How To Get Rid Of Milia Bumps?

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    If you notice little bumps or small clusters especially on your cheeks and around your eyes. Sometimes this little bumps often seen in new-born’s face and they eventually disappear over a period of time. These little spots are white in colour or in skin colour and they are called as milk spots and milia. Milia bumps are a type of acne breakout in adults. If you experience with tiny clusters on your cheek or around your eyes? Here in this article, you can get a complete guidance of milia bumps and getting rid of this skin condition either on your own or by seeking help of your dermatologist.

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    What Is Milia?

    How To Get Rid Of Milia Bumps?

    Milia are tiny cysts which are found under the surface of your skin. Many people mistaken that it is a type of acne breakouts and try to pop it. It is very difficult to pop milia bumps unlike acne, as it consists of protein called keratin, you know how keratin helps for the hair, but keratin make up your skins outermost layer and gradually build up your skin which leads to bumps. If you try to pop the milia it will remain permanent scar. Milia bumps occur when skin cells don’t turn over is rapidly enough and also build-up keratin protein which is found in the skin and it get trapped and hardens the skin and leads to bumps, it can last for years if not treated properly.

    What are different types of milia?

    Milia Bumps

    Milia is classified in to two categories, they are primary milia and secondary milia.

    Primary milia:

    Primary milia is seen in both infants and in adults. In new-borns milia generally disappear by their own within few weeks. In adults primary milia can occur due to heavy facial creams and oils in your skin care regime. When we grow older, we don’t exfoliate away our skin cells as naturally when we are in our younger days. Heavy oil-based creams can weigh down these surface cells by trapping them and results in forming milia.

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    Secondary milia:

    Secondary milia happens when your skin traumatized such as burns, severe rash, sometimes laser treatment may also develop milia. When your skin heals after the trauma the pore become clogged which leads to trapping of dead skin cells and keratin protein.

    Causes and Risk Factors of Milia

    Usually, our body sheds dead skin cells in order to produce new or fresh skin cells. Milia happens when the accumulation of dead skin cells under the new skin and form a milia.

    Milia also occurs following reasons;

    • When there is a skin damage like a rash, injury, sun burn etc.
    • Usage of steroids for long time.
    • Genetics
    • Also, an autoimmune condition.

    Infants or babies are most likely prone with milia. However, this skin condition gets normal over a period of time.

    Home remedies to remove milia under the eye – How To Get Rid Of Milia Bumps?

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    Usually, milia can clear up with in period of time there is no treatment necessary for milia. If milia under your eyes bother you, you can try some home remedies that are mentioned below.

    Clean and exfoliate the skin: Milia bumps happens under the eyes and on the face due to the excess keratin gets trapped under the skin. You can try war clean cloth to exfoliate the affected area may get rid of dead skin cells and helps in bringing the trapped keratin to the surface, you should repeat this method regularly until milia bumps get disappear.

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    Steam: Steaming can help in exfoliating the dead skin cells. While taking hot bath and hot shower running creates an easy steam treatment at home. You can also use steamers which are easily available in the market to exfoliate dead skin cells.

    Manuka honey: Manuka honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which can help to prevent irritation and further infection. You can try DIY face mask with the manuka honey too, especially this mask is very help full when you try to pop or squeeze the milia bump.

    Avoid picking or poking:

    Do not pick and avoid poking milia bumps, leave them alone helps to heal faster. If you pick milia bumps at certain point they likely to become irritated, infection and scarring.

    Products to try:

    You can purchase the products over-the-counter to treat milia under eyes. This part is very sensitive you should choose a safe product to treat. Make sure that products that are specifically made and sold for milia under the eyes.

    You can find these ingredients in topical products like, glycolic acid, lactic acid which can promote healthy skin. You can find these ingredients in astringents, face toners, masks, skin peels etc.

    Salicylic acid treatments help to peel away dead skin cells and also releases the trapped keratin within the skin layers. You can find the salicylic acid in exfoliating cream and cleansers.

    You can find retinoid like adapalene and retinol over the counter (chemist shops) which encourage the turnover of cells and reduces the stickiness of cells in your pores. These retinoids help in bringing the trapped cells and toxins to the skin surface.

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    Medical treatments to remove milia under the eyes

    Dermatologists helps by removing milia under your eyes by using the following procedures:

    Deroofing: Deroofing is a procedure in which a sterilized needle is used to remove the milia carefully from under eyes.

    Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy is the most frequently used treatment to remove milia, in this procedure liquid nitrogen freezes the milia and destroy them. This treatment is not always recommended close to the eyes. However, your doctor will suggest you with the right treatment.

    Laser ablation: In this treatment a small laser focuses on the milia which helps in open the cysts and get rid of keratin which builds underneath the skin.

    Milia in children can clear up within few weeks. It takes few up to few months to heal in adults and also depends on the severity.

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    How to prevent milia

    Milia cannot be prevented totally, in adults good skin care help to prevent milia and other skin care conditions.

    • Milia happens when you have continuous sun exposure and your skin becomes harder, usage of sunscreen and moisturizer keeps your skin soft and hydrated. Usage of sunscreen during winters and indoors too. Avoid thick creams or ointments this can irritate your skin and can clog your pores.
    • Always keep your face clean, dirt and sweat will build up and can clog the pores it leads to acne and skin related problems.
    • Always follow daily skin care regime to protect your skin from pollution, sunrays etc.
    • Using serums containing vitamin E and vitamin A can used under the eyes. Serums can lock in moisture and also promotes cell growth.
    • Make sure that your diet includes enough vitamins, if you are worried about that you aren’t getting enough vitamins, you can take oral supplements like vitamin E, vitamin B etc.

    In some cases, milia may reoccur this may be the symptom of another skin conditions like dandruff or rosacea etc. Take suggestions of your dermatologists about any concerns. They can help you out finding the best treatment for you. To book an appointment with choose clinic with best dermatologists call us on 636 636 3333.


    Can I use makeup over milia?

    It is your wish to cover the milia bumps with foundation or concealer. Kindly choose the makeup products that are hypoallergenic and that won’t clog your pores.

    Covering milia with a heavy layer of makeup can clog your pores, a light powder-based makeup under your eyes is recommend and less noticeable.

    How long do milia last?

    When milia left untreated, it can last up to a few months to years. Secondary milia which forms on the skin can be permanent.

    Can you extract milia at home?

    It is difficult to extract milia at home even with the right tools may lead to skin damage and skin scarring. It is always recommended to visit dermatologist to remove the milia, they will treat you the best.


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