthusiasts who want to get rid of dark under-eye circles and blemishes.

    Permanent concealer is the technique known as micro-pigmentation and is as common as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip blushing. 

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    What is the procedure?

    This permanent makeup treatment is designed to create the effect of regular concealer to camouflage dark circles and blemishes. The final result aims to brighten the area needed to conceal, and the effect is achieved by injecting pigments into the skin. After the procedure, the skin looks like been evened out from within. Therefore, permanent concealer cannot be washed off like regular makeup as the color is placed beneath the skin surface.

    What’s the downtime? 

    There is no severe downtime after the procedure but no sun exposure or makeup for the next 24 hours after the treatment.

    What are the risks associated?

    Because of the formula of the color deposited into the skin, you can never use lasers later in your life if you want to tighten your skin. Some people experience discoloration and severe fade after the treatment.

    Different Permanent Makeup Cost In Hyderabad

    There are several permanent makeup studios in Hyderabad. While some are very affordable, the others might be a little expensive due to modern innovations. In India, permanent makeup costs start from 5000/- onwards. But several factors decide the price, including:

    • Skill and the reputation of the provider
    • Procedure chosen
    • The area where the clinic is located

    Sometimes if the provider is highly reputed and skilled, the cost of a permanent makeup procedure such as permanent eyebrows might start from ₹10,000 for each sitting.

    This table shows the average cost of different permanent makeup procedures in Hyderabad:

    Name of the procedurePrice Per Session  Total Cost (on average)
      Permanent eyebrows  10000/-  20000/-
    Permanent eyeliner5000  10000/-
    Permanent lip blushing8000/-  25000/-
    Permanent concealer15000/-  30000/-

    Things To Remember Before This Procedure

    Before you take the plunge into permanent makeup, there are certain things that you need to know and remember. Though it is there a procedure that helps restore facial features in people and enhance their confidence, there are a few more things one should know before getting permanent makeup.

    • It is essential to choose the right provider: Just like trying to find the right tattoo artist while getting inked, you need to find the right provider while going for a permanent makeup procedure. There are three things you need to keep in mind artistry, safety, and technique. If the provider you have chosen is not safe, if they don’t have the artistry, and if they don’t know the correct method, the result of the permanent makeup procedure will be patchy and will get fade with time.
    • It lasts for years: Like regular tattoos, excessive sun exposure causes the permanent makeup ink to fade. The time permanent makeup will sustain fresh varies from one person to another. Still, you can expect it to last anywhere from two to five years without touch-ups.
    • You must check the provider’s experience beforehand: Just like you check a tattoo artist’s work on the social platforms before letting them ink you, the same should be applicable for permanent makeup. You need to check how they have enhanced other people’s looks with the technique.
    • Stay away from clinics that promote touch-ups within a year: Cosmetic tattoos last for years. And like any regular tattoo, permanent makeup also lasts for a long time. But suppose any provider is promoting touch up after a year. In that case, it is probably because they don’t know how to do it properly. Therefore, if you see an advertisement for a permanent makeup studio that talks about touching up every year or less, you must avoid it.
    • It hurts: Permanent makeup is just like a tattoo, so it hurts. But the good news is that as permanent makeup is done in the areas that are so sensitive, most providers will provide a local anesthetic to reduce the pain.
    • Anyone can go for it: There is nothing called an ideal candidate for permanent makeup. Regardless of gender and ethnicity, people of all ages can benefit from the treatment. But The only exception is women who are pregnant or lactating or anyone who is actively undergoing cancer treatments must not opt for a permanent makeup treatment.

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    Permanent makeup is commonly known as cosmetic tattooing and recently has taken center stage. As people long to look perfect while waking up, the popularity of permanent makeup is also increasing. It is more incredible than what we can imagine. And from microblading to permanent eyeliner and other methods of permanent makeup are becoming increasingly trending.

    Hope this article helps you research before opting for a permanent makeup treatment. While choosing a specialist, don’t forget to check their experience and license in the procedure you choose for having a safe, permanent makeup experience.

    Let us know your experience with a permanent makeup procedure in the comment section below.

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