How to Remove Dark Circles?


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    “The Eye is the Jewel of the Body” – This quote states the importance of eyes! Like jewels, it will sparkle if you take care of it! You feel exasperating when you look into the mirror, as you are suffering from ugly dark circles under your eyes. Are you searching for ways to remove dark circles?  Then it’s the wiser decision! Because having dark circles can make you appear older than you are! Continue reading to find out how to remove dark circles!

    How to Remove Dark Circles

    Why Do We Get Dark Circles?

    To be honest, you will get dark circles, if you didn’t treat your skin properly.  If you didn’t spend your time treating your skin properly, your skin naturally loses collagen over time. And this in turn causes dark circles around your eyes.

    The next thing that induces dark circles is genetic disorders! Genes play an important role in determining what kind of skin you will have and what you will look like as you age. Those who are inherited with fair and thinner skin tend to show dark circles more easily than others. However, we can’t change your genes, but we can do something from our end to reduce the signs of dark circles!

    Tips to Reduce Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags

    Get Adequate Sleep

    Getting enough & proper sleep is the best way to slow down the process of aging and lessen the dark circles and crowfeet under your eyes.

    Keep Your Head Elevated During Sleep

    Are you experiencing darkening of the skin under the eyes in the morning that fades slightly throughout the day? No worries, it’s due to the increased level of blood vessels and vasculature around your eyes. So to stay away from this, keep your head a bit elevated during sleep. By doing this, the blood will travel away from the head and face, so it will lessen the dark color under the eyes.

    Apply Cold Compress

    A cold compress can increase blood circulation around the eyes, reducing the appearance of the skin’s surface. Using cold compress or ice cubes reduces swelling around the eyes and lessens the dark color.

    Minimize Sun Exposure

    Protecting your skin from direct exposure to sunlight can worsen dark eye circles. So while going out, try to put on sunglasses, or apply moisturizers with sunscreens and hats that can protect your skin and prevent the effect of dark eye circles.

    Cucumber Slices and Tea Bags

    Applying the slices of cold cucumber may reduce the effects of dark circles due to sleeping, eczema, and allergies. Also, since caffeine can speed up blood flow across blood vessels around the eyes, applying green tea bags can give you a youthful and fresh appearance to the skin.

    Try out these Tips: Under-Eye Dark Circle Removal Treatments in Bangalore


    You can try out these tips to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes! Follow the tips from now itself, & get your jewel sparkling again!

    In case, if you have noticed that your under eyes are darkening severe, then it’s a must to consult a dermatologist! To find the best dermatologist, you can get help from ChooseClinic! Here you can find experienced professionals, who are always ready to assist you with all your queries regarding skincare! Book your FREE Assessment Now!

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