Best Indian Diet Plan to Lose 10Kgs in One Month


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    Are you searching online to find the right diet plan to lose weight? Across online, you may find 1000s of results that say – Eat this, Don’t Eat that! But losing weight can be difficult without a healthy and balanced diet plan. So thinking about how you can lose weight without comprising your health? That’s why; we have come up with this article. This article provides the Best Indian Diet Plan to lose 10kgs in one month. Follow this highly nutritious diet plan to overcome your weight problems and make you feel fit, healthy, slim, and beautiful. Just follow this diet plan for 30 days and see the difference in your weight.

    Best Indian Diet Plan

    Detox Drink

    Drinking detox drinks in the morning can help you flush away those unwanted toxins and fat from your body. Also, it boosts metabolism and helps your body to burn more calories at a faster rate. A few of the most common detox drinks are mentioned below:

    • Lemon Detox Drink
    • Ginger Detox Drink
    • Cumin Detox Drink
    • Apple Cider Vinegar Drink
    • Cucumber Detox Drink

    Morning Breakfast

    You need to keep the calorie count in mind while choosing the breakfast menu and the recipes should be less than 250 calories. You can choose anyone from the list given below:-

    • Oatmeal
    • Egg omelet with Green tea
    • Idli with Sambar
    • Apple Smoothie with Almonds
    • Vegetable Soup and Brown Bread

    Mid-Morning Snack Time

    Eating Mid-Morning snacks will keep you feel full and reduce your hunger pangs. For this morning snack time, you should keep in mind to take the calorie under 100

    • Green tea with a biscuit
    • Fruits
    • Hot Chocolate

    Lunch Time

    Since this is the main menu, you need to keep your diet in such a way as to intake nutritious food that makes you feel full and energetic. You can choose lunch recipes under 300 calories & make sure to choose foods that satisfy your taste buds and hunger.

    • Vegetable Soup
    • Grilled Salmon Fish with Steamed Rice
    • Roti (Wheat Chapathi) with Veg Curry
    • Egg Sandwich
    • Brown Rice, Dal and Curd Salad

    Evening Snack Time

    As like Mid-Morning snack, this is also important to satisfy your hunger pangs and keep in mind to choose snacks that are less than 100 calories

    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Lemon tea and wheat rusk
    • Nuts
    • Orange Juice
    • Grilled Brown Bread Sandwich

    Dinner Time

    Compared to all meal plans, dinner should be very light and easy to digest. You can try foods like:

    • Whole Wheat Vegetable Soup
    • Chicken Noodle Soup
    • Chapathi or Boiled Chicken

    Bed Time Drink

    Just a simple drink can make wonders! Thinking what it is? Just hot water! Drinking hot water before going to bed can help us sleep better and reduce weight by aiding fast digestion and melts down body fat.

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    Follow the Best Indian Diet Plan and Get Ready to Reduce 10kgs in One Month! If you need the help of a professional dietician to assist you in your weight loss journey, then visit ChooseClinic! Here you can find the best doctors & book for a FREE Assessment! We wish you all the best to get success in your weight loss journey!

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