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    The largest Organ in the human body

    Skin is the largest and the most complicated organ in the human body. Skin plays a very crucial role in our life. Everything we do in our life has a direct impact on our skin. What we eat, when we sleep, when we get up, what is our state of mind,  all these things impact our skin. We cannot ignore it at any point in time. Without the skin, our muscles, our organs and our bones will not have any support

    Our skin protects our body from the harsh environment and our skin also helps in keeping our body at the right temperature & it allows us to have a sense of touch.

    Function and the importance of the Skin

    There are numerous functions which our skin performs. Some of the functions of the skin are:-

    • Protection:-Skin protects us from physical injuries, against water loss, changes in temperature, chemicals, radiation, mechanical impacts etc.
    • Regulation:- Skin regulates the temperature of the body through sweat and the hair, it balances the fluid in the body which get lost due to sweating.
    • Reservoir:- Skin is also a reservoir for the formation of Vitamin D. Skin produces Vitamin d when it comes in contact with the sun.
    • Sensation:- Our skin incorporates a broad network of nerve cells. These nerve cells detect changes in the environment and then transmit this information to the brain. The receptors for the touch, pain, heat & cold are separate. Neuropathy is the damage of the nerve cells and as a result, there is a loss of sensation in the area which is affected. 
    • Immunity:- Skin provides immunity
    • Excretion:- Skin excretes some time of waste materials from the body

    Do you know your skin type? If yes then this is great but if no then get to know now!!!!

    Types of Skin

    Skin is developed with so many different combinations. There are basically five types of Skin

    • Normal Skin
    • Dry Skin
    • Oily Skin
    • Combination Skin
    • Sensitive Skin

    Skincare habits vary with the type of the skin, therefore, it is important that one should know the type of the skin. Every skin type has a particular type of symptoms and characteristics.

    Signs of Normal Skin

    Normal skin is also known as Well-balanced skin.

    • It does not have excess shine
    • It does not get cracked or get flaky.
    • It has soft & very smooth skin texture
    • It has very fine pores
    • It has a few lines and wrinkles
    • Mostly the skin tone is even with no marks of blemishes.

    Signs of Dry Skin

    • Little tightness in the skin
    • It can have patches or it can be flay
    • It can have premature wrinkles
    • It can also have irritation on the skin
    • It has a rough appearance

    Signs of Oily Skin

    • It has excess shine on the face
    • It has acne issues frequently
    • It has visible pores
    • It has too many whiteheads and blackheads

    Signs of Combination Skin

    • It has dry skin on some parts and oily skin on the other parts
    • The skin looks shiny in the T zone ( Chin, nose and forehead)
    • Visible pores in the T-Zone
    • Dry Cheeks

    Many of the people get confused between the oily skin and Combination Skin

    Signs of Sensitive Skin

    • The skin can either dry or oily or a combination but in addition to that it has a lot of irritation and redness
    • It can be very easily inflamed.

    I think now you must have got the idea that which skin type you have but it is recommended that you should visit the skin clinic once in six months. In the skin clinics, doctors have special instruments and their expertise to check the type of skin you have.

    Are we really taking care of our skin?

    In our daily life, we apply many things on our skin. If you are man then you apply Shaving cream, Aftershave lotion, face wash, face cream, body lotion and If you are women there is no end to how much we apply things on our skin like face wash, face scrub, serums, toner, foundation, primer, compact, body butter, under eye cream and the list goes on.

    I know that most of the time when we buy products we make sure that it should be paraben free, sulphate free but chemical are chemicals!!!!. From outside we feel Wowwww!!!!!! But do we know what is actually happening to our skin in reality?.

    My question to all of you is how many times you do the following things when you come home from outside or after a long day

    1. Having a hot or cold shower
    2. Cleaning your makeup completely
    3. Washing face,hands, feet
    4. Moisturising after washing face

    I think most of you are not doing the above mentioned things.

    •  If you are not removing makeup then the makeup enters into the pores and cause skin breakages. As a result dull skin due to non-removal of dead skin cells. It can also lead to skin damage like eczema and acne. Eye makeup if not removed can cause eye infections.
    • Not washing your face, hands, feet can lead to clogged pores and as result acne, dull skin, enlarged pores
    • Applying the moisturiser and body lotion after washing is very essential to prevent premature ageing.


    Are you visiting your dermatologists regularly?

    Not taking care of our skin in the correct way can lead to dangerous skin diseases.

    As I mentioned before that what we are doing to our skin is all from outside but we do not know what is actually happening to my skin internally. Is my skin healthy enough to taken challenges??? We can’t do that by ourselves and for this we need Dermatologists.

    Many of you at this point of time must be asking yourself that I use home remedies to take care of any problems in the skin. Why I need a dermatologist??.

    My answer to this is Yes, home remedies definitely impacts our skin in a good way and we all use them day in day out but the way we do our full body check up in every six months we should also go to our Dermatologists to just have a check on our skin.

    There are around 3000 skin diseases in the world and we should not even ignore any small sign which our skin is giving repeatedly.

    Kinds of skin diseases:-

    Some of the common skin diseases are-

    1. Acne:- One of the most common but also sometimes dangerous skin disease.
      1. Pustules:-the red pimples having pus on the tip
      2. Papules:- red bumps due to the infected hair follicle
      3. Nodules:- lumps underneath the skin surface. They are very painful
      4. Cysts:-larger pus-filled lumps underneath the skin surface. They are also very painful
    2. Hives:- they are itchy welts which are caused due to the allergy, stress, illness etc.
    3. Fungal nail infection:- fungus around, near or under the nails.      
    4. Cold Sore:- red blisters near the mouth
    5. Cellulitis:- Bacterial infection in the deep layers of the skin. The skin becomes red and swollen and the affected area is very much tender to touch
    6. Leprosy:- Mycobacteriumleprae bacteria grows on the skin.
    7. Eczema:- The skin becomes itchy and inflamed.
    8. Rosacea:- It directly affects the face and causes redness.
    9. Sunburn:- it caused due to rays of the sun but sometimes can cause blisters and redness.
    10. Ingrown Hair:- Hair grows inside the skin rather than growing upwards.
    11. Rashes:- change in skin colour or skin texture.

    And many more……..

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    Skin Treatments in Skin clinic:-

    Some of the skin treatments which are available in Skin Clinic:-

    • Pimple Treatment
    • Pimple or Acne scar removal
    • Pigmentation Treatment
    • Dull Skin Treatments
    • Mole Removal
    • Acne Treatment
    • Chemical Peels
    • Psoriasis
    • Eczema
    • Skin Glow Treatment
    • Vitiligo Treatment

     And many more…………………

    Why you should Visit Dermatologists?

    1. If you are having moles on your skin then it is very important to keep a check on it. If your mole is itching, paining, bleeding. It can be skin cancer or if your mole is changing its shape & size
    2. If there is a persistent itch on your body. Any scratchy spot on the skin is the sign of something wrong.
    3. If you are developing the scars on your skin
    4. If you have a sunburn which is hurting or have blisters
    5. Redness in the skin can be a sign of psoriasis.
    6. If the skin is getting dark on your face especially near eye, nose and mouth

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    Choosing the right Skin Clinic


    • When you are planning for the skin care process then make sure that you are ready financially. Do not take cheap procedures as it can impact your skin in the wrong way.
    • Secondly, schedule a visit to a doctor and get everything clear before starting a process. Also, make sure that there are no hidden charges.

    Choosing the right one-

    • Do not be in a hurry to choose a clinic
    • Talk to people to check for the good skin clinic
    • Do not completely rely on the google review as they can also be fake

    Visit Website:-

    • Have a look at the website of the clinic and do little research on the clinic you have chosen.

    Licenses & Permits:-

    Doing skin treatment is not an easy go. So make sure that the clinic you are choosing is having a permit and license to perform these skin treatments


    Check whether the clinic is hygienic or not.

    Our science is so advanced now that if the treatment is done at the right time then the disease can be cured.


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