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    About Hair Removal:-

    It is a story of most of the women that when we have to go out for a party or a vacation or a get together the first thing we see is the hair growth on our hands, legs, upper lip, around eyebrows and ask question to ourselves “Do I need a waxing or threading?” check ? Or not check? And if the answer is ‘not check’ then we go to the parlour to get off our hair. Nowadays DIY (do it yourself) is common so some of us do waxing and threading at home only.

    When we reach puberty then the hair on our body become more visible. In our modern society for women, it is not all right to have hair on the body. Nowadays it is very important for women to remove hair every month is now a must-do part of the beauty routine

    Epilation or depilation is another name of Hair Removal. Hair removal simply means the removal of the hair which grows on the human body. Hair grows on different parts of the body like hands, legs, forehead, cheeks and many more places.

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    Methods of Hair Removal

    There are many different methods of removing the hair from our body. Some of the commonly used hair removal methods are:-

    • Laser Hair Removal
    • Shaving
    • Threading
    • Waxing
    • Plucking
    • Depilatory Creams
    • Electrolysis


    What is Laser???

    LASER is basically a device which emits light through the procedure of optical Amplification which is based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.

    The very first LASER was built in the year 1960 at Hughes Research Laboratories by Theodore H. Maiman. The feature of LASER is that it can be focused on a particular spot and therefore it is used for laser cutting and also lithography.

    laser hair removal in hyderabad

    Lasers have numerous uses in the field of medicine such as laser eye surgery laser healing, treatment of kidney stone & cosmetic skin treatments like the treatment of acne, cellulite & striae reduction and also hair removal. Lasers are also used in the treatment of cancer by shrinking or destroying the tumours or the precancerous growths.


    LASER Hair Removal

     Laser hair removal is the procedure of removal of hair through the exposure to the pulses of laser light which due to heat make the follicle of hair inactive. The pigment which is present in the follicles absorb the light and this makes the hair follicle inactive. Laser hair removal was tested for approximately twenty years before it became commercial in the year 1995 – 1996. In the year 1997, the United States Food & Drug Administration sanctioned this technique of removing the hair. Laser hair removal is now one of the most remarkably used cosmetic procedures in the USA and now rapidly it is acquiring the Indian market.

    The traditional hair removing methods remove the hair but the hair comes in a short span of time. In waxing hair start becoming visible between 15 days to 30 days and in shaving hair start becoming visible from Day 2 only. Now Laser hair removal is the most emerging hair removal technique because in this the growth of hair almost reduces by 95% and secondly, the need of another laser hair removal session is only after 6months to 12months depending upon the frequency of hair growth in our body. This means laser hair removal is a long lasting technique and we can waxing, shaving from our beauty routine checklist.

    Comparison with the most used hair removal techniques:-

    S No. Hair Removal Techniques Their Effect Hair Regrowth/Pain LASER
    1 Shaving  Shaving is the easiest and general way of removing the hair. Shaving is done with a razor.     Shaving removes the hair temporary and hair starts growing within 2 days only.   There is no pain in shaving LASER technique reduces the hair regrowth to a great extent   Hair regrows between 6 months to 12 monthsLASER is not painful, there will be only little discomfort.    
    2 Waxing In Waxing hot wax is applied on the skin and then peeled off by the cloth strips Waxing removes the hair temporary and hair starts growing between 15 days to 1 month   Waxing is painful
    3 Plucking In plucking the hair is plucked with the help of plucker Plucking is also temporary and hair starts growing within 10 days   Plucking is painful

    Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

    • Precision:- As mentioned before one of the features of the laser is that it can be focused on a particular area. Lasers point to dark and coarse hairs and it leaves the encircling skin unharmed.
    • Speed:- Each and every pulse of the laser only takes a fraction of a second and at the same time it can treat numerous hairs. Each second the laser can approximately treat an area of the size of a quarter. Small areas like the upper lip, forehead can be treated in even less than one minute, and large areas like the legs or the back can take up to one hour.
    • Predictability:- Majority of the patients have experienced permanent hair loss after three to six sessions.
    • Painfree:- There is no pain in this treatment. Some people may feel some tingling sensation or may feel little discomfort due to the heat from the laser.
    • Inexpensive:- In the long run it is cheaper than the money which spent on the other hair removal methods

    Laser Hair Removal Preparation

    • Laser hair removal basically a medical process which requires immense training to execute because it also carries some possible risks. Before taking a decision of doing the laser hair removal one must intensively check the documents of the doctor who is going to perform the process of hair removal.
    • Anyone who is planning for laser hair removal must limit waxing and plucking for a minimum of six weeks before the treatment. This is because the laser spots the roots of the hair which are removed for a short time by waxing or by plucking.
    • One must also avoid the exposure of the sun for about six weeks before also after the laser treatment. Exposure of the sun makes the treatment of laser hair removal less effective & more likely it increases the complications after the treatment

    Chosing Laser Hair Removal Treatment clinic

    One should keep the following things in mind before booking the clinic for treatment:-

    • Laser hair removal is unlike waxing, plucking and shaving which can be done at home or at a beauty parlour without any training. Hair removal through the Laser treatment must be done by the trained experts or doctors. It may cost little more but it is far good than skin getting damaged
    • Properly check the hygiene of the clinic
    • Get the proper information about pre-treatment and post-treatment procedures
    • Assistance to the client after the treatment if any complexity arises.

    During the Full Body Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    • Right before the process, the hair will be trimmed to a few millimetres above the surface of the skin. Doctors will adjust the laser equipment according to the colour, location and thickness of the hair which has to be treated with the laser as well as the skin tone.
    Types of Laser Type of Skin
    Alexandrite All skin types
    Ruby Pale
    Pulsed diode array Pale to medium
    Nd: YAG Darker Complexion
    • Now depending on the laser or the light source which has to be used, the client and the technician must wear proper eye protection. To protect the outer layers of the skin either a cold gel is applied or a cooling device is used and this is also a very important process otherwise the skin will damage due to the penetration of the laser light.
    • After giving the protection the technician will now give a pulse of light to the particular area which has to be treated and then watches that area for some minutes to make sure the correct settings are used and also to check for any bad reactions.
    • When the procedure of hair removal is completed then ice packs or creams or lotions or cold water is applied to the client to give an easy to the client.
    • Now the next treatment can be scheduled after four to six weeks. This laser treatment will continue until the hair stops growing.

    Recovery from the Laser hair Removal Treatment

    • For one to two days the area which has been treated with a laser will look like it has been sunburned. Therefore one must apply moisturisers, ice packs or put cold water on the skin at regular intervals
    • After three to four weeks, the hair that was treated will fall out. One must apply sunscreen regularly to prevent changes in the colour of the skin which has been treated.

    Cost of Laser Hair Removal

    The cost of the treatment varies according to the following factors:-

    • The size of the area which has been treated & also the time required for the laser treatment
    • Number of treatments or sessions which are required
    • The country in which one is having the Laser Hair Removal treatment

    It is recommended to ask for a consultation to get a clear idea about the cost of the Laser Hair Removal treatment

    Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Hyderabad

    • Spending money on the Laser Hair Removal treatment is only a one-time investment per year. Some sessions of the laser hair removal treatment which can remove hair almost permanently costs less than the money spent on razors, hair removal creams or waxing year in the last couple of years.
    • The average cost of the full body Laser Hair Removal treatment in Hyderabad is approximately 2 lacs in a well-reputed clinic which means the cost of one session of Full body Laser Hair Removal treatment ranges approximately between 30,000 rupees to 45,000 rupees
    •  For a smaller area of the body, the average cost of laser hair removal treatment normally ranges from 1500 rupees to 3000 rupees per session.
    • The reputed clinics also offer EMI options at 0% interest rate for those who take either full body package or take many areas of the body or they take many sessions of the laser treatment

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