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    For people in Asian subcontinents, especially in India, complexion matters a lot for beauty. A good skin tone is always appreciated. Most Indians care for their complexion to be an essential feature to call themselves beautiful after seeing in the mirror. And that is how skin whitening treatments came into existence and gained enough popularity in India. It is a promising technique to enhance facial beauty among the beauty-conscious masses.

    Along with the growing popularity of skin whitening treatments, many clinics are coming into existence, offering different treatments to brighten skin or to provide an even skin complexion. But is skin whitening treatment right for you? If yes, how to get it done? How much does it cost? How to find the best clinic for skin whitening treatment? 

    We know you have a heck of a lot of questions regarding skin whitening treatment.

    In this article, we will give you all the information you need about skin whitening treatment in India.

    skin whitening treatment in hyderabad

    What Is Skin Whitening Treatment?

    People with dark complexion produce the pigment called melanin more than people with lighter skin tone. And the quantity of melanin present in a person’s skin depends upon the genetic build-up. But the production of melanin can be affected by other factors, including exposure to the sun, chemicals, and the degree of damaged skin.

    Often people opt for skin whitening treatments to deal with other problems such as age spots, moles, acne, freckles, and birthmarks alongside people who like to have fair skin, especially those with a darker skin tone. Reducing the quantity of melanin in a person’s skin is the only way to whiten their skin tone. Therefore, skin whitening treatment determines the lessening the quantity of melanin in a person’s skin.

    What Are The Different Types Of Skin Whitening Treatments In Hyderabad?

    Different treatments are available to achieve your desired skin tone according to your needs. A dermatologist or aesthetician can suggest the correct skin lightening procedure on a specified body part. Skin whitening treatment can be done on your face, hands, legs, and back- especially in areas exposed to the sun.

    Some of the most common skin whitening treatments are as follows:

    Chemical Peel: 

    Chemical peels help eliminate the melanin build-up and allow healthy tissues to appear on the surface. In this procedure, your dermatologist will apply a solution containing alpha-hydroxy acids derived from natural sources to exfoliate the dark upper layer of your skin. Three different chemical peels are based on their concentration- light, medium, and deep.

    A chemical peel is probably the mildest option to whiten your skin by effectively reducing blemishes, dark spots, and tanning and improving your skin tone.

    Chemical peels are generally suitable for facial skin and hand whitening procedures.

    Laser Treatment: 

    Laser treatment is one of the safest skin whitening procedures for the face and other body areas. Dermatologists use a concentrated beam of light to minimize the melanin build-up in your skin. As a result, your skin appears brighter and healthier than before. Laser treatment can effectively reduce skin concerns, including dark spots, suntanning, pigmentation, dull skin, and more, and the regenerated skin looks flawless.

    Skin Whitening Injections: 

    Skin whitening injections are also considered to be one of the most effective skin whitening treatments. The injections contain glutathione, which is an agent proven to minimize the production of tyrosinase. This enzyme increases the melanin level in your skin. These injections are also believed to detoxify your body and protect the skin from harmful UV rays alongside enhancing your skin tone. 

    According to natural medicine, a comprehensive database of skin whitening injections is safe. But some studies also suggest that a high dosage of glutathione can be unsafe and cause severe side effects. Currently, many evidence-based studies are going on to ascertain glutathione results. Many skin whitening clinics in India advise skin whitening injections. You can make an informed decision after knowing more about those injections.


    Arbutin is a trendy ingredient used in many skin-lightening products available on the market. Arbutin is also used in anti-pigmentation solutions and helps lighten the skin color and effectively reduces freckles, aging spots, stretch marks, etc.

    Skin Whitening Products: 

    Numerous chemical-based skin whitening products are available on the market. Most have ingredients like retinol, arbutin, hydroquinone, azelaic acid, glycolic acid, kojic acid, etc. Most of these chemical components have bleaching properties and can lighten your skin tone immediately. But do they offer lasting results? Well, no study advocates the efficacy of skin whitening products; therefore, these are not advisable for long-term use.

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    Skin Whitening Surgery: 

    Nowadays, people take a tremendous interest in medically invasive procedures to treat their skin pigmentary concerns. But there is no such surgery for skin whitening. Therefore, other skin whitening treatments, including laser toning and chemical peels, are considered safe and effective in-clinic procedures performed by experienced dermatologists and estheticians, and none require hospitalization.

    What Is The Best Skin Whitening Treatment In Hyderabad?

    Amongst many skin whitening treatment procedures, the laser is one of the most popular and best treatments for skin whitening. Laser treatments are effective enough to treat diverse skin conditions such as melasma, dark spots, uneven skin tones, fine lines, and wrinkles. And in this procedure, the dermatologist uses short beams of laser light to eliminate the upper layer of the skin and bring out the lower layer on the upper side of the epidermis.

    Laser skin whitening treatment was introduced early in the 1980s. In the beginning, it was applied with the help of carbon dioxide lasers. And at the start, there were many harmful side effects of laser skin whitening treatment on patients. With time, dermatologists modified the technology and successfully developed the latest range of erbium and CO2 lasers that can deliver quicker and more effective results than before.

    There are mainly three types of laser treatment available, including:

    • Ablative laser resurfacing
    • Non-Ablative laser resurfacing
    • Fractional skin resurfacing

    Mainly non-ablative and fractional skin resurfacing laser procedures are used for skin whitening treatment. And in both methods, the dermatologists insert laser lights into the patient’s skin without disturbing the upper layer. They keep the outermost layer of the skin as safe as possible and affect the inner skin cells.

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    What Is The Cost Of Skin Whitening Treatment In Hyderabad?

    Though laser skin whitening is the most popular and effective treatment in India, many people still opt for other skin whitening procedures such as chemical peels and skin lightening injections. The average cost of chemical pales ranges from ₹2000 to ₹6000. The cost of laser skin whitening treatment can be anywhere between ₹4000 to ₹30,000, and skin lightening injections generally range from ₹6000 to ₹40,000.

    What Factors Determine The Price Of Skin Whitening Treatment In Hyderabad?

    Surprisingly the price of skin whitening treatments is not the same everywhere in India. And sometimes, the difference in pricing is unbelievable. But what are the factors that determine the price? Or why do those skin-lightening treatment prices vary? Well, there are a few factors that contribute to the price of skin whitening treatments in India, such as:

    Your skin type: Every time a patient visits the dermatologist for a skin whitening treatment procedure, the dermatologist needs to customize the treatment based on the individual’s skin type. The severity of the problem is among the primary contributing factor to skin whitening treatment prices. Suppose your skin has other skin concerns alongside uneven skin tone. In that case, you might need several sessions to raise your skin whitening treatment budget.

    The Area Of Skin: The size of the target area is an essential factor in determining the price of the procedure. In general, skin whitening treatment for your face is way less expensive than skin whitening treatment for larger areas of the body, including arms, legs, and back.

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    Geographical Location Of The Clinic: This is a major contributing factor to the skin-whitening treatment prices. If you are residing in the most prominent locations of India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, you might need to set a higher budget for your skin whitening treatment as compared to other cities of India. The good news is that clinics in those cities are equipped with advanced technologies and modalities to enhance the overall experience of the treatment.

    For How Long Does The Result Of Skill Lightning Treatment Last?

    The results of skill whitening treatment can last for a few months and sometimes for a few years. Your dermatologist will recommend you some of the following tips to maintain the results of your skill whitening treatment, including:

    • Altering your lifestyle
    • Protecting your skin with a good sunscreen
    • Following a daily skincare routine
    • Going for maintenance skin whitening sessions from time to time
    • Increasing the intake of water
    • Consuming a balanced diet

    The result of chemical peels and bleaching agents are not permanent. However, laser skin whitening treatment brings relatively long-term solutions to your skin. Laser skin whitening treatment can also remove tattoos, suntan, melasma, and birthmarks.

    How To Prepare For A Skin Whitening Treatment Session?

    Schedule An Appointment

    The first step towards whitening and brightening skin is to schedule an appointment with a qualified dermatologist in your area and share your skin concerns with them. After discussing with your dermatologist, they will suggest the best preparation method. To get a clearer idea about your skin whitening goal, it is better to carry a picture with you of a person with the desired skin tone that you want.

    Do Not Go Out In The Sun: 

    To keep your skin brightened and protected against any possible damage, it is always recommended to keep your sun exposure to a bare minimum. Your dermatologist might ask you to stay away from sunlight a few days before your skin whitening treatment session.

    Apply The Right Products On Your Skin

    You might need to apply a few lotions and creams before the skin whitening treatment. Do not apply anything apart from what is suggested by your dermatologist.

    Reduce Smoking And Alcohol Consumption

    Before the skin whitening procedure and after the session, your doctor might ask you to reduce or completely stop alcohol consumption and smoking.

    How Long Does It Take To Recover After A Skin Whiting Treatment Session?

    The time it takes to recover after a skin whitening treatment entirely depends upon the type of treatment you undergo. It may take only one day or two to recover if you are going for a skin whitening laser session. But if you go for a chemical peel treatment, it may take up to a week to recover as your skin will be flaky for a specific time. However, the recovery time depends on the specific post-treatment guidelines to prevent sunburn, darkening, irritation, and more.

    What Are The Side Effects Of Skin Whitening Treatments?

    Though most of the skin whitening procedures we talked about earlier are safe for your skin, sometimes, when the patients opt for the cheapest clinic for a skin whitening treatment and become prey to bad treatment experiences, they face some fatal side effects, including:

    • Bruising of the skin
    • Dryness
    • Increased sensitivity to sunlight
    • Increased swelling
    • Scarring of the skin surface and feeling of tightness
    • Skin infections that can bring significant changes to their skin texture
    • Irritation and redness
    • Hyperpigmentation and hyperpigmentation issues

    How To Find The Best Clinic For Skin Whitening Treatment?

    When it is about your skin, you must not take any risks. Therefore, it is always better to be double sure about the clinic you choose for the treatment. Here are a few things to remember while choosing the best skin whitening treatment clinic for yourself.

    Ask About The Team: As we mentioned earlier, choosing the right dermatologist for the skin whitening treatment procedure can help you stay protected against possible side effects. Though skin whitening treatments are sometimes considered outpatient procedures, it is still medical procedure. It must be done by a licensed professional.

    Know About What Types Of Equipment Used: There are many types of chemical peels and lasers available for your different needs. It will help you if you ask about the machines that your treatment center will use and avoid a place where the machines and treatment procedures are outdated.

    Know About The Cost: Costing is a massive consideration for skin whitening treatment. As we mentioned earlier, the price might vary at different clinics situated at different locations. Once you determine the top three best skin whitening treatment clinics, ask for their price list. It would help you to come prepared with your money.


    If you are in Hyderabad, has a vast list of clinics that offer skin whitening treatment in your area. You can simply choose a clinic from the convenience of your home. Check our website and choose the best skin whitening treatment clinic in your area.

    Best Clinics for Skin Whitening Treatment in Hydeabad

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    Kolors Health Care Hyderabad

    Kolors Kothapet, Hyderabad

    Kolors Miyapur, Hyderabad

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