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    Who doesn’t want to stretch the arms with absolute freedom? We all do. But sometimes the unwanted hairs of the underarms stop us from doing so. The hairy underarms look dark and patchy and of course not attractive at all. Many times, we also have to compromise with our favourite dress when we forget to match our waxing cycle for the underarms. 

    I know how difficult it is to keep the count for a complete waxing cycle as the growth of the hair is pretty unpredictable. Then how about a permanent solution for your patchy underarm problem? Yes, you heard that right. You can go for laser hair removal for your underarm and can live a hair-free life forever.


    Though the unwanted hair of the underarms seems to be easy to avoid, the sweaty patches over the shirts are not entirely pleasing. When you choose to shave or trim the hair of the underarm, the area becomes very prone to ingrown hair. Sometime the users may have razor burn or even may encounter cysts. Somehow at many times, the hair follicles start peeping out at many places. Laser underarm hair removal is thus an incredible process which can help you to get rid of unwanted underarm hair quickly and without any possible side effects. 

    Through e laser or the beam of light that is used during the process, the hair from the underneath of the skin gets destroyed. The hair follicle then sheds out ultimately off the surface. The pores of the skin then close, and the hair is completely gone from that area. 

    Beams with fast broadband and wavelength is used during the laser hair removal treatment for underarms. The procedure doesn’t have any intervention of scarring or any mark issues during or after the process. 

    The best part of a hairless underarm is that you can wear anything, be it sleeveless and strapless without the concern of dark underarm show. 


    When you wax or shave by yourself, or even when you go for hiring services to remove your underarm hair, you really can’t expect any highly professional individual to perform it for you. In every Laser treatment clinic at Hyderabad, India, they have professionally trained individuals to perform the laser hair removal treatment on you.

    They use high standard laser for performing the treatment and ensure that you get the result as expected. 

    Once you undergo the laser treatment for your underarm hair, you also receive a lifetime guarantee that the result will last longer than expected. 


    We know how laser treatment for the underarm maybe sounding to you. It seems to be very harsh. But trust me, it is precisely the opposite of what you are expecting. Your underarm is probably one of the most sensitive parts of your body. The skin texture of and around the underarm is soft, and you need to be gentle while removing the hair from your underarm. 

    While waxing or shaving may be a bit or more than a bit painful, the laser hair removal treatment is painless and smooth. As the area of the underarm is very less, the laser treatment doesn’t last for more than 10 minutes or so. That is the reason the at most of the people prefer to go for laser treatment for their underarms currently. 

    The laser hair treatment targets and affects only the hair follicle and not the skin. Due to the heat of the light in many cases, the patient may experience some redness or sunburned feeling in the particular area but trust me those are quite temporary and don’t last for longer. 

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    Even when we are talking about the laser hair removal treatment for a tiny body part like the armpit, it is not equal for all the patients. Though most of the laser hair removal treatment done in Hyderabad are approved by the FDA and is completely safe, there are different types of treatment suggested by the professionals depending upon the patients. 

    Every laser hair removal treatment is customised according to the texture of the skin and the skin colour pf the patient. In many cases where the hair colour is very light, it becomes challenging for the professionals to perform a laser treatment upon the patient. Thus, once you visit the hair removal clinic, the professionals will suggest you with the best possible laser treatment.


    The cost of the hair removal treatment for the underarms in Hyderabad, India, varies depending upon many factors. The most important thing that you need to consider while going for laser treatment is the popularity of the clinic. 

    Though most of the clinics do the procedure under professional surveillance, you need to be sure that you are going for a trusted one. The cost of the treatment may vary depending upon the experience of the clinic, the location where the clinic is situated and the number of sessions that it will take to achieve the expected result.

    Generally, 6 to 10 treatment is recommended to the patients who want to have long-lasting result from their laser removal treatment.  

    The patients may need to pay somewhere between 5000/- to 10,000/- per session depending upon the factors that we have discussed earlier. Generally, the more significant number of sessions will be there; the cost will be higher. 

    As the insurance does not cover any aesthetic treatment, the patients solely need to pay for the entire procedure. But in many cases, the clinics offer high discounts, and the patients may get benefited with those. The patients may also ask for possible comfortable EMI facility from the clinic to ignore paying in bulk.

    TAKEAWAY: The best part of going through an underarm hair removal through laser is that it is permanent and is ten times easier than waxing or shaving. The result is long-lasting and durable. If we compare between waxing and laser treatment for the underarm it is cheaper in the long term. 

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