How to Get Rid Of Upper Lip and Chin Hair Permanently?


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    Having facial hair will create more embarrassment for women! Are you the one suffering from those unwanted hairs? With today’s technological advancement in the cosmetics field, there are a lot more ways available to get rid of those unwanted hairs from your body. In this article, we are going to see – How to Get Rid of Upper Lip & Chin Hair Permanently?

    Before diving into the topic of hair removal, first, let us see what causes upper lip & chin hair. Once we enter the age of puberty, we may experience sudden unwanted hair growth on different parts of our body. It may due to hormonal imbalance, hormone secretion, or various physiological conditions like- hirsutism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Cushing’s syndrome, and more.

    Based on the cause of hair growth, the treatment options available will also vary. So, better discuss with your dermatologist to find out the best hair removal methods that suit you!

    How to Remove Hair from Upper Lip and Chin?

    If you searching online to find the right removal method to get rid of those unwanted & unsightly hair from your face, you will come across hundreds of options & thousands of remedies. However, it should be noted that every method is not created for you. Something will work for you & something didn’t! Below outlines the different methods used to remove hair from the upper lip and chin.

    • Laser Treatment
    • Electrolysis
    • Hair Removal Cream
    • Hair Removal Wax
    • Threading
    • Epilating
    • Tweezers
    • Shaving
    • Home Remedies

    These are a few of the most common hair removal methods which you can use to get rid of those unwanted hairs. As each method comes with us its own pros and cons, it’s always better to discuss with your skin doctor before making an informed decision.

    Laser Hair Removal Cost In Bangalore

    Continue reading to get more ideas on each of the hair removal treatments.

    Laser Treatment

    Method: This is the long-lasting & pain-free solution to get rid of your unwanted hair on the upper lip area and chin. With the use of a laser device on the target area, a dermatologist will perform this treatment in a clinic that destroys the hair follicles & removes the unwanted hair. As these laser rays destroy the hair roots, hair growth will be drastically minimized.

    Pros: Simple & Painless free process with long-lasting results &zero downtime.

    Cons: To achieve the desired results, you need to undergo multiple sessions. This is an expensive treatment, but the results really worth it. Before starting your session, discuss with your dermatologist to figure out the number of sessions required!

    Cost: The Average Cost of this hair Removal session starts from Rs.2000 to Rd. 3500.


    Method: This is the clinical procedure, under which the dermatologist uses a device to target the hair follicles & then completely destroys them. Even though, it provides desirable results with permanent results. It is an outdated technology.

    Pros: This suits all types of skin tones & textures and also reduces the risk of ingrown hair.

    Cons: Compared to laser treatment, it is very painful, expensive, and time-consuming. Also, in certain cases, it may cause redness, swelling & scars.                              

    Cost: The cost of this treatment session is Rs. 2,500


    Method: IPL Stands for Intense Pulse Light Treatment. This is a form of light therapy, in which the high-intensity light rays are shown on the targeted area which damages the unwanted hair follicles. You can get this treatment done at a clinic or from the comfort of your home using IPL Machines.

    Pros: Compared to other treatment sessions, this procedure is very easy and it requires ZERO downtime, as it doesn’t damage the dermal layer of the skin. Also, it’s a non-invasive hair removal treatment.

    Cons: Unlike laser treatment, this will not provide quick results, so it may require more sessions. Also, in certain cases, it also causes redness of the skin, swelling, & irritation. Moreover, it doesn’t suit darker skin tones & lighter hair.

    Cost: The cost required for each session is Rs. 1600

    Upper Lip and Chin Hair Removal Cream

    Method: In the market, you can find more hair removal creams that contain different chemicals which are very effective in removing unwanted facial hairs.

    Pros: Painless & effective method which you can use without the help of any professionals. However, it will not provide any permanent results.

    Cons: These hair removal creams are formulated with harsh chemicals which may cause an allergic reaction in your skin. Also, as this option will not give permanent results, it will become expensive in the long run, as you need to buy this cream continuously to remove the unwanted hair.

    Cost: The cost of the chin and upper lip hair removal cream will vary based on the brands. But approx. the cost starts from Rs. 100


    Method: This is the most popular and effective treatment option to remove the hair from the upper lip & chin. For this treatment, you need to apply hot or cold wax on the unwanted facial hair. Let it sit for 2 minutes and then remove it using wax strips.

    Pros: Since it’s a simple procedure, you can do this hair removal process at home or salon. You can get the desirable results and it will last for 3 to 4 weeks.

    Cons: Based on the density of hair, the side effects may vary. Some people, will get a burning sensation, irritation, redness, etc., and the most important cons are – this method will be workable only for those who have a hair length of at least ¼ inches.

    Cost: The cost for upper lip or chin waxing is Rs. 100.


    Method: This is the popular method to remove those prickly hairs from upper lip and chin hair. A professional will twist and roll a cotton thread over the unwanted hair and then pluck it out.

    Pros: It is a simple & cost-effective procedure.

    Cons: Even it is a pocket-friendly method, it will cause too much pain while plucking the hair; also, it will make your skin look swollen and reddish. Further, it provides temporary results that last only for 2-3 weeks

    Cost: The cost for threading upper lip and chin hair is Rs. 100.


    Method: This is done with the use of a handheld device called an Epilator. This tool is attached with many tweezers, which helps to pluck the unwanted hair from your face.

    Pros: This method gives long-lasting results than threading and also doesn’t cause any damage to the skin like cuts, nicks, or razor burns.

    Cons: Using tweezers is a painful & time-consuming procedure. This may increase the risk of ingrown hair.

    Cost: To perform this treatment at home, you need to buy the tool. The average price of an epilator is Rs. 1,500.


    Method: Hope you all are well aware of this procedure! Yes…. By applying a thick coat of shaving cream on the hair-grown area and then wipe it away with a razor. This is extremely a pain-free method.

    Pros: Compared to other treatment options, it’s a simple, painless, and fast procedure. Also, it suits all types of skin, texture & tones. There is no professional guidance or support is required for this treatment.

    Cons: It may cause razor burns, skin irritation, redness, cuts, and nicks.

    Cost: The average price of a shaving kit is Rs. 500.

    Home Remedies for Removal of Upper Lip & Chin Hair

    There are many more home remedies that are readily available to remove unwanted hair from your face. The home remedies for the removal of upper lip & chin hair include the use of different home ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and so on.

    Even though these are considered to be very effective, there is no scope or medical research to validate its efficacy. Also, it may be not workable for certain types of hair color or skin.

    Bottom Line!

    No more need to struggle daily with those unwanted prickly hairs! Get help from a professional dermatologist & get rid of those unwanted pricks from your face & get super smooth skin! Book your FREE Consultation with our experts at ChooseClinic to figure out the best Upper Lip & Chin Hair Removal Method!

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