Coronavirus in India: How the 2019-nCoV affects India


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The number of people getting affected by the most talked coronavirus is going higher in India. The virus has allegedly affected more than 28 people till date. Among the whole number of people affected by the virus, 13 are Italian Nationals, who were the part of different travel groups.

Name of State / UTTotal confirmed cases (Indian National)Total confirmed cases (Foreign National)
Uttar Pradesh101
Union Territory of Ladakh30
Tamil Nadu10
Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir10
Total number of confirmed cases in India5617

In the very beginning of the week, two more people had tested to be positive, including one from Delhi and the other is a techie from Bengaluru.

Along with the buzzing loudness regarding the facts and myths about the coronavirus, there are so many things that you need to know to stay safe and healthy. Most importantly, you need to know what is right to know and what you must do right now.


Even though you are faint-hearted, you need to keep some calm and try to know what the coronavirus is actually. This is a giant virus family and which can cause you various illnesses ranging from frequent cough and cold to some acute respiratory problems. The one fact that we must not underestimate about the power of this virus is that it has taken lives in China.

Considering the worst consequences of the virus, India is already taking some crucial steps.

  • People who are flying to India from 12 countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Kathmandu and Vietnam, are being thoroughly scanned.
  • The government has already amended and announced some restrictions on the exports of certain goods, including medicines, considering the shortage of supply in China. The precautions are taken according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • More than 26 pharmaceutical ingredients have been banned from being exported in the country which is generally used in the formulation of antibiotics, hormones and vitamins. They are the ingredients which are used in the manufacturing of Paracetamols, Vitamins B1, B16, Metronidaxole etc.
  • More than 5,00000 passengers have been scanned in the airports till date and almost 26,000 passengers are under community surveillance.


In the crucial scenario, it is very much standard for any individual to get scared thinking about the possibilities of getting affected by the virus. But be sure about one thing that the virus has some common noticeable symptom and if you get affected by any or all of the signs you need to see the doctor right away.

The coronavirus has some flu-like symptoms which may consist of coughing, sneezing, regular headache and shortness of breath.

Thus, if you or any of your near or dear ones are seeming to be affected by any of those symptoms you need to take the next possible action and get it tested.


If you have been affected by the virus, you need instant attention of a health practitioner. Still, if you are not, you are lucky enough. You can take the best possible measures to stay safe during the time.

  • Maintain at least a distance of 3 feet from people who are affected by any cough or cold. The virus is capable of getting spread through the air and also through the water droplets excreted during the time of sneezing and coughing.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, mouth and nose without washing your hands thoroughly. It would be best if you prefer using hand sanitizers and hand washes more often. Remember that a good hygiene routine can make you more robust against the virus.
  • You must wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose while in much-crowded places like airport and railways stations.
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue or cloth while coughing or sneezing. You can even use your elbow to do so.

Don’t panic with all the information that you could gather from the internet until you are sure about the source of that information. Follow the government regulated websites only for updates and news about the coronavirus. Stay safe and healthy.

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