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Hair ReGrowth Treatment in Hyderabad

Hair Regrowth Treatment In Hyderabad
Hair is said to be the crown of the head and it enhances your beauty. Hair plays major role in our day-to-day life. Hair is an emotion to many people. If we observe any hair fall or thinning of the hair, we feel sad about it. It may affect our lifestyle and also might feel us depressed. Hair fall may be common, but sudden lose of hair leads to thinning of hair and we should take care for it, if we do not react early to it, this may lead to balding of hair in most cases both in men and women.
Choose clinic offers you with best hair regrowth treatments in Hyderabad, which is fast, effective, easy and affordable. These topical treatments are very effective at the early stages and lessen the severity of hair fall or hair loss.
What Are The Factors That Causes Hair Fall?
The factors that cause hair fall are:
• Heredity
• Hormonal imbalance
• Lack of proper nutrition
• Stress
• Under medication
• Pregnancy
• Smoking
• Lack of hair hygiene
• Some cosmetic dyes
• Harsh Chemical shampoos
• Deficiency of iron, Vitamin B And D
Sometimes hair loss cane be permanent and temporary the signs include symptoms like
• Thinning of hair
• Breaking of hair
• Hair loss in patches
• Receding hairline
• Bald spots
• Gradual thinning on the top and temples
• Hair becomes brittle.
Hair Regrowth Treatment In Hyderabad
Advanced growth factor treatment works best for the hair thinning and hair loss problems. It is a non-surgical treatment. In this treatment a person’s own blood is drawn and processed and reinjected in to the scalp. Growth factors are the processed blood which contains proteins and healing proteins. These growth factors trigger the hair growth and helps in regrowth of the hair by repairing the follicle of the hair. Number of sessions 4-6 required and each session will be performed once a month, The number of sessions may vary from person to person. 3-4 are required for noticeable results.
• It is safe
• Takes 30-60 minutes
• Non-surgical treatment
• Less risk of infections
• Affordable

Choose clinic offers you wide range of best hair regrowth treatment across Hyderabad. Our expert team with experienced dermatologists, trichologists will provide you the best possible results. Our dermatologists first examine your hair and scalp and also your medical history to suggest you the best possible treatments. Sometimes they even suggest blood tests to analyse your problem.
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Hair Growth Treatment in Hyderabad

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