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    Everyone expects silky, manageable and thick hair. After all, your hair is an integral part of your body and especially for your face. On the one hand due to dirt, dust, pollution and many other harmful factors, most of the people are suffering from tremendous hair loss. On the other hand, many people are suffering from pattern baldness since their childhood. You are maybe losing hair due to illness, stress, hormonal imbalance or for specific medication at a particular stage of your lives. But whatever may be the reason for not having adequate hair density, you deserve to look good with fuller hair. 

    Hair transplantation is a solution to all the problems mentioned above. It is a dermatological procedure to move hair to the bald area of the head. Plastic or a dermatological surgeon takes care of the hair transplantation, and the treatment occurs under local anaesthesia.

    Hair Transplantation


    By the age of 35, most of the men start getting the problem of hair loss to some degrees, which increases to 85% along with age and toll they reach their 50. But it is hard to understand which type of hair transplant treatment will be right for them. If you want to go according to suggestions and reviews, you will find that where one treatment is ultimately working for one, it is not preferred by others. 

    Thus if you are willing to know what are the types of treatments you can go for and if you want to pick the right clinic to get your treatment done, will help you.

    Surgical Treatments for Hair Transplantation:

    One thing you need to know is that when you are going through substantial hair loss problems, shampoos, hair oils, and hair supplements are not going to get you dramatic improvement. When you start losing your hair from certain parts of the head, the hair follicles of that area become dormant, and they don’t grow hair in that area further. Surgical hair transplantation is the proven and most trusted method to grow your hair back on those bald patches and areas.

    If you are skeptical about the surgical hair transplantation idea, then you must know that the advancement in the treatment procedure has made the transplant surgery more comfortable. It has also reduced the downtime and the discomfort the patients used to face earlier.


    In this type of hair transplantation, a strip of skin with hair follicles is taken from the donor site. It is typically taken from the back of the head where the hair is dense, and the area is less prone to balding. Small tissues with the hair follicles are separated from the skin to make it prepared for the transplantation. While the separation process takes place, individual and tiny holes are made in the area of transplantation, which is known as the recipient site. The grafts which are carefully prepared are then placed individually in the recipient site. 

    The process comes up with the outcome of a natural-looking hairline. The FUT method generally takes longer hours depending upon the numbers of grafts to be placed in the recipient site. The patients need to take care of the incision done during the process while recovering after the surgery.

    How much, does this treatment cost?

    The treatment cost for the FUT treatment is the basic, among all of the treatments available for the hair transplant. The essential average price for FUT treatment is 25,000/-. The cost per graft in this treatment is lesser than how much it takes in the FUE treatment. An individual graft costs 30 to 40 rupees, and the treatment cost varies according to the clinic from where you are willing to get your treatment done.


    After the FUT treatment was introduced to the market and was applied thoroughly upon many patients, the doctors found some drawbacks of the procedure. The FUE hair transplantation method was developed considering the development of the loopholes of the FUT treatment. Like the FUT treatment, the FUE treatment also focuses upon harvesting hair follicles to create a fuller and dense hairline. 

    Individual hair follicles from the scalp of the donor site and are placed in the recipient site. The only difference between the FUT and the FUE is that unlike the FUT treatment FUE doesn’t involve any removal of strip form the donor site. The surgeons collect individual hair follicles from the scalp of the donor site to insert them through the incisions made in the recipient site. 

    The FUE treatment takes comparatively more time than it takes during the FUT process. Still, it lessens the time taken for the patient to get recovered after the surgery. 

    How much, does this treatment cost?

    The essential average cost of an FUE hair transplantation session cost somewhere between 35,000/- to 95,000/-. If we can count as per the grafts, it takes around 40/- to 80/- per graft according to the graft and the technique and also the physician. The treatment cost may go higher till 1.5 lacks if you go for some more renowned and specialist clinic. The treatment cost may also vary depending upon the location of the clinic. The primary treatment cost covers all the required blood test, the fees of the surgeon and even the value of the session. 


    Though there are not a lot many methods of hair transplants available in the market. But in recent years, the hair transplantation techniques have seen some significant advancements. The NEOGraft approach has minimized all the drawbacks of the methods mentioned above, and this is minimally invasive as compared to any other hair transplantation method. 

    This Hair transplantation is an automated hair transplantation treatment that has reduced the downtime and has also lessen the discomfort caused. As there is less room for error during the harvesting and the transplantation, the result in this method looks more natural. The NEOGraft treatment uses pneumatic pressure which helps the graft to slide out smoothly. The risk of damage of grafts in this hair transplantation method is very less as there is no intervention of pulling and twisting of graft. 

    How much does this treatment cost?

    The NEOGraft treatment is the most advanced hair transplant treatment among all; the cost is comparatively higher than the others. The average cost for NEOGraft hair transplantation cost around 70,000/- to 90,000/-. But the cost can be variable depending upon your case. 


    The scalp can get sored after the treatment. The surgeon can prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to reduce the soreness and the risk of infection. The transplanted hair may fall off after 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure. The new hair growth starts within a few months after the surgery. 

    Typically, the patients who have undergone hair transplantation treatment continued to grow hair for the longer term. It is always better to discuss the possible outcomes with your doctor before going for the surgery. You can check website to pick the best clinic in Hyderabad. 

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