Q- Switched Laser Treatment for Pigmentation Reduction

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        Q- Switched Lasers are also known as insta clarity laser treatment. It is the latest technology and very effective to treat uneven skin tone, removes dark spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, tattoos on the skin. It enhances and rejuvenates the skin from deeper layers. It also helps in giving you flawless skin. Q-Switched lasers are very safe for any skin types.

       Pigmentation of your caused by the excessive release of melanin in an area of your skin, as a result that area of your skin become darker than usual. Pigmentation caused due to internal factors and external factors like sun exposure.

    qswitch for pigmentation

    About The Q-Switched Laser Treatment

      Q-Switched laser is used for many procedures, they create high speed pulses and targets the pigmented aeras and dark spots of the skin from inside. The pigmented skin absorbs the laser energy and gradually gives to even and smooth skin tone.

      Lasers give effective results as it is treated internally whereas peels and facial s cannot go deep int o the skin. An experienced technician performs the procedure and increased exposure can damage your skin. Lasers provide quick recovery for the damaged cells and rejuvenates the skin surface from inside.

      This procedure takes 6 to 8 sessions for the effective results. There is no down time you may return to your regular work after completion of the session. Laser cannot burn your skin, if you are having a sensitive skin, you may feel a tingling and light pricking sensation. It is a safest procedure this is used to remove tattoos and dark spots without damaging your skin.

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    Benefits Of Q-Switched Treatment

      Q-Switched laser is very beneficial, you can see best results with a single session where your dark sports get lighter. Doctor can suggest you how many sessions will require for your skin based on the pigmentation. For every session you will notice huge results.

      With Q-Switched treatment you can get 100% results such as freckle free skin, even skin tone etc. If you take proper post care the results of this treatment lasts for years.

    What To Expect After The Q-Switched Treatment?

        When you undergo the procedure, your skin may turn in to grey or white for few minutes this is due to the skin absorbs laser energy. If your skin has a lot of pigments, you might have a bruise at the site of treated skin. Your skin may get blisters to create crusting it may last for days. I t tales up to 7 to 10 days to heal your skin completely.

       As the treated skin turns in to pinkish colour due to pigmentation and later it will blend with the skin. In some cases, the skin takes one to two weeks for healing and some times it may get sun damage also. It takes some time for the pigmentation to resolve in to the skin and become normal healed form.

    Pre and Post Laser care For Q-Switched Treatment

    Pre-Laser Care

    • Do not tan or bleach your skin when you are planning to go for a Q-Switched Treatment.
    • Do not apply facial creams or under go facial just before the treatment.
    • Do not take aspirin related drugs and products for about 2 weeks.

    Post-Laser Care

    • T cover the effects of the treatment you can use makeup.
    • Do not expose to the sun directly.
    • It may take 10 to 14 days to remove the dark colour scab, so post care is more important follow the doctor’s prescribed medication.

    It is important to learn the pre and post care to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

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    What are the risks and side effects?

        A red or brown spot may appear on the surface of the skin where the treatment gets done. This new spot is temporary and goes away by its own.

     Proper skin care and not exposure of the sun is necessary. Infections and chance of getting scar is very rare in this treatment.

    The potential risks and side effects are disused and explained with you before performing the procedure by your dermatologist or medical adviser. So, you do not need to worry about it.

     Pros and Cons of Q-Switch Laser

       Q-Switched laser treatment for skin lightening is one of the highly recommended by the people. Due to its long-lasting results. It can reduce very stubborn and dark spots from your skin and also very capable to heal them properly.

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    Here are some pros and corns of the Q-Switched laser treatment;


    • Q-Switch laser can remove acne scars and heals the cells completely to give you even skin and flawless skin.
    • It also tightens the skin and gives you sagging free look.
    • It also heals wrinkles, and removes dark spots from your skin.
    • It treats the pigmentation tissues and gives to even skin colour.
    • It also rejuvenates the skin tissues and makes your skin looks younger.
    • It also come up with minimal side effects to the skin.
    • It also decreases the growth of the unwanted and can removes from the root.
    • It is very effective in the removal of tattoo also.
    • It also eliminates dead skin cells and reduces uneven skin tone.


    • It may have pain during the procedure.
    • Pain happens when you have a sensitive skin and if you are skin is very saggy.
    • It is more effective treatment with minimal side effects.
    • The cost of this treatment is affordable with promising results.
    • Based on the reputation of the clinic and the experience of the doctor who is performing the procedure may vary the cost of the treatment.
    • You might get blemishes and cause skin damage just after the treatment and it is reduced gradually with in one to two weeks.
    • The healing time is not same for every person, it depends on the skin type and severity.

    If there is any restriction for getting the treatment?

       There is no restriction for getting this treatment, if anyone having wrinkles, tattoos, melasma, uneven skin tone, dark spots can opt for this Q-Switched treatment. There are specific requirements and no downtime for this treatment. Laser is the safest method, as it does not damage your skin. So, one can opt this treatment without any doubts.

    Q-Switched laser treatment is very effective in treating melanin, dark spots, tattoos etc. It is the safest procedure also. If you are looking for the best clinic for your skin related problems, Choose clinic is the one stop destination for all your skin related problems.

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