How to Become Fair: Myths and Facts about Skin Fairness


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    “Healthy Skin is a Reflection of Overall Wellness!” – Trying different, different fairness creams, face packs, etc. to get glowing and shinning skin? Everybody desires healthy & glowing skin! Wondering how to become fair naturally? Getting fairness can’t be attained overnight and you need to go through a step-by-step guide to achieve the desired results. Continue reading this article to find out how to become fair.

    How to Become Fair

    There are “N” number of tips that you can try out to get a glowing and healthy complexion. But there are many reasons that define our skin tone, from genetics, sun exposure to chemical imbalances in the body.

    What Determines our Skin Color?

    People are very much obsessed with fair skin and constantly looking for ways to get glowing and natural-looking skin. But the natural color mainly depends on the substances called pigment melanin produced by the melanocytes within the skin cells. And these are the main substances that define the skin tone for individuals who have darker skin.

    And when it comes to those with fair skin, the color depends on the blush white connective tissue present under the dermis – it’s a kind of skin layered between the epidermis and the amount of hemoglobin circulating in the veins under the skin.

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    Can a Dark Skin Tone Ever Become Fair?

    You may have read a lot of articles, tips, and remedies that may have given false hope on how to become fair if you have a dark skin tone. Dermatologists have warned against falling for the false claims that promise to change your skin tone from dark to fair. Because medically it’s impossible! With the use of skincare remedies and skincare treatments, you can transform your skin into a glowing, healthy, and shining one. But you can’t able to change your skin tone from darker to fair.

    Why Do We Want Fairness Solutions?

    Having glowing and healthy skin can increase your confidence and make you feel healthy and energetic. If you’re having dark patches, acne marks, tanning, age spots, and pigmentation like melasma and freckles, this may make your skill dull. So to get rid of these skin problems, you want to get the best fairness solutions that suit your need.

    Skincare treatments such as Laser Therapy and Skin Peels can do magic in making your skin clear and brighter. Before choosing the skincare treatment, it’s best to consult a qualified dermatologist to find the best procedure that suits your skin tone. They may be able to suggest advanced aesthetic treatments that are scientifically proven to store your skin tone and glow.

    Safe Skin Lightening Solutions

    Are you looking for a skin-lightening solution to give a new look and refreshing glow to your face?  You can opt for the different types of skin lightening solutions that can help to restore the natural color of your skin.

    Laser Toning – This treatment uses cutting-edge laser technology to reduce the effects of pigmentation and helps to maintain a youthful look. For this, your dermatologist will use a Q-Switched laser beam to break down the excess melanin in your skin and improve your skin look & feel.

    Microdermabrasion – In this treatment, your dermatologist will use Aluminium Oxide Crystals or Diamond Tipped abrasive devices to remove all the dead skin cells and this leaves you with a blemish-free and brighter complexion.

    Vitamin C – Doctors recommend you to use Vitamin C in form of Creams and Lotions for Skin Lightening. But instead of using this, you can also use vegetables and fruits which are enriched with Vitamin C.

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    How to Maintain Fairness for a Long Term?

    Even you are using treatments and creams to get natural, fresh, and healthy skin, you need to follow few simple tips to maintain the healthy look of your skin. And the skincare routine you need to follow includes:

    Cleanse – Keep your face always fresh and clean by using a facial cleanser to remove all the dirt, dust, and makeup. Do proper cleansing twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

    Moisturize – Make sure to keep your skin hydrated always by using water-based moisturizers if you are having oily skin.

    Exfoliate – Remove dead cells and dirt by exfoliating your skin regularly. Use gentle scrub once or twice a week to clean the pores.

    Apply Sunscreen – Keep your skin away from skin tanning by applying sunscreen which has an SPF above 30. It would be best to use it 15-20 minutes before you step outdoors.

    Maintain Healthy Diet – Taking a balanced and healthy diet is the best way to get naturally glowing & flawless-looking skin. So to keep your skin glowing, you can try including – fruits, green vegetables, fish, and whole grains in your daily diet. Always stay away from consuming alcohol and foods that have high sugar content to maintain a glowing complexion.

    Follow the tips and treatments given here to get ready to flaunt fair and flawless skin! Discuss with our dermatologists at ChooseClinic and find the right solution that can help your skin get fresh, youthful, and healthy skin!

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