Is Acne Treatment Safe During Pregnancy?

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            Acne is very commonly seen during pregnancy in most of the women. Acne is common during first and second trimesters. Due to increase in hormones levels like androgen during pregnancy can cause the skin glands to produce more sebum. Sebum is an oily and waxy substance.

          Pregnancy and postpartum acne are meant to be temporary, as it is likely clear once your hormones return normal.


    What is Pregnancy Acne?

              Pregnancy acne, which means breakout of skin due to hormonal changes. Acne is very common during pregnancy. More than 60% of the women can face acne during their pregnancy. In some cases, acne may severe, in some cases, acne may be moderate.

    Pregnancy Acne Causes?

              The main cause for the pregnancy acne, when a woman is pregnant the increase in hormone levels in the first and second trimester. Skin produces higher level of natural oils. Acne may develop during first or second trimester it is very hard to predict. In some cases, acne may not develop. Managing acne during the time of pregnant is very difficult. Because any prescribed treatments and medications come with high risk of birth defects. Usually, one should avoid any medication at the time of pregnancy which may harm your baby.

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    Pregnancy Acne Treatments

              Pregnancy acne is a very common condition, usually seen in many women. It is temporary and usually goes away once your hormone levels return to normal. The safest method is to avoid any medications and chemical treatments, you can practice safe home remedies. Before starting any acne treatment when you are pregnant or planning to have a baby make sure to talk with your doctor and seek out which is best and safe treatment for you.

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    Pregnancy Acne Unsafe Treatments

               The main treatment for the acne is Isotretinoin is an oral medication that was the way where severe acne is treated. But it is very dangerous when you are pregnant. This drug can cause severe birth defects. Because the risks are very high, women who are taking this drug need to be on the forms of birth control starting at least 1 month before they begin treatment. And also, they need to stay on forms of birth control for at least 1 month after treatment ends. Women also must have pregnancy teste before and after treatment.

    Topical Acne Treatments

              Some experts may recommend some type of topical treatments which can be applied only to the skin like benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid. The medication applied to the skin may absorbed in to the body. No researches proved that these medications would not have increased risk to birth defects.

           But its important to remember many types of topical solutions have not been studied in pregnancy. So, make sure to talk with your doctor before staring any acne treatment.

    Prevention For Pregnancy Acne                               

                                                                                     Pregnancy acne is a very common condition, which can be solved after the child birth. Safest way for the prevention of pregnancy acne is to take good care for the skin. Here are some safest ways for the pregnancy acne;

    • Washing your face twice a day and after heavy sweating is necessary.
    • When you wash your face, use a gentle oil- free face wash or alcohol-free face wash or a cleanser.
    • While waging your face make sure that you are washing in a circular motion.
    • After washing, rinse your skin with luke warm water.
    • Use a clean cloth to dry your face or clean cotton pad.
    • After dry, apply moisturizer to the skin.
    • If you have oily skin try to shampoo your hair regularly it may Avoid oily skin.
    • Oily skin causes lots of acne.
    • Keep away your hands out off your face to avoid bacteria which is present in the fingers may entre.
    • Change your pillow case very often.
    • Don’t hold the cell phone against your face.
    • Avoid to squeeze or pop your pimples, which can result in permanent acne scars.
    • If you are using makeup, make sure that wash off your makeup before going to bed.

    Skin issues are more often during pregnancy and these issues are usually temporary. If you are facing such skin problems and tried many remedies which doesn’t show results speak with your doctor to find out pregnancy safe treatments. If you are experiencing any skin issues during pregnancy, consult with your doctor or dermatologist about your issues. Doctor will suggest you more other treatments which are more safe during pregnancy.


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