How to Remove Sun Tan from Face and Body?


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    Everyone likes summer, as it is a great time to enjoy sunbath on beaches and spend your precious time outdoors! But it’s also the time for a suntan! Almost all individuals who live in tropical regions of the world face the common Skin Problem – Sun Tanning. But the misconception out there is – they think that they have to live with this tanning, as it can be removed. This is not true and its’ completely a MYTH. There are more options available to remove tanning, as it is caused due to pigmentation issues. Continue reading to find out the easy way on – How to Remove Sun Tan from Face and Body.

    What Is Tanning?

    Usually, people used to take sunbath to increase the skin pigment called melanin. And this increase in skin pigment results in Skin Tanning. Nowadays, people are also getting artificial skin tanning services with the use of a tanning lamp in tanning beds. So, the major reason behind tanning is excessive exposure to sunlight. Tanning can darken the skin on exposed areas such as the face, arms, hands, legs, bikini line, neck, and feet.

    How Does Tanning Happen?

    For instance: if you are taking a sunbath on the beach, you will be exposed to direct sunlight. Usually, the solar spectrum consists of UVA, UVB, and UVC. In this, UVB rays are very effective and this can burn the skin, while UVA rays can darken the skin and makes your skin look aged. When these UVA rays enter the layer of the skin, they induce the secretion of melanin by stimulating the production of melanocytes. And then due to oxidation, this excess melanin further darkens the skin and causes tanning. As this causes damage to collagen, it affects the skin’s look and texture by absorbing moisture from the skin.

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    Why Should You Treat Your Tanned Skin?

    If you are having tanned skin, it’s better to get proper treatment to remove skin tanning. Or else, in long run, you will experience skin damage, skin aging, skin acne issues, and also a negative impact on the immune system.

    How to Remove Sun Tan from Face and Body?

    There is a MYTH that sun tanning cannot be removed. But as I said before, it’s not true! We are here going to give you some tips on what you can do to reverse the sun-tanned skin to glowing skin. In the market, you can find more skincare products and lotions which will help to reduce the pigmentation caused due to suntan and control the secretion of melanin. You can also try exfoliating the dead skin cells and wash out the excess melanin accumulated in skin pores. This will give a uniform tone and texture to the skin and reduce the look of aging. Below we are going to share a few of the best skin tan removal treatments to remove skin tan from the face, neck, hands, and other parts of your body.

    Sun Tan Removal Treatments

    Laser Toning – This treatment on tan removal using laser rays should be administered by a specialized and experienced dermatologist. And this Laser Toning is the best and effective way to remove suntan. This treatment uses a laser device with a Q switched YAG Laser which helps to break down the pigmentation and which results in the reduction of suntan, dark spots, &, etc.

    Chemical Peels – This is the fast and easy way to remove the suntan and gives your skin a soft glowing look and feel the effect. For this tan removal treatment, your skin doctor will use a specific kind of acid that helps in the quick exfoliation of dead cells and regeneration of skin cells by removing the upper damaged skin layers. Also, this chemical peel treatment will work the best on dead skin layers that create excessive melanin.

    Microdermabrasion – This is also a kind of Skin Tan Removal treatment that is done by the method of exfoliation. This is very effective in removing tan and dead skin cells from skin layers.

    Alternative Methods To Get Rid Of Sun Tan

    Apart from the above-mentioned tan removal treatment, there are also few other DIY methods which you can try to get rid of those sun-tanned skin.

    Tan Removal Bleaches: In the market, you can find various types of suntan removal creams and bleaches. But unfortunately, all those products will give only the short-term solution. Usually, tanning affects the deep layers of the skin, but using tan removal products treats the upper layer of the skin and it won’t penetrate and treat the deeper layer of the skin. But using tan removal bleaches and creams will provide a handy & temporary solution. Also, since these products and creams are filled with chemical ingredients, it’s better to consult your dermatologist before choosing the one.

    Try Face Pack & Face Scrub: You can try different face packs and face scrubs which may work in a better way to remove those tanned layers from your skin. But, just like creams and bleaches, this will also be the short-term solution. As it will not do deep cleansing, applying face packs and scrubs will work effectively only on the top layers of the skin and keep further tanning at bay.

    While using alternative tan removal methods, you should be very careful and you should consult your skin doctor before you start using any one of them. The adverse effects of using those alternate methods may be – burning sensation, skin irritation, and allergies.

    Tan Removal Treatment Cost in India

    If you are looking to undergo tan removal treatment in India to get rid of those dark tanned skin, then it’s the right time to start! The cost of Sun Tan Removal Treatment in India starts from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000. Also, it should be noted that the cost of the treatment varies based on the experience and expertise of the doctors; treatment options, technology used for treatment, target area, and the severity of the suntan.

    Also, the pricing will also differ based on the locality of the clinic which you choose!

    How to Prevent Sun Tanning?

    Suffering from suntan and tired with its removal process? It’s not too late! Take precautions from now on and to stop & prevent skin tanning. Follow the simple preventative measures mentioned below:-

    • Before you stepping out in sun, apply for sunscreen lotion with an SPF above 30; at least 20-30 minutes prior leaving outdoors
    • Try to avoid going out during the peak hours of sunlight; as the sun rays will be very effective and can damage your skin very easily
    • Wear clothes that can fully protect your skin against sun tan
    • Use stoles, broad hat, sunglasses and full sleeves dress, when you are out in the sun.

    Now, you are geared up with preventative measures to keep your skin away from skin tan. With all these measures, you are all set to go out; but please not let the hot sun rays damage your skin.

    If you’re looking for a professional sun tan removal treatment to say bye-bye to that dark sun-kissed skin; seek help from experienced dermatologists at ChooseClinic today!  Book your FREE Consultation now!

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