How to lose belly fat naturally

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    A Dad Bod & a Mom Bod

    It’s a sinking feeling when someone across the street or in a restaurant calls you an uncle or an aunt – I mean how dare they call a 30-year old an uncle or an aunt? Accepted that the younger crowd is a different tribe altogether, but uncle? Aunt?

    Despite being successful in life, it can be quite depressing when you are judged based on your looks. Even though you have a great sense of dressing, sophisticated tastes, and an amicable nature, your looks are something that have already sealed your fate when it comes to certain interactions in life.

    It is what they call the dad bod or a mom bod. This look is characterized by a person who is not chiseled, has a beer belly, but is not unhealthy at the same time. The same goes to women who tend to put on weight after childbirth. Both these things have one thing in common and that is abdominal fat deposits.

    Acceptance vs. Consequences

    If you have the confidence and the success of your life behind you, you may not be called out for being overweight. You may be comfortable choosing plus-sized fashion, but your body may have a different opinion while you take the stairs.

    There is a lot of psychological benefit when you have body acceptance. These benefits are undeniable. However, time and again research has proven that having abdominal adiposity a.k.a. abdominal fat or pot belly can be disastrous to your long term health.

    This doesn’t mean that people with a flat tummy are free from health risks. Genetic predisposition can cause chronic inflammation, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. However, people who are overweight with abdominal fat are at a significantly higher risk that their leaner counterparts.

    belly fat at home

    Why belly fat is the mother of all diseases?

    We thoroughly want to steer clear of any kind of fear mongering, but this one should be an exception as truth needs to be told. Many researches around the world have time and again proven that obesity, especially abdominal obesity is the mother of all chronic conditions.

    Both central abdominal fat and visceral fat (fat deposits around vital organs) serve a functional purpose. They protect vital organs and act as a cushion. However, due to sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits & choices, stress, food cravings, and some medical conditions fat deposits tend to accumulate in the abdomen.

    This increases the body mass index enormously and causes weight gain. When this visceral fat volume gains a critical mass, it starts to act like an endocrine organ and starts to secrete hormones that can harm you.

    Visceral fat secretes estradiol that leads to systemic inflammation, disruptions in the metabolism, and disturbed liver function. This in turn leads to an increased risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

    Let’s keep science aside for some time and just consider the obvious disadvantages of having a higher body mass index. First, you cannot fit into fashionable outfits. You cannot take part in your favorite sports, take the stairs, and have a healthy sexual life.

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    Everyday difficulties with obesity and belly fat

    • Difficulty choosing clothes
    • Increased sweating
    • Psychological stress and low self-esteem
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Unstoppable food cravings
    • Reduced physical abilities and increased fatigue
    • Reduced options while eating out
    • Lack of acceptance in peer groups
    • Difficulty to find a life partner
    • Risk of joint pains
    • Facing social stigma
    • Poor sexual life
    • Poor sleep

    I’m not that obese in this dress!

    Do you remember this classic scenario in which the wife asks her husband whether she looks “fat” in an outfit? The husband has to be his tactful best to give the right answer as the sense of obesity seems to be in perception rather than measurement.

    This is partly true and untrue at the same time. How it is true? Well, different ethnic groups have different body compositions. So, there is a different relationship between higher body mass index and belly fat among different ethnic groups. To sum it up, it’s genetics.

    However, the accepted norm is that a person is classified overweight if his/her body mass index is greater than or equal to 25.

    If the body mass index is greater than or equal to 30, it is called obesity.

    If it is more than 32, it is class I obesity.

    If it is between 35 and 39.99, it is class II obesity.

    Anything above or equal to 40 is class III obesity and a dangerous condition.

    You may not be in the class II or class III, but being overweight and being in denial is not healthy. Some outfits may cover up that belly fat. You may be physically active for your weight. These facts do not mean that you do not have a health risk and you are still out of shape.

    So, get that motivation for belly fat reduction!

    How to lose belly fat?

    “How to lose belly fat?” – This is probably the question that sums up the age we are living in. This is probably the question of the millennium!

    Losing weight begins with burning more calories than you consume. It also means choosing wisely when it comes to dietary options. It also inevitably means exercise and special therapies. You don’t want to leave some options unused!

    Diet & Lifestyle Therapy

    In order to lose belly fat, let’s first talk about foods you need to strictly avoid. This is because an ideal diet should provide you with nutrition and energy to carry on. So, those comfort foods need to be substituted. This means opting for healthier desserts, sugar-free sweets, and baked foods, all in moderation.

    Foods to avoid

    Alcohol – it only increases belly fat. A healthy dosage in not more than 30 ml per day

    Coffee – Do not have coffee or tea with milk. Enjoy the goodness of herbal teas and coffee

    Bread – It’s a strict no-no as it is directly linked to belly fat

    Salt – Restrict your salt intake to 5 gm per day. Anything more is poison

    Sugar – Avoid added sugars, and processed sugary foods. An intake of 150 calories per day for men and 100 calories per day for women is ideal. Anything more is suicidal!

    Fried foods – Avoid fried foods and opt for baked goodies with less salt

    Dairy –Avoid high-fat dairy. Low-fat dairy and cottage cheese in recommended moderate amounts

    Refined carbohydrates – Avoid white rice, white bread, & starchy vegetables

    Red meat – Avoid red meat & opt for lean cuts of poultry, fish, & prawns

    Sweetened-beverages & desserts – Avoid any drinks or desserts that have artificial sugars and sugar additives. These are addictive!

    Sugary, salty, and oily foods have addictive properties. They activate your frontal cortex and make you want more. You end up eating more and still are deficient in many nutrients. That is why you need the guidance and support along with lifestyle and behavioral therapy.

    After reading this, you might feel that you have very little option to enjoy the best part of your meals. Let me tell you, there are loads of healthier options that are honestly delicious.

    Weight Loss Tips from Home with Lemon and Ginger

    Foods to eat

    Belly fat reduction begins with good dietary choices. Consuming the right foods in the right quantities can help your weight loss plans immensely.

    Carbohydrates – Healthy sources of carbohydrates include brown rice, millets, whole wheat, oats, & buckwheat

    Vegetables – Vegetables have loads of nutrients and essential dietary fiber. Consuming okra, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, and cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and others are great for weight loss. Capsicum, carrots, beans, and leafy vegetables are other good options

    Oils & Fats – While fried foods are unhealthy, we do need healthy sources of fats. For this, olive oil, sesame oil, canola oil, grape seed oil, nuts, and seeds are good sources     

    Meat – Lean meat like chicken, turkey, and fish are good options when consumed in the recommended quantities

    Fruits – Seasonal fruits, apples, papaya, citrus fruits, cantaloupe, and figs healthy sources of vitamins and natural sugars

    Dairy – Low-fat dairy, partly skimmed milk, soy milk, and cottage cheese are healthy and are not known to cause undue weight gain

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    Exercise for belly fat reduction

    Once you have started eating healthy for belly fat reduction, it is time to plan an exercise regimen. A healthy exercise regimen should include at least 150 minutes of workout per week. It is better to start slowly and as the endurance of the body increases, you can increase the workout time.

    A warm up should be done before exercise so that you do not hurt your muscles. Also, you should stay properly hydrated. After a workout session, it is important to rest so that there is no muscle fatigue.

    A physical workout for belly fat reduction includes:

    • Brisk walking
    • Abdominal crunches
    • Bicycle crunches
    • Reverse crunches
    • Leg raises
    • Flutter kicks
    • Planks
    • Russian twist
    • Toe taps
    • Swimming
    • Yoga

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    Remember, you need adequate sleep and rest for your muscles to recuperate and burn calories.

    Special therapies for belly fat reduction

    If you have tried diet and exercise, but are not able to see the desired results, you might need something else to get into shape and reduce your waist circumference. This happens for people with higher body mass index, a waist circumference above 40 inches, and for people with hypothyroidism and Cushing’s disease.

    Such people not only need diet and exercise; they might have to opt for special therapies like nonsurgical liposuction, Tripolip slim therapy, Cryotherapy, Gel Lypolitic therapy, Mesotherapy, body toning, and figure correction.

    These therapies are safe, and are proven to give you the desired results when combined with diet and exercise. Many film stars, models, and TV personalities opt for these therapies in order to shape up.

    If you are looking for the ideal weight loss program and belly fat reduction, contact experts at La Belle to explore the best treatment options. 

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