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    Every one of us would like to have our body look beautiful. Right? But hair growth on our body is the natural phenomenon and we just can’t stop the hair growth. Every month we go to the beauty parlour to remove hair from different parts of our body through waxing. It is not at a fun job to do but a very painful job which we have to do continuously.


    Some of the disadvantages of applying wax on your body are as follows:-

    1. Waxing can burn your skin
    2. Waxing can damage the tissue cells
    3. Some Wax contains chemicals which can react with the skin and cause skin problems
    4. Waxing can cause skin darkening
    5. Waxing can bruise your skin
    6. Waxing is very painful
    7. The heat of the waxing swells the tissue due to which it becomes more difficult to remove the hair and pain increases.
    8. Waxing can also cause discolouration
    9. Waxing can leave the skin dry and itchy
    10. Waxing is time-consuming job

    Some of the women do not go beauty parlours but they remove hair from their body through shaving.


    Some of the disadvantages of doing a shaving for removing the hair from the body are:-

    1. The hairs grow very fast so shaving is required in every 4-5 days
    2. Shaving makes the skin itchy and little dry
    3. Shaving can lead to ingrown hairs
    4. Shaving is not suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin as shaving also remove a thin layer of skin while removing hair which can lead to irritated and red skin
    5. Too much shaving can leave some dark spots on your skin
    6. Shaving is not safe as it can even cut your skin if not done attentively
    7. Shaving can also cause skin infections
    8. Shaving is Time-consuming job

    Waxing and Shaving are the two methods which we are doing from years and years to remove hair from our body. But if we see closely, it is very time consuming and they have to do very frequently and lastly, it costs money also. Full body waxing cost around min 1500 to 2000. If you are using Rica wax, chocolate wax then even it can reach 3000 rs.

    Good quality Shaving razors for women costs around 400-500 rupees and it is recommended to use to only 3-4 times from one razor. So razor blade costs around 250 rupees. Shaving has to be done frequently than Waxing.

    So start calculating how much you spend in a year on doing a waxing in a parlour or buying women shaving razors.


    full body laser hair removal in hyderabad

    The ultimate solution for the removal of hair from the body is LASER TECHNOLOGY.

    LASER HAIR REMOVAL is the now the cutting edge technology nowadays in India. Many of you must have heard about this laser hair removal technology but how many of you really know about this technology?


    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is a full form of LASER.

    LASER is a device that with the process of optical amplification emits the light. This process of optical amplification is based on electromagnetic radiation emission.

    The LASER device was first built in the year 1960 by Theodore H. Maiman. One of the main features of LASER is that it can be focused on a specific area  & this is the reason LASER is very much used for the laser cutting and for the lithography.

    LASER technology in the field of medicine has made the surgeries fast and less complicated. Many surgeries are done by the laser such as Cataract, removal of kidney stone, gallbladder stone, treatment of cancer by destroying of tumours and also the cosmetic treatments such as treatment of acne, cellulite, full body hair removal, specific body part hair removal and any more…


    Presently Laser hair removal has become very popular hair removing procedure. The hair is taken out from the skin through the exposure of the laser light pulses. These light pulses make the hair follicles completely inactive.

    You must be thinking that If I am talking about hair removal then by default it will for women. Majority of the talks about hair removal is done with Women but Laser hair removal can be done by men as well. Men can’t do waxing and shaving on their hands because the hairs on their body are far thicker than the hair on a woman’s body.


    laser hair removal in hyderabad
    • SPEED:- Every pulse of the laser takes only a fraction of second & laser can attend numerous hairs at a time. Small spots like the upper lip can be treated in a minute or less and can treat large areas like the back or the legs in an hour.

    Read more about Laser Hair Removal Cost in Hyderabad

    • GROWTH OF HAIR:- The growth of the hair reduce a lot after doing the 3-4 laser sessions. So there is no need to go to the parlour every month for removing the body hair
    • INGROWN HAIRS:- There are no ingrown hairs problem in Laser like in Waxing and Shaving.
    • PAIN:- The pain is very much less as compared to that in waxing. The patient can feel little discomfort during the process.
    • SMOOTH SKIN:– After the laser treatment the skin becomes very soft and also the laser treatment improved the appearance of the skin
    • GENDER:- Laser hair removal is suitable for both men & women.


    You must be thinking that after doing the laser treatment all the hairs from the body will be removed. Right? Actually NO.

    There are basically two types of hair follicles:-

    1. Terminal follicles
    2. Vellus follicles

    Vellus follicles are the very fine hairs which cover each and every inch of your body except your palms and the soles of your feet. Vellus hairs are so fine that they are sometimes not visible and it is very difficult to remove them from the body. These hairs do not have so much pigmentation.

    Terminal hairs are thicker hairs which are on your head, legs, back and face. These thicker hairs have pigmentation and therefore they are dark and since they are thick lasers can target on them.

    Lasers target on Terminal hairs and not on Vellus hairs. The laser removes those hairs which more visible and dark.

    For Women, the Full body laser hair removal package mostly includes the chest, whole back, underarms, abdomen, full legs, bikini line, perianal, buttocks.

    For men, the Full body laser hair removal package mostly includes the chest, whole back, upper arms, abdomen and shoulders.


    • After all, it’s our body and it has a limit. There is a limit on how much laser rays can be given to the body. If too many rays are a target on a body then it will be unsafe.
    • Full body laser hair removal cannot be done in one session. It is recommended by the doctors to select a small area of the body in one session. That means multiple sessions are required to remove hairs from different parts of the body.
    • You have to wait for some weeks to start seeing the results. Patience is important in this case.



    Now the technology has been so advanced that it does not matter what is your skin complexion and colour of your hairs on your body. You can still do full body hair removal.

    But If you have a light complexion and hair colour of your skin is dark then it is perfect for you to go for Full body laser hair removal.


    It is possible to go for your Full body laser hair removal in Hyderabad. There are many top clinics have opened in Hyderabad which performs the laser hair removal in a very effective and proper way. They have a team of experts and good instruments to perform the Laser hair removal process.

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