Retinoid vs Retinol: Which Is Right For You?

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    Now a days skin care regimen become most important part of our daily routine. As a part of skin care a lot of people uses retinoids and retinols, and many of us are little confused while using them. These two ingredients come up with many benefits for skin care such as refining wrinkles, texture of the skin, signs of aging and clears acne too. These two ingredients are not different. Both are having similar skin benefiting properties and both are not same.

    However, retinoid is often described as most powerful product, while retinol is weaker formula. When you are introducing these ingredients to your skin care regime you should have knowledge about using them. As retinoid and retinol are established as essentials for skincare routine.

    Here in this article, you now more about similarities and differences between retinoid and retinol and their benefits and how to choose which is right for your skin.

    What Are Retinoids?

    Retinoids are the derivatives of vitamin A, as you can find retinoids in many skin care products. This is key ingredient for anti-aging skin. Retinoids also helps fighting against acne, reduces inflammation, decreases skin oils which clogs skin pores and also boosts skin cells turnover rate.

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    Topical application of retinoids speeds up skin cell division and new cell growth happens, that increases thickness of the top layer of the skin. Retinoids also penetrates deep into the skin layers and thus stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. These skin layers are naturally present in the skin which decreases with time and results in aging of the skin and sagging of the skin.

    Most of the retinoids comes in the form of topical creams and gels. The most powerful retinoids are tretinoin and isotretinoin and they are sold with the doctor’s prescription only as they are very strong in retinoic acid.

    What Is Retinol?

    Retinols are also derivates of vitamin A and these are subtypes of retinoids. These retinols work as the retinoids but contains lower strengths of retinoic acid. When retinols are formulated with Loukas and ester forms that makes them weaker. However, retinols can certainly help to reduce the fine wrinkles and also treats mild acne and hyperpigmentation. It takes long time to see the desired results. You can buy them without the prescription however, they tend to fewer side effects.

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    Retinol Vs Retinoids: Similarities

    Retinol and Retinoids both are from the vitamin A family, and they have similar benefits. They both works by regulating the cell turnover, at the surface of the skin they both help in reversal the early signs of aging, also improves fine lines of wrinkles, balancing uneven skin tone, improves skin texture and also clears acne.

    Both retinol and retinoids should be worn at night, but after the dinner, before going to bed. Because this is the best way to work retinoid on your skin without any interaction. You can use them with your night regimen along with moisturizer for best results, you can apply it on the face and hands too.

    Before applying retinoids and retinol make sure that you are applying on the clearest skin. You cleanse your skin they will be first penetrating in to the skin. Always be attentive while introducing retinoids and retinols to your routine how your skin reacting to them. We always suggest you that start using them once in a week and slowly introduce in to the skin, rather over stress out the skin at a time.

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    These ingredients stimulate cell turnover which are very sensitive to the sun, there may be chance of sunburns or skin sensitivity. Make sure that using sunscreen every day to protect your skin against sun damage and also signs of aging. Kindly avoid using them when your pregnant women.

    Retinol Vs Retinoids: Differences

    Here you can find the differences between retinol and retinoids:

    Retinoids are not available without doctor’s prescriptionAvailable over the counter
    Stronger, more effectiveLess strong when compare with retinoids
    Faster time for the resultsTakes longer time for the results
    Results are predictableResults are un predictable
    Stimulates cell turnover by the production of collagenStimulates cell turnover by the production of collagen
    Skin looks more youthfulSkin looks more youthful
    As this is strong may triggers side effects.As less strong may not prone to less side effects

     Side Effects:

    Retinols are less intense than retinoids, they have very less side effects. If the dose is high the effectives of the retinoic acid is more. Side effects include redness, burning, irritation, peeling, sun sensitivity. While using these products first notice how your skin reacting to it. If you find any above symptoms than decrease the dosage. Gradually your skin builds tolerance and your skin able to handle them.

    If you are allergic to any of these products it is best to seek doctor’s help before getting worse.

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    Retinols Vs Retinoids: Which Is Right For You?

    Usually, persons with acne, fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture problems are the candidates for using retinoids and retinols. This is the best ingredient for anti-aging skin. If you are having sensitive skin and having any skin issues like eczema would be careful while trying retinoid or retinol.

    It is best to advice that, people having sensitive skin to start with lower dosages until your skin adjusts to this product.

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    1.How much retinoid cream or serum should you use?

    Before you apply this cream make sure that your face is clean and free of makeup. A pea sized amount of cream is enough for the entire face, use along with moisturizer to reduce the side effects.

    2.What time of day should you use retinoid?

    These products should apply only at night time to receive maximum benefits as these products deactivates by the sun. To avail best benefits start using retinoids or retinols at night time.

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    3.When should you expect results?

    When you start using retinoids and retinols treatments always be patient, it will take time. With constant application it will take 12-16 weeks to see noticeable results. Consult a dermatologist before starting retinoid or retinol.

    Using of retinoids and retinols are very effective in reducing acne, wrinkles, early signs of aging and have many benefits. We always recommend that start with weaker one first and if you want to moves to the stronger one, consult a dermatologist for more guidance.

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