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    Obesity will have several factors contribute to it: genetic conditions, lifestyle and medical conditions. Unfortunately, surgical weight loss Treatment will associate with effects that would cause irreparable, long run injury to your body. 

    Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatments:

    1. Diet and Exercise

    One way to approach non-surgical weight loss is thru diet and exercise. Talking with a doctor to form the simplest program for you and your weight loss goals is very important to your health. They will recommend completely different diets which assist you slim, and therefore of the correct exercise schedules that work best for your weight loss journey.

    2. Gastric Balloon

    The best non-surgical weight loss procedure on the market happens to be the Gastric balloon. It’s fully non-surgical and minimally invasive to the body. There are not any incisions or little holes within the body.

    3. Inch Loss Treatment:

    Fat freezing is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. The fat cells are frozen for a particular amount of time to decrease unsaturated fat.

    4. Weight Loss Treatment cost:

    Weight loss treatment cost in KPHB varies from 10k to 50k depends on the treatment people opting.

    5. Tummy weight treatment:

    For many individuals, reducing the quantity of abdominal fat will considerably improve their health. This can be achieved by adopting a healthful diet and exercise routine.

    Slimming Services

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    Disclaimer: Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration facts such as age, lifestyle and medical history.

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